Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 48

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Married (♂x♂) 48

“Honey, I’m home. Sorry I’m late—” As Thomas opened the door of his apartment, he was surprised by a hug.

“Welcome home, Tom! What do you want first? Dinner? A bath? Or perhaps me?”

Being greeted by his boyfriend was one of his nerdy dreams, and every time Lin did it, he couldn’t help but smile and blush and feel everything would be better with that man. However, he didn’t feel any of that; there was something wrong. As Lin hugged him, he felt two soft things pressing against him. What the…

“What’s wrong, honey? Too surprised to choose?” Lin asked, looking up at him.

When Thomas took a better look, he noticed his boyfriend was shorter, so was his hair. Then he realized Lin looked more girlish and that the two soft things pressing against him were breasts. “Lisa?”

“You found out too fast,” she sighed, then smiled. She was Lisandra, one of Lin’s older sisters, who looked a lot like him.

“I told you he’d find out right away,” Lin came out from their bedroom, standing next to his sister.

 “Most people take a lot longer. Some don’t even notice.”

“Yeah, but Tom loves me. There’s no way he’d be tricked by you.”

“I think it was the boobs.”

When they stand side by side like this, you’d think they’re twins, Thomas thought, looking between them. “Why are you trying to trick me like this? Aren’t you two a little too old for this?”

They exchanged looks and then looked at him.

“It was his idea!”

“It was her idea!”

They spoke at the same time, then laughed together.

Thomas chuckled and shook his head. Can’t believe I almost fell for this trick. Last time was when we were kids. Lisa and I were invited to the birthday party of the most popular girl in our year, but she got sick and made Lin go in her place because if she didn’t go, she’d get ostracized.

As he remembered, he widened his eyes and blushed. I’d forgot about it… We’re together now so it doesn’t matter, but during spin the bottle, I kissed Lisa, I mean, Lin, back then. I only found out it was him years later… Can’t believe we kissed more than once back then. Wonder if we kissed more times and I don’t remember… I wanna remember all our kisses.

“H-hey, Lisa. I don’t mean to be rude but why are you here?” he asked before they noticed him blushing.

“Even if he said he didn’t mean to be rude, your boyfriend was. Are you gonna let him talk to your beloved sister like this?” she whispered to Lin as if Thomas couldn’t hear.

“He’s just a little cranky because he had a bad day at work.”

“How do you know? He didn’t say anything.”

“I can tell.” Lin got closer and caressed the back of Thomas’ head just the way he liked. “Didn’t you have a bad day, honey?”

“It was awful.” He closed his eyes to enjoy his boyfriend’s fingers. He opened them right away when he felt another hand.

“Is this how you do it?” Lisa asked. “Or he likes it because it’s you?”

Thomas squirmed. Despite looking almost identical, Lisa’s fingers felt weird. “Ouch! Your nails are too sharp,” he complained, pushing her hand away.

“Let me practice until I get as good as Lin.”

“I’m not letting you hurt him.” Lin pulled his boyfriend and hugged his head. “He needs to be pampered tonight, not tortured.”

“Sorry little brother, but that’s better done by a woman. The boobs help.” She pulled Thomas from him the same way. “I bet you hurt him with your muscular chest.”

Despite the breasts acting like cushions, it didn’t feel as good. “I prefer my boyfriend,” he mumbled, afraid to look her in the eyes. “You say muscular chest but he gives this… safety feeling.”

She let go of him with an exaggerated movement, almost pushing him back to her little brother. “Of course, how stupid of me. Using boobs with a gay guy. I’d have better luck if I had the same thing as my little brother between my legs.”

Lin smiled and took his boyfriend back with open arms.

Thomas hugged him. “What you have between your legs has nothing to do with it, Lisa. I fell in love with him because of something you don’t have.”

“Yeah, I know. A dick.”


Lisa snorted and crossed her arms, “That’s nice, coming from someone who used to have a crush on me. But now that I think about it, it was because I look like Lin.”

“You had a crush on her? You never told me.” He looked at Thomas more surprised than he should.

“I-it’s not like that. It was after that birthday party. I thought I’d kissed her and got a little meaningless crush. But if you think about it, I had a crush on you.”

“You had a crush on me back then?” Lin blushed and smiled.

“Weren’t you listening, little brother? I was his crush.”

“Only because he thought he was kissing you. In reality, it was me.”

“Exactly. I was his crush.”

