Working Otokonoko

Collection Vol 01 - Working - Cover ♂x♂

4 delicious stories involving traps in various work environment.

Help us, Otokonoko. You’re our only hope: Mika has to break his vow of never cross-dressing again when his friend begged him to accept the lead role. But cross-dressing isn’t the problem. Not when the chemistry between him and his co-lead can ruin the play.

Otokonoko Cheerleader: Rafa reluctantly becomes a cheerleader. But wearing a skirt isn’t so bad as he befriends a recently promoted young player.

Dance, Otokonoko: Lucca needs a rest from the video clip and those boots. And things get better when the male dancer offers to give him a massage

Work out with an Otokonoko: Gabi isn’t so thrilled when he receives an amazing job offer as a personal trainer. The only reason he was offered the job was because the client liked ‘otokonoko’

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