Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 55

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Married (♂x♂) 55

Tom was feeling a little better this morning when he went to work. Hope his day isn’t as bad as yesterday. Recently he had to work a lot of overtime. Lin thought as he rode the elevator. When he saw the lights of their apartment was on, he smiled. He’s home early! If he’s exhausted like yesterday, I’ll cheer him up!

That was what he had in mind, but as he got closer to the door, he heard something different than he expected. Instead of the faint sounds of the TV, he heard excited voices.

“No way, dude! You can’t do that. Unless you wanna ruin the balance of the gameplay,” Thomas was saying to someone.

“If I can’t put that, then how will the damage be calculated?” a familiar voice asked back.

“Let the program calculate that.”

“Depending on the number of variables, it’s gonna take too long to calculate. People won’t like waiting five minutes to see how much damage they dealt at an enemy.”

“I know, but if the program is well written, even a crappy machine will handle it without problem. You need to put down all the magic effects as numbers as well as the formula for how they affect the attack.”

“Isn’t that gonna get too complex? I know I want more than a regular TRPG, but I don’t wanna ruin the gameplay with long loading times. People will get bored…”

Lin opened the door as silently as he could. Thomas was on the table with many notebooks around him and talking to his laptop.

It took a moment for Lin to realize he was talking to his friend from college who lived in another state and was the GM of the table RPG game they played a while back.

“I know what you mean… The best way to see is to test it in an actual game.”

“That’s a good idea… If we use only the code to calculate damage,” GM grew quiet as he thought.

Though Lin tried to be discreet, when he closed the door, Thomas turned to him.

“Lin! You’re home early.” He stood up to kiss him.

“I’m home. Actually, I’m a little late because there was some traffic.”

Thomas checked the time on his laptop. “You’re right… I didn’t even notice it was so late… Time flew by.”

“Hello, Lin. It’s been a while,” GM said, the avatar smiling. “Thanks for letting me borrow your boyfriend. He’s been somewhat helpful.”

“Somewhat?” Thomas complained. “I was fixing your code!”

“What are you two up to?” Lin asked, chuckling.

“I’m developing a TRPG program. I wanna make the sessions more dynamic, with visual effects and sounds and more complex, but still keeping the spirit of the TRPG.”

“That sounds interesting. Is it like the one you used last time?”

“Yeah, but better. But I’m having trouble…”

“What happened?”

“He found out his programmer sucked and had to fire him,” Thomas muttered. “I’ve been helping him all afternoon to fix the major issues.”

“All afternoon? What about work?”

“We had a half day off. There was a power outage and the whole building had no electricity. When my boss found out it’d take the rest of the day to fix it, he let everyone go,” Thomas said with a smile.

“Lucky for me,” GM said. “But it’s time to go. Thanks for the help, Green. I’ll tell everything to the new programmer… Once I find one, that is.”

Thomas’ smile vanished slowly. “Yeah. When you find them, tell me so you won’t end up with another noob.”

“Thanks. Bye.”

When he logged off, Thomas remained quiet, staring at the notebooks with data of several TRPG manual books.

“Why don’t you become his programmer? You seemed so happy helping him,” Lin said.

“I-I can’t… I wish I could but don’t have time…”

Lin picked up one of the notebooks and flipped through. It was filled with detailed explanations of attacks and how they worked and number and formulas he didn’t understand. When he picked up another, it was the same thing.

“You have a lot of notes.”

“Y-yeah… It’s from my college days. We used to talk about making this kind of program back then…”

“Why didn’t you?”

“We started… The one he’s developing is based on the alpha we made…”

“That’s amazing. Why didn’t you continue?”

“I couldn’t… Once I started my internship, I didn’t have time, nor the energy, to work on the program,” Thomas said, turning to the notebooks with a nostalgic expression.

Lin flashed a sad smile. I wish he could just quit his job and work on this. It’s what makes him happy. Too bad we don’t live in that kind of world.

“This program sounds interesting. How would it work? I remember the game master had to put the attacks or magic and roll the dices to see if it worked…”

“Yeah! But that’s the regular program you can find anywhere. The one he’s working on is way more complex. There’s a lot of variables and they all have their contribution to how much damage you can deal!” Thomas got excited. But then his smile vanished and he looked down. “You don’t wanna hear that. I bet it’s boring for you…”

“Who says? I asked, didn’t, why?” Lin leaned closer and kissed him. “Why don’t we order a pizza and you can explain to me. I wanna see the program.”

“Really?” His face lit with joy again, “You’re interested?”

“Yeah. Let’s see how much damage points I can do.” Lin got closer and whispered. “I use seduction on my boyfriend.”

Thomas blushed and smile. “It’s super effective,” he mumbled, kissing his boyfriend and leading him to the bedroom.

This is what fits him. When he’s smiling like this. I love him too much, Lin thought.

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