“The closest you were was classmates. Maybe childhood friends if we stretch a little.”

As the siblings argued about it, Thomas couldn’t help but sigh.

I watch a lot of harem and love triangles anime, but I never imagined being in one would be so tiresome


“Sorry you have to eat alone today,” Lin apologized from over the couch.

“It’s okay. I know it wasn’t your fault,” Thomas said, eating his reheated food. Though the taste was still delicious, there was something weird about it. It’s the first time I’m not eating with Lin since we started dating

“Was that a snip at me?” Lisa said.

“You did say you were starving and forced me to eat with you,” Lin mumbled.

“I was. I hadn’t eaten lunch because I was packing. Besides, it’s not my fault your boyfriend had to work overtime. And hold still!” she held her brother’s foot with more strength. She was painting his nails after she grew bored of watching TV.

“Sorry if I have to work,” Thomas muttered.

“Hey, don’t make me sound like a bum. And why do you think I’m here?”

“Yeah, I wanna hear that. You still haven’t answered,” Thomas reminded her.

“Oh, yeah. With your little crush on me, I forgot,” she said, moving on to Lin’s other foot. “I’m here because I have an interview.”

“Good for you. But that doesn’t explain why you’re here, at our place.”

“Because the interview is in the middle of dawn. I’d have to wake in the middle of the night to get in time from where I live. Here’s closer. And I also get to spend time with my little brother.”

“What kind of interview happens so early?”

“A job one. It’s for a makeup artist position at a TV station.”

“Huh? Makeup artist?” Thomas was so surprised he stopped eating to look at her. “Aren’t you a lawyer?”

“Was. I quit a while back. Guess you and Lin don’t talk much.”

“Are you insane? We’re in the middle of a crisis! How could you quit a high paying job?”

“I’m not in the mood to have this conversation again. Especially with my brother-in-law,” Lisa answered, too focused on Lin’s toenails. “I’ll just say that job was killing me on the inside. Just like yours is doing to you.”

“My job’s not like that,” Thomas mumbled, turning to his food.

“Yeah, right. Unlike you two, my little brother talked a lot about you whenever we talked. He was always worried about your health. Now that I think about it, all that worrying was because you two were hooking up.”

“We weren’t dating back then,” Lin mumbled, blushing. “I just worried about my best friend.”

That’s too cute, Thomas started smiling and blushing too.

“But you were in love with him back then, weren’t you?”

Lin averted his face. “He’s my best friend since we were kids.”

“That’s not what I’m asking, little brother.”

His cheeks became redder as he hugged the cushion. “Yeah, I was already in love with him. I think I’ve been ever since we kissed for the first time. Maybe before that. I just didn’t know what my feelings were.”

Lisa let out a squeal of joy. “Did you hear that, Tommy? Your boyfriend loved you ever since you two were kids.”

Thomas listened but didn’t reply. He was too busy blushing. I already knew that, but hearing he loved me since back then is embarrassing

“Look, little brother. Your boyfriend is just as red as you,” Lisa made fun of them. “This is so romantic I wanna hear more. When did you realize you loved Lin?”

“Why would I tell you that?” Especially when even I don’t know how I started feeling this way. We have so much history

“Because my little brother wants to know too.”

Lin was an alarming shade of red. He almost hid his face with the cushion. But when his eyes met his boyfriend’s, he nodded once.

Thomas’ heart pounded faster and blushed. Lin’s so cute it’s not fair. It should be illegal for a guy to be this cute!

“I honestly don’t know,” he said after he recovered. “Maybe I always felt something for him but never realized what it was. Even my first love was Lin, even though I had no idea it was him…”

“Wait, what do you mean your first love?” Lisa interrupted. “It wasn’t me?”

“No. My first love was this girl I met at a wedding when I was a kid…” Damn it… Why am I telling Lisa this? She’s gonna tell everyone… “Thanks to her, I had fun. Only this year I found it was Lin dressed as a girl.”

“That’s so romantic!” Lisa let out another high pitched squeal while her brother became redder. “I remember that wedding. Lin was so mad he had to cross-dress but when we got back, he was smiling from ear to ear, saying it had been great.”

“Shut up,” Lin said, hitting his sister with the cushion to hide his embarrassment. “You don’t need to tell him that!”

“Why not? You’re a couple now. It only makes it cuter. And it’s all thanks to me!”

“Huh?” Both Lin and Thom reacted the same.

“Yeah. