Childhood Friend Otokonoko

Collection Vol 06 - Childhood Friend Otokonoko - Cover ♂x♂


Warm your heart with childhood friends discovering love thanks to a skirt

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Am I married to my childhood friend? — One day Thomas realized he has a married life with his roommate. Which happens to be his childhood friend. And a guy

My mom ships me and my childhood friend — One day, his friend shows up dressed as a girl. And his mom pretty much treats him as her daughter in law.

A promise between men — Thanks for a promise, a certain boy has to cross-dress and become his childhood friend’s date.

Childhood Friend wins — After his friend got dumped, Kali offered to be a girl for a day and take his friend’s virginity. But he never expected it wouldn’t be a one-time thing. Nor that he would be jealous when his friend got a girlfriend.

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