The Cutest Demon King

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In his dreams, Yuuki was the Hero who defeated the Demon King. In reality, he was a failure.
Though he came from a family of powerful exorcist priests, he couldn’t perform even the simplest magic. Even so, he never gave up his dream of helping his family.
When his father entrusted him with the task of checking the seals of the demons in the underground prison, he was thrilled. However, he made a mistake. One that would’ve killed him if a cute and powerful demon from another dimension hadn’t appeared and saved him.
There was a catch.  was actually a Demon King, who also happened the Hero’s, Yuuki’s past life, lover. Ah, did I mention the demon is also a guy?

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Action, BL, Fantasy, Otokonoko

Status: On-going

The Cutest Demon King 01 - Cover 1 The Cutest Demon King 02 - Cover

The Cutest Demon King 03 - Cover

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