Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 52

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Married (♂x♂) 52

“This is so embarrassing,” Thomas muttered, glancing around. “Everyone will see us…”

“So what? It’s not like they know us. And even if they did, it doesn’t matter. We’re just having a picnic at the park. We’re not doing anything unspeakable,” Lin said, holding his hand. “You worry too much about what strangers who will never see again think of you, honey.”

“Can’t believe I went with this idea…” He decided to ignore the comment. “Just so you know, if not for you, I’d never agree to this. You’re the only man, no, the only person in the world who could make me do something so embarrassing.”

“I know. And I’m glad. I’ve always wanted to have a romantic picnic with you ever since we started dating.” Lin’s smile almost made Thomas blush.

“L-liar. I’ve never even heard you mentioning a picnic. Where did you get the idea?”

“From a movie. You’ve been working overtime so much this week I had a lot of free time.”

“And you watched a romantic comedy? Since when do you watch that? I thought you were a man who enjoyed horror, blood, and action!”

“I never said it was a romantic comedy.”

When Lin flashed a sheepish smile, Thomas understood immediately. “You saw it in a horror movie.”

“Yeah. Some random couple was having one before the killer showed up and slaughtered them in a gruesome way.”

He looked at Lin’s joyful face in disbelief. “You’re the only freak in the world who’d get the idea for a romantic picnic from a horror movie.”

Lin only smiled as he placed the sheet on the ground. Under the tree’s shade, with the breeze blowing them gently and with some distance from the tracks, where people were jogging, the place had nothing for Thomas to complain.

“It’s a nice place,” he admitted grudgingly.

“Glad you’re finally on board with this!”

“All I said was that it’s a nice place… Too bad the food’s gonna ruin everything.”

Lin touched him on the cheek gently and waited until he looked at him. “Don’t put yourself down like this. You’re getting better and better.”

“I know, but still… My food doesn’t compare to yours.”

“Didn’t you promise you wouldn’t say that?” he reminded him with a stern gaze. Then he smiled as he took from the basket one of the sandwiches his boyfriend had made. “Here.”

“You wanna feed me? Here?” Blushing, Thomas looked around. From the distance, he thought he saw a few joggers glancing in their direction. “S-stop that. It’s embarrassing… People are gonna see…”

“You’re gonna miss so much if you keep worrying about trivial things like strangers’ opinions.” Lin didn’t lower the sandwich.

Still red and glancing around, Thomas took a bite of it, making his boyfriend beam. “I can’t believe I fell in love with a guy with a feeding fetish…”

“It’s fun. And just for the record, I only like feeding you. But you’re right. We’re a modern couple who switch position once and a while.” He closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

“N-no way I’m feeding you. It’s even more embarrassing!”

Thomas looked around again, expecting someone to be looking at them. Even if there was no one, he was even redder when he caved in, took a sandwich, and fed it to his boyfriend.

“The food is good, but it tastes even better when you feed me.” Lin beamed.

“S-stop lying to make me feel better. I just tasted it and I know it’s okay at best.”

“Then you’re eating wrong. Try again.” He took another sandwich and brought to it Thomas’s mouth, who ate it reluctantly without complaining this time. “See? It’s delicious!”

“Only someone who loves horror movies would think that,” Thomas mumbled.

“Someone who loves horror movies and a certain programmer who likes to complain, you mean?”

“Wait, are you including me in your bad tastes? How’s that supposed to make me feel?”

“You mean exquisite taste.”

They looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

“Can’t believe my boyfriend thinks I have bad taste.” Lin sighed and dropped his shoulders. Then he smiled. “As a punishment, we’ll do that champagne thingy.”

“What thingy?”

“You know, drinking while crossing arms. I saw it the other day and wanted to try.”

Thomas looked at him as he took out two plastic cups from the picnic basket. “Was it another horror movie?”

Lin said nothing as he popped the champagne and poured it in the cups. Then he crossed one arm with Thomas. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

“There’s no way this works outside a movie… And you sound too excited for something like this…”

Thomas found out he was right the next instant. When Lin tried to bring the cup to his mouth, even if he was careful, he pulled his boyfriend’s arm, preventing him from drinking. Thomas did the same to Lin, spilling their drink.

He looked at his boyfriend with a blank face, waiting for a solution. Lin only laughed.

“Guess it only works in movies,” he said, drying a wet spot on the blanket with a paper napkin.

“Like I told you. But you wanted to do something embarrassing,” Thomas muttered, glancing around.

“Instead of worrying about others, pay attention to me.”

When he looked back, there was a cup right before him; Lin was offering his own drink.

“Besides feeding, now you wanna give me a drink like I’m a baby? I’m starting to wonder if you have baby fever.”

“It’s too soon for us, but let’s just say you’re not the only one who thinks about our future.”

Thomas’ heart thumped faster. He had no idea where to look so he accepted the champagne, drinking it in one gulp.

“I know you love to swallow but take it easy, honey.”

Thomas choked and coughed. When he recovered, he looked around to make sure no one had heard. “Why would you say that?”

“Because you always swallow. And your reactions are priceless.” Lin beamed again.

Under that smile, he had trouble to stay mad. “Can’t believe you still like to embarrass me…”

“I’ve done it since we were kids and I plan to do it until we’re two old geezers.”

“I hope so too,” Thomas said without thinking. Before Lin could say anything, he offered his cup to his boyfriend, who drank the champagne. “I don’t know what’s so fun about this.”

“You’re being too grumpy to see.”

“You’re the one who sees the good in everything… Thanks for that,” he mumbled, averting his eyes.

Lin grunted and blushed. “And you’re too cute.”

When he leaned in for a kiss, Thomas glanced around before doing the same.

As they kissed, they felt a drop on them. The next second, it was drizzling. As they looked up, the sunny sky turned dark with heavy clouds and the drizzle became rain.

While Thomas threw everything inside the picnic basket, Lin folded the blanket. They stood closer to the tree, getting some cover from the rain. But it was too late; they were already soaked. And as the rain became stronger, even the tree wasn’t enough to protect them.

“Great, just great. What we needed to make this day even better,” Thomas complained as he ran a hand over his wet hair. “Could this day get any better?”

“I don’t think it can.” Lin looked at him smiling. But it was different from before. It was a smile full of love.

Thomas couldn’t stay mad under that smile. Blushing, he wrapped his arms around him and kissed him. The rain didn’t matter. He was happy with that man.

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