Cross-dressing Dormitory 15

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Cross-Dressing Dormitory 15

“Good morning, Yuuki-san,” Erick greeted the dorm’s caretaker.

“Morning,” Yuuki smiled at him as he put the muffler around his neck.

“Going out?”

“Yes. There’ll be a sale soon and I don’t wanna miss.” As Yuuki bent to put on his shoes, he winced slightly, putting the hand on his back.

“Is everything alright?” Erick asked.

“I just hurt myself a little yesterday. No biggie.” Despite his words, his smile wavered.

“Do you need any help?”

“That’d be great, but aren’t you working?”

Erick flashed an awkward smile. “I’m taking a little break…”

That was half true, half lie. While he had been working on improving the first chapter of the story he wanted to get serialized, he couldn’t concentrate while waiting for the magazine with his one-shot to come out. Because of that, he was reading manga and watching anime and saying it was to get inspired.

“Thanks, Erick-kun.”

They got in the car and drove to the supermarket, which was a few blocks away. As they entered, Erick got a plastic basket and held it for Yuuki to put the groceries in.

“So, how are you enjoying Japan?”

“It’s been… How can I say this? At the same time, what I imagined, and completely different,” he admitted, letting out a weak chuckled. “Guess anime influenced my view of Japan more than I wanted to believe.”

Yuuki laughed. “I also imagined you didn’t think you’d be living in a dorm like ours.”

“Yeah, that too. It never crossed my mind I’d be living in a place full of cross-dressing men. Rin tricked me good.”

“Hope you’re not regretting.”

“Not at all,” Erick added in a hurry. “I was shocked at first, but everyone’s nice and have made me feel welcome. It doesn’t matter I’m from Brazil, they treat me like anyone else. It doesn’t matter if they cross-dress or not.”

“I’m glad. When Rin told me to keep quiet because he wanted to surprise you, I was worried.”


“It’s not everyone who accepts people who are different from what society expects right away,” Yuuki said in a low voice.

“Considering most people in my country think drawing and art in general is a waste of time, I’m not doing what society expects either,” Erick said with a wry smile. Last time he talked to his parents, they congratulated him for his one-shot, but that was all. Nothing about cheering him for following his dreams. “Besides, you say that, but I don’t see anything different in you or the others. All I see are nice people who are making me feel welcome here.”

“I’m really glad to hear that. We all like having you here too. The dorm has never been so lively.”

“Really? I always thought it was like that.” Rin and Mikki bickering and Kanata being the cool older brother.

“It was, but ever since you got here, they became closer.”

“You call Rin and Mikki bickering closer?” Erick blurted out, a tiny smile on his lips.

“Yes. They dated a little, but it didn’t work out. Afterward, they became like that.”

“What? They dated?” Erick couldn’t hide his surprise.

“Ara? You didn’t know?” Yuuki chuckled. “When Rin joined us, they went out a couple times, but things didn’t go well. It’s not like they fought or anything. It just didn’t work out. But since they have different schedules, they barely talked to each other for a long time.”

“Hum… I could’ve sworn they were good friends… Can’t believe they dated…”

“Ah, but don’t tell them I told you. They don’t like to bring it up. I’m not sure, but I think they didn’t get along in bed, if you know what I mean,” he whispered, his eyes sparkling as he spoke.

“My lips are sealed.” He looks just like my grandma when she told family gossip to my mom.

After they placed the groceries bags in the car, they headed to the shopping district, where, according to Yuuki, the real sale happened.

“Yuuki-san! I was expecting you!” called one of the store owners, smiling at them.

“Ah, Nagisa-san!” he replied, beaming. “It’s been a while. How’s Ikkun?”

“Working too much, like always,” the woman sighed and shook her head. “After this major project is over, I’m taking him to a well-deserved vacation during Golden Week.”

“Ikkun always worked too much,” Yuuki said, chuckling.

“Ever since he was a kid. Anyway, how are your boys?”

“They’re livelier than ever. Thanks to Erick-kun here,” Yuuki turned to him.

“H-hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, stuttering. Damn it. I always get nervous when meeting new people. I didn’t think my social skills were this bad…

“The pleasure is mine,” the woman smiled at him. “Is this the new boy from the cross-dressing dorm?”

“Yes. But he’s not one of us,” Yuuki chuckled. “Not yet.”

“Y-Yuuki-san?” Erick couldn’t hide his nervousness.

The woman laughed. “Neither was I until I moved in.”

“You lived at the dorm?” Erick asked.

“Yes. Thanks to that, I could be myself and found a wonderful man. Too bad when he’s working on a new project, he neglects his husbandly duties to his husband.”

Erick had no idea how to react and chuckled.

After buying vegetables, they said goodbye and headed to another store, where Yuuki also knew the owner.

“You know most people here,” Erick said after they were done, putting everything in the car.

“When you live long enough in one place, you tend to know a lot of people.”

“Can’t believe so many people lived in the dorm…”

“I told you. Our place is for people who need a space to be themselves. And it doesn’t matter who they are, most people need a place like that,” Yuuki said with a smile.

“You’re right.” I’m like that in a way. I needed somewhere to focus my all on my dream. And I couldn’t have asked for a better place. I’m too lucky.

After he carried the groceries inside, Erick raced to his room and went to work on his manga again.

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  1. Yuuki is giving me ara ara vibes. Also, I’m curious to see what Yuuki’s tactic is gonna be. Has the older man got a trick up his sleeve, that the boys hadn’t thought of?


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