Supernatural Otokonoko

Collection Vol 05 - Supernatural Otokonoko - Cover ♂x♂

Cute girly boys messing with the occult! What could go wrong?

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The Exorcist and the Incubus – Everyone admires the strongest Exorcist. But Eris has a secret. The source of all his power is an Incubus he keeps as semen supply. And after two exorcisms, he needs some “recharge.”

The Demon and the contract – To help his sister, Elias is willing to do anything. Even let a demon use his body as a toy.

Ouija board – When a blackout strikes, two friends decide to play with an Ouija board to kill some time. But when a Succubus appears, things get a little hot.

The cursed Wizard – Heleno cannot believe when his grandma gives him a talking dildo. And things get more absurd when phallic object says the only way to break his curse is by using him as a dildo.

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