Swimsuit Otokonoko

Collection Vol 03 - Swimsuit Otokonoko - Cover ♂x♂

Cute girly boys in swimsuits!

Summer! Nothing more says summer than a swimsuit! The third Otokonoko collection contains four delicious stories about cross-dressing boys in cute swimsuits.

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First Swimsuit – Victor finds himself having strange reactions after seeing his girly friend dressed in a high cut girl’s swimsuit

Second Swimsuit – Angry for his friend getting in his way, Thomas pranks. But the prank turns around when Isa’s suntan are too delicious

Third Swimsuit – After winning a couple tickets for the water park, Adriano becomes the girlfriend for the weekend

Fourth Swimsuit – After failing to get in the swimming team, Reina becomes a manager. Despite being a boy, he’s forced to wear the uniform, a girl’s swimsuit

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