Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 49

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Married (♂x♂) 49

“I feel like I was reborn!” Thomas shouted, getting out of the bathroom after a refreshing shower.

“Reborn? Aren’t you exaggerating a little?” Lin laughed. “It’s not like we were running a marathon.”

“I’m not like you. I’m a normal Brazilian who prefers to spend a lazy Saturday morning sleeping rather than jogging!”

“You already got used to this by now.”


Lin chuckled and smiled, “I know you wake up early even when it’s raining and we can’t jog.”

“Shut up,” Thomas said in a childish way, sitting on the couch and getting the controller. “If I had a choice, instead of running and panting and dying under the sun, I’d be playing videogames.”

“Can’t believe you still make it sound like I’m forcing you.”

“I’m sorry if it sounds like that. You’re not forcing me like before. Instead, you’re seducing me into jogging. You’re a cunning boyfriend who uses his sensuality to make me do things I don’t want. I’m onto you, Lineu.”

Lin laughed and kissed him on the cheek. “You only found out now?”

Thomas blushed and averted his eyes. “I-I had my suspicions…”

“That I want you to live a long life and become an old man with me? You’re right.” He kissed him on the lips this time.

Thomas kissed back. It became more intense and he put the controller down, carrying Lin to their room.


“Stop grinning like that,” Lin said as they got out of the bedroom.

“Like what?”

“Like you’re the greatest lover in the world.”

That only made Thomas’ grin wider. “I know I’m not. But at least I’m satisfying you.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because you can’t stop grinning either.”

Lin felt the smile on his lips. “It’s your fault. How will you take responsibility?”

“Like this.” Thomas pulled him and kissed him.

Lin reciprocated. Though it wasn’t as intense as before, it was full of love. When they pulled apart, they looked into each other’s eyes, smiling.

“That’s a wonderful way to take responsibility.”

Thomas flashed a cocky grin. “I know. Even if I’m not the greatest lover, I’m pretty good. Don’t you agree?”

Lin thought for a moment. “I don’t know. You’re the only person I’ve been with. If I had more experience…”

“You’re not bringing me down. I know I satisfy you every time.” He sat on the couch and got the controller again.

Smiling, Lin too sat on the couch and placed his feet on Thomas’ lap, playing with his phone.

“What the hell?” Thomas pressed the remote but nothing happened. He pressed the controller but the videogame showed no sign of turning on as well. “A blackout?”

He walked to the light switch and flipped it. Nothing happened. He walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge; it too had no energy.

“I’ll call the doorman.” Lin talked on the phone for a while. “We’re out of energy.”

“I figured out that by myself, honey.” Thomas didn’t spare his sarcasm. “Why?”

“The energy company came to cut the power off in one apartment but the employee messed up and cut the power for the whole building.”

“Great. Just great. And on a Saturday. Couldn’t they do that on a Monday when we’re working?” Thomas let out his frustration, sighing. “How long until it’s back?”

“The doorman said it could take all day. He said when the guy cut the power, he broke something important and he’s running around the city to find it.”

Thomas grunted and walked to the couch to lie his head on his boyfriend’s lap. “That sucks… I just wanted to play games for a few hours to relax.”

Lin caressed his head, “I know, honey, I know. Sorry you can’t play your little games. You worked hard all week and deserve to relax.”

“Stop treating me like a kid…”

“You’ll always be my big kid I like to spoil.” He showered him with kisses. “Is there something my favorite boy wants?”

Thomas looked at him in silence for a while. “There is.”


Lin didn’t seem to breathe as he observed the board.

“C’mon, honey. Even if you spent the rest of your life looking, it’s not gonna change anything. Once you roll those dices, you’re gonna pay me so much money even my third generation will be rich.”

“Not unless I roll an eight. I’ll end up in jail next to you and be safe there.”

“Isn’t that sad? You prefer to get behind bars than to be free.”

“I’m not taking that from someone who got arrested for four turns for embezzlement,” Lin said, looking at him with the sternest glare he had. “Can’t believe you got to keep the money!”

Thomas grinned. “Great thing we had Monopolization with Brazil’s corruption included.”

“I’m gonna wipe that smile off your face. I’m not paying a cent to you!”

“Only if you roll an eight. Too bad there’s no such thing as the heart of the dices.”

Lin got the dices, blew and shook his hand. Then he opened it, letting it roll over the board. Under their eyes, he got two fours. “Yes! Luck is with me!”

Thomas grunted and crossed his arms. “Only you’d be happy to be arrested.”

“Now I get to be your prison wife,” Lin beamed.

“I already have you in real life. I prefer the money,” he mumbled, though he was smiling when he picked up the dices.

“Careful. If you roll a five or twelve, you’ll pay me so much money you’re gonna be broke.”

Thomas snorted. “Please. The odds of rolling that are low. You don’t know how to play Monopolization. You spread your assets apart. In order to win, it’s best if you do it like me, buying a whole side of the board.”

“Just roll the dices, master of finances.”

He split them in both hands. He shook the right and threw it, rolling a six. He looked at the number with a blank expression while Lin grinned.

“Don’t count on your luck yet.” He threw the other and rolled another six, becoming speechless.

“Allow me.”

Beaming, Lin picked up the green piece that belonged to his boyfriend. He jumped and landed on each square exaggeratedly, counting. Then he landed on the twelfth square, a property he had bought and filled with real states. He smiled at Thomas with his palm opened, waiting for his money.

“I hate this game,” he mumbled as he handed over all his money.

“You hate losing. Remember when we were kids and you got so happy you won you raised your arms and ended up falling back on the chair?”

“Oh, yeah, I remember. Our families were spending that summer vacation together at your parents’ beach house.”

“And we played a different board game every night after spending the whole day on the beach or by the pool.”

“Those days were fun.” Thomas smiled as he remembered. “The best was UNO. We used to fight because of it.”

“Yeah… I’m never playing with you.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because you cheat at UNO.”

“What? I’d never do that!”

“I lost count of how many times I saw you put down two cards instead of one,” Lin said, snorting. Then he added before his boyfriend could speak. “I also remember you hiding cards so you could say UNO faster.”

Thomas flashed a sheepish smile, “I wasn’t aware you knew. Why have you never said anything?”

“Because I used to do the same thing,” Lin said with a mischievous smile.

“What? You, Lineu, used to cheat at UNO?” Thomas exaggerated on his shock. “No one’s gonna believe that!”

“Why you make it sound like I never did anything bad? I wasn’t a perfect kid, you know?”

“Please,” he snorted. “You were a saint compared to the rest of us.”

“Guess you’re forgetting I stole your first kiss and your first time.” Lin flashed his sly smile.

Thomas blushed and smiled too. “Oh, yeah.”

Lin leaned closer for a kiss. But before they could, the TV turned on by itself.

“The power’s back,” he said. “And about time. It took all afternoon.”

“Oh yeah… We were playing board games for so long I didn’t even see the time passing.”

“Now you can play your video game.”

Thomas scratched his cheeks. “I prefer to keep playing with you…”

Lin blushed and smiled. “You know how to embarrass a boy.”

“Only you,” he said, kissing his boyfriend again before picking another board game for them to play.

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Hope you liked the chapter
To be honest, this is part of my vision of a great couple. They do their own thing, but also like spending time together without forcing it.
Hope I can get a relationship like this in the future

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