Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 51

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Married (♂x♂) 51

It was a long day, Lin thought. He had no idea why but the kids seemed to have extra energy today. Even his colleagues, who had more experience, said the same thing. Even the fact he received his first paycheck today didn’t make him excited. I wanna get Tom something with it…

However, despite his exhaustion, when he realized the lights of the apartment were on, he smiled. He’s home early!

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Lin!” Thomas almost shouted in surprise. He was in his shorts and lying on the couch with his laptop on the stomach. He slammed the lid close, placed the computer on the coffee table, stood up, and walked to him to give him a kiss. “Y-you’re home early!”

“I’m usually home by this time. You’re the one who’s early. Which is a wonderful surprise,” said Lin, kissing him back. He leaned to the side, looked at the laptop and flashed a mischievous smile. “Were you watching porn? Is that what you do when you get home before me?”

Thomas became an alarming shade of red and shook his head, denying too much. “N-no, I wasn’t! I swear!”

“It’s okay, honey. I’m a guy too. I understand.” Lin nodded sympathetically. His sly smile didn’t help though.

“I mean it, I wasn’t watching porn…”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. And if you show me what you were watching, maybe I can fulfill your desires. I might even cosplay one of those school uniforms you like so much,” he whispered in his boyfriend’s ear in an alluring voice. Thomas quivered and his eyes went out of focus for a second. “All it takes is you telling me what you were watching. That’s all.”

“I… I… I wasn’t watching anything… I… I was reading! Yes! I was reading a story about a cross-dressing magical boy and boyfriend fighting monsters. Since they’re also childhood friends, it reminded me of us!”

Lin narrowed his eyes, his face showing he didn’t believe. “You were reading a story about a cross-dressing magical boy and his boyfriend fighting monsters?”


“Sounds like an interesting story. Let me read it too,” he said, walking to the laptop.

“No!” Thomas got to the computer first and hugged it as if it was precious.

Lin couldn’t hold back his smile anymore. “Why can’t I read it? Isn’t it an action story with romance? Nothing that I shouldn’t see, right? I mean, we are dating. I doubt anything you like can surprise me.”

Thomas became redder and pressed his lips. “L-look, can we drop this? I’m hungry, and I can see you’re tired, so let’s go out to eat!”

He raced to the bedroom and came back a minute later. He had changed and the laptop was nowhere to be found. He grabbed Lin’s hand and led him out of the apartment.


“That was delicious,” Lin said as they got back home, patting his belly. Though it was usually firm and flat, it was slightly bloated.

“Yeah, it was.”

“I ate too much.”

“I can see,” Thomas said, poking him on the belly.

“Stop that, or I’m gonna burp.”

“Go ahead. It’s not like you haven’t done it in front of me. You’ve even farted before.”

“Yeah, but I don’t wanna ruin the romantic mood.” Lin smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “How did you find that restaurant?”

“It was Carlos who suggested it. For someone who isn’t dating, he sure knows great restaurants.”

“That’s a great idea, honey!” he exclaimed, beaming.

“W-what? What did I say?”

“Let’s set Carlos up with someone! I remember there was some chemistry between him and Karina that night we played RPG.”

“You think? I didn’t feel anything…”

“But I did! And wouldn’t it be great to have a couple friend? We could go on double dates and stuff!”

Thomas thought for a moment. “Maybe… But I prefer to have you all to myself.”

Lin blushed, flashed a shy smile, and kissed him on the cheek. “That’s so cute it’s not fair… You know how to embarrass a boy.”

“Once or twice I get it right,” Thomas said, not hiding how proud he was.

“Don’t get too full of yourself.” Lin’s smile turned mischievous. “You forgot I caught you watching porn?”

“I told you I wasn’t watching porn!”

“Oh, yeah. You were “reading” a story about a cross-dressing magical boy and his boyfriend,” he said, poking his boyfriend on the sides.

Thomas pressed his lips, look away, and didn’t say anything.

“Are you gonna keep quiet?” Lin touched his lips with the finger. “Is that thing we see on TV? Anything I say will be used against you?”

“You’re drunk and got it wrong…”

“Only a little! But don’t worry. It was to celebrate!”

“Celebrate what?”

“My first paycheck!”

“So that’s why you insisted on paying the check…”

“Yes! It was my way to treat my man!” Lin grabbed Thomas’ cheeks and gave him a long kiss.

“You shouldn’t have… That money is for you…”

“Wrong! That money is for us! And you deserve to be pampered for everything you’ve been doing for me.”

Thomas couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks… But I preferred if you treated yourself something. Your first paycheck is important.”

“But I did! Pampering my man is a treat for me.”

“You know what I mean…”

Lin stopped to think for a moment. Then his face lit with a smile. “Then let’s do something we both can enjoy!”

“Like what?”

“Giving our apartment a makeover!”

“A makeover?”

“Yeah! We could paint the wall. Or buy new furniture. You know, make the apartment feel like our home!”

“But you already made it feel like a home,” Thomas muttered, blushing and flashing a shy smile.

Lin became an alarming shade of red. “Stop being so cute! I won’t be able to take this much cuteness!”

“I’m not having that argument again.”

“Yeah, better not. Because I already won that,” he said, grinning. “Let’s focus on the makeover.”

Thomas scratched his cheek. “I don’t think it’s a good idea. The apartment is rented. Better save for when we buy our own house.”

“You think we’ll buy a house in the future?”

He flushed and averted his eyes. After a moment struggling, he went to their bedroom and came back with the laptop. “Here…”

Confused, Lin looked at the screen. The browser was showing many pictures of houses and apartments. “A real estate auction site…? You wanna buy a house?”

“No, I mean, yes. In the future… For us…”

Lin became even redder. “H-how does our future look?”

“I told you once…”

He thought for a moment. Then he beamed. “You mean that dream about you and your wife and three kids?”

“Yeah… I didn’t tell you, but the wife was you…”

“You think we’ll get married?”

“Yeah… I hope so… one day…”

“I didn’t think it was possible, but I love you even more.” Lin hugged him.

“I love you too.”

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