Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 53

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Married (♂x♂) 53

“Damn it! You shitty bastard!” Thomas shouted when his character died again. He gripped the controller harder and breathed through his nose, trying to control his anger. He managed a little.

“You suck, old man! You’re my bitch from now on,” said a voice from the TV.

Thanks to those insults, all of Thomas’ self-control was for naught and he cursed as much as he could. Instead of mad, it only got a laugh from the other player.

Lin was on the bedroom writing a few posts for his blog when he came out. He looked at his boyfriend and the TV and realized the situation at once. He smiled and massaged Thomas’ shoulders. “Don’t worry, honey. You’ll get him next match.”

“Who’s that? Your boyfriend?” the other player mocked, laughing again. “I knew you were a fag.”

Thomas cut the chat at once, groaning in frustration as he waited for his character to respawn. Thanks to Lin’s presence, he wasn’t as mad.

“Can’t believe this bastard is killing me so easily… It’s your fault,” he complained in a childish way. “Thanks to you, who turned me into a functioning member of society, I haven’t had much time to play as much.”

“I’m sorry you don’t have much time to play your little games anymore, sweetie.” Lin hugged his head and kissed him.

“You better take responsibility,” muttered Thomas, pouting.

“I will. From today on, we won’t have sex until you become as good as a pro gamer. How does that sound?” he asked with a smile.

Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “Like you’re bullying me too.”

“Poor thing. Then do you want me to take care of the bully for you?”

“No, thanks, mom. I know I’m not cool and all, but it’d be too lame if I needed my boyfriend to do this. Don’t worry. I’m gonna play for real from now on and kill this little shit myself.” He shifted on the couch and leaned forward when his character was alive again.

“That’s my boy. You deserve a sandwich.” Lin pinched and then kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks, honey,” he said, more confident than he had been so far.

However, by the time he came back, his boyfriend’s mood was sour and he was sulking again.

Lin didn’t even have to ask what had happened; Thomas had died again, and by the looks of it, it was the same guy from before.

He offered the sandwich with a sympathetic smile. Thomas ate angrily and without saying anything.

By the time his character respawned, he wasn’t as angry. But when the same guy killed him again, he looked even madder than before.

“You suck so hard I can’t believe you’re still playing!” the other player mocked, laughing louder than before. “Why don’t you go be a fag and suck your boyfriend’s dick? I bet you’re better at it than playing.”

“Do you want me to kill that shitty brat for you?” Lin offered by the fifth death.

Thomas looked at him and then at the TV. Though he had cut the chat for good by now, he could tell the other player was laughing.

“Please,” he muttered, handing the controller to his boyfriend as he scooched to the side and give room.

“I’m gonna make him pay for mocking my man. Only I can do that.” Lin kissed him on the cheek, sat before the TV, and unmuted the chat.

The opponent was still laughing just like Thomas thought.

The instant Lin respawned, he went after the player who was focusing on his boyfriend.

The first time he was killed, he brushed it off with a laugh. The second time he gave a backwards compliment. The third time he complained about lag. By the seventh time he was cursing and shouting so much it was nearly unintelligible.

“You damn fag!” was one of the few things they could understand. “Go suck on your boyfriend’s cock and let the real men play!”

“Just so you know, I am gay. And the one who was wiping the floor with you was my boyfriend. And you’re his little bitch now!” Thomas shouted back, grinning too much. “I’m gonna do the thing you suggested. While I’m at it, let the real men play, you little bitch.”

The other player cursed a few more insults before the match ended and he logged off.

“Honey, that was too awesome!” Thomas shouted, hugging Lin and showering him with kisses. “I knew you were good, but I had no idea it was to that level!”

“I played a lot when I didn’t have a job. Luckily my skills haven’t rusted.”

“Hell yeah! You deserve something! Ask me anything!”

Lin flashed a strange smile and raised an eyebrow. “Did you say anything?”


“You know, when I said anything, I wasn’t expecting this,” Thomas said. He had one hand on Lin’s waist and held the other while his boyfriend held him by the shoulder.

“You’re not backing down, are you?” Lin looked him in the eyes.

“No way. I promised you, and real men keep their word. I’m just surprised you chose this…”

“What? You expected some kinky play on the bed?”

Lin’s mischievous smile was enough to make him blush. He shrugged and let out a weak chuckle. “Kinda… That bastard did suggest something good…”

“Please. I can get you to do that and a lot more anytime I want. But what are the chances of me convincing you to dance with me?”

Thomas thought about it for a moment. Then he smiled and dropped his shoulders. “Slim, at best. I just feel silly doing this here. And without music… We need it to distract you to how uncoordinated I am…”

They had pushed the TV and the coffee table closer to the couch and made an empty space in the middle of the living room. It was enough for them to dance without worrying about hitting anything.

“Music doesn’t matter. I wanna dance with you. It’s been too long since the last time. And we weren’t together back then.”

“Even if you say that… It’s embarrassing,” Thomas muttered, his cheeks a shade of red.

“If you really need music, then sing for me.” Lin’s face lit suddenly. “Yes! Like you did before!”

“No way! That’s even more embarrassing! You’re supposed to bring it down, not increase.”

Lin’s smile deflated like a balloon with a hole. Before Thomas caved, he was smiling again. “Then let me sing!”

As he started singing the same anime opening from before, he danced, taking the lead.

Thomas couldn’t help but laugh. Then, despite his red face, he sang too, making the man he loved beam with a smile.

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Hope you liked the chapter
Lin owning bad gamers is great XD
To be honest, I was afraid of a few words I used. I mean, I’m okay with that, but I haven’t used it on this web novel yet

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