Historical Otokonoko

Collection Vol 04 - Historical Otokonoko - Cover ♂x♂

Even back then, people couldn’t resist cute young men dressing as girls

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The assassin – The strongest assassin in Edo Japan was a cute girly boy who even men couldn’t resist. But despite his luxury life, he had yet to find pleasure. So he seeks someone who can fulfill him, even if it’s his target.

The Knight – After the kingdom fell, a knight flees the castle with the prince in the middle of the night. But the rebels won’t rest until all the royal family is dead. To their luck, a mysterious man saves them. But what can the knight offer as a reward for saving the prince?

The Thief of Flower – A thief who steals brides flowers hears the princess is getting married. But when he sneaks into the royal palace, he finds out the princess has a little an extra surprise.

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