Cross-dressing Dormitory EX 17

I write these extras to make a looser interaction. Hope you, the readers, crack a smile.

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Cross-Dressing Dormitory EX 17

Rin sat on the chair with his elbows on the table, his fingers entwined, and covering part of his face.

“What are you doing?” Mikki asked. Then he shook his head. “Wait, never mind. I’m sure it’s something stupid.”

“It’s not stupid, young Mikki,” Rin said in a serious voice. “It concerns you two as well.”

“What is it?” Kanata asked.

“I realized one thing. Even though Erick gets embarrassed, he doesn’t consider any of us true love interest.”

“What do you mean?” Mikki asked.

“I see I have your interest,” Rin said in the same forced deep voice. “What I mean is, if we were girls, Erick would probably be wondering if he could date us for real. But because we’re traps, he doesn’t see us like that.”

“You’re right,” Mikki muttered grudgingly.

“That’s expected, don’t you think?” Kanata said. “I mean, life isn’t like hentai. It’s not all men who’d see a cute cross-dressing boy and wanna have sex with them.”

“We need to change that!” Rin slammed the table with a closed fist. “We need to make Erick see us as real love interest.”

Mikki and Kanata said nothing, staring at Rin’s fist.

“Did it hurt?” Mikki asked.


“I’ll get an ice bag,” Kanata said.

“Thanks,” Rin mumbled, holding his tears. “See you next chapter.”

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Hope you liked the chapter
Do you think Rin is right? Is there a chance of Erick not ending with a cross-dressing guy?


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