Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 64

A new chapter of two cute childhood friends.
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Married (♂x♂) 64

Thomas sent the rewritten code. Hope it fixes the bugs. “I just uploaded.”

As GM tested it, he could only wait. I’ll shut my eyes for a moment, he thought, his eyelids threatening to close by themselves. He carried the laptop to the coffee table and lied on the couch. He had no idea how much time had passed, but before he knew it, GM was talking.

“It’s working! Those bugs are nowhere to be found! And I don’t see any new ones!”

“Finally. I couldn’t touch that code anymore,” Thomas let out a weak laugh. “Is there anything else?”

“From you, nothing. I’m just waiting for the last designs from the 3D artist and then the beta is completed!” GM couldn’t hide the emotion on his voice.

Thomas smiled. His friend was even more exhausted than he was but still had energy. Guess he is more coffee than people now. “When’s the meeting?”

“Sunday night. It’ll be Monday morning for the Japanese,” GM explained before he could ask.

“Then get some sleep as soon as the artist sends you the design. I don’t want you screwing up the presentation because you fell asleep.”

“Thanks, mom. But don’t worry. I’ll add the characters’ designs and sleep. Then I’ll spend the rest of the weekend preparing for the meeting.”

After they said goodbye, Thomas ended the call. He was about to close the laptop lid when he looked at the code once again. Though they were only lines, in his head, he could see it working, he could see how a TRPG session would be with it.

This is a niche game that few people will play. But it’ll be awesome. If everything works out, it’ll revolutionize the tabletop RPG games… It was the last thing Thomas thought before his consciousness faded.

When he came to himself, he had no idea where he was. He blinked until his eyes got used to the light coming from the window. Only then he realized he was in his and Lin’s bedroom. How did I get here? When did I get here?

Before his brain could work and think of an answer, the door opened and Lin entered the room. When he saw Thomas awake, he beamed.

“Morning,” he got closer to give his boyfriend a kiss.

“Morning,” Thomas muttered. His throat was so dry his voice was hoarse. “What time is it?”

“Almost time for dinner.”

He widened his eyes. I slept for a whole day… Then he looked at the man he loved with a grin. “I’m surprised you didn’t wake me up to make me suffer.”

Lin chuckled, rolled his eyes and shook his head. “If you have that much energy to joke, maybe I should’ve dragged you to jog.”

“No, please. I’m at my limit,” Thomas pulled the blanket up to his neck, closing his eyes. “I still need hours and hours of sleep.”

“Are you sure? I made your favorite.”

“Pizza and beer?” Thomas threw the blanket aside when Lin nodded. Once he heard about food, he realized how starved he was and rushed to the table.

As they ate and drank, Lin smiled. “How’s the program?”

“I finished the code. Yesterday, I guess. I lost track of time,” he said after he swallowed. “There were only the characters’ designs left. I think GM got everything by now.”

“Great. After the meeting, let’s play again. I’ll call Cris and the girls and you can call Carlos and Ericka.”

“That sounds fun, but I doubt GM will have time for a session.”

“Why not?”

“If the meeting goes well, the Japanese will make an investment and then he can hire people for real instead of freelancing and complete the game. He might be too busy from now on…”

“Didn’t you finish the code?”

“It was a beta for the presentation. There were a lot of functions I couldn’t implement in time. And GM has lots of ideas to improve it. He just didn’t have the money.”

“Like what?”

“He wants to put pre-rendered cutscenes and show what the characters are doing. The generic moves, like fireball, or a sword attack. And in the future, create an IA to be the game master.”

“Sounds like a lot of work. He’s gonna need your help. It’d be great if he hires you.”

Thomas grew quiet, focusing on his food. “It’s not like the Japanese will give him a blank check… I don’t think he can pay me my current salary…”

“What if money wasn’t an issue?” Lin looked Thomas in the eyes.

“Money is always an issue for those who don’t have like us,” Thomas mumbled, averting his gaze.

“I’m serious. I’m making more than I did before.  Even if GM can only offer you half what you make now, we’ll be okay.”

“E-even so… Who’d be crazy to abandon a steady job for… for…”

“For their dream?” Lin finished the sentence. “My sister did it.”

“S-she’s not normal…”

Lin put his hand on top of Thomas’. “I’ve seen how much you loved working on the program. You got home excited to work on it for the past two weeks. That’s what you should be doing, Tom. Don’t ignore your dream because of money.”

“You say it like it’s something small…”

“I know it’s important. But in five, ten, twenty years, you think you’ll regret quitting our job and doing this?”

“I… I don’t know,” he admitted in a low voice, looking down.

“I know you. You probably thought about a lot of things like our future and all, but I’ll say this. I prefer to live in a tiny apartment with you happy than live in a mansion with you miserable and regretting you didn’t work on this game.”

“I-it’s not like I’d be miserable with you…”

“You know what I mean.” Lin gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I love you, but I want you to forget about me this time. You’ve helped me and supported me so much over this year, but I want you to be selfish. If you want to work on this game, don’t think about money. Just do it.”

After that, he didn’t talk about the game anymore. As usual, they watched a movie that night and slept in late the next morning. However, Thomas couldn’t pay attention to anything. He could only think about the game and the possibility of working on it if his friend made an offer.

He’ll probably do it. He knows I want this game as much as him. But I doubt he can pay much… Even if Lin said that about money, I still wanna give him a good life. I want a big family with him and I can’t do it without money…

On Sunday night, he tried to pass time by playing videogames but he soon gave up. He couldn’t focus on it. In the end, he watched Lin play, which was more entertaining than doing it himself.

Even so, time passed slowly. Then his laptop rang with a videocall.

“Hey, man. How did it go?” Thomas asked before his friend could say anything.

“It went great!” GM exclaimed. Even without seeing his face, Thomas could tell he was smiling and crying. “They’re now my investors!”

“Yes! That’s awesome!” Thomas grinned. “You’re now a businessman!”

GM laughed and then exhaled. “I can’t believe this is actually happening. I still remember when it started back in college, with the two of us fantasizing…”

 “Yeah, I remember too…” Thomas’ smile faded. Even without looking, he knew Lin was watching him.

GM took a deep breath. “This is all happening thanks to you. And I want your help to finish this,” he said, his words echoing inside Thomas. “I can’t pay what you deserve but if this game is successful, you’ll be entitled to part of the profit.”

“I…” Thomas had no idea what to do. As he struggled with his decision, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Do it, honey. Please,” Lin whispered. “It’s your dream.”

In his head, the dream he had of him and Lin in bed with their three kids played again. Even before we got together, I wanted to be with him… I want to give him everything he deserves, but this game…

When Lin hugged him from behind, he felt something; complete support by someone who he loved. “I’ll do it!”

“Thanks, Tom. Thank you so much!” GM too sounded on the verge of tears. “I’ll organize everything and send it to you the first thing in the morning.”

“Go get some sleep, dude.” Thomas laughed.

“Like I could.”

As GM ended the call, Thomas turned to Lin, who was beaming.

Despite all his anxiety about his decision, he couldn’t stop smiling. “Thanks for the push.”

“Any time.”

Feeling completely awake, Thomas swept Lin off his feet and brought him to their bedroom. Since he had been busy working on the program over these past two weeks, they satisfied all their pent-up love.

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