Lewd Otokonoko Collection

Collection Vol 00 - Lewd Otokonoko - Cover ♂x♂

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Lewd cross-dressing cuties here

The free girly boy book so you can have a little taste. Enjoy one story from each collection

There are lots of work boys can do while wearing skirts. And if they find love with other men in those work environment, even better. A collection of 4 delicious short stories with cute cross-dressing young men 

First cross-dresser — A naughty boy likes carnival because he can dress as a girl an swindle some guys. But his fun ended when he the crossed the wrong target.

Second Swimsuit — Angry for his friend getting in his way, Thomas pranks. But the prank turns around when Isa’s suntan are too delicious

The assassin — The strongest assassin in Edo Japan was a cute girly boy who even men couldn’t resist. But despite his luxury life, he had yet to find pleasure. So he seeks someone who can fulfill him, even if it’s his target.

The Exorcist and the Incubus — Everyone admires the strongest Exorcist. But Eris has a secret. The source of all his power is an Incubus he keeps as semen supply. And after two exorcisms, he needs some “recharge.”

Am I married to my childhood friend? — One day Thomas realized he has a married life with his roommate. Which happens to be his childhood friend. And a guy 


Check it out on Amazon for free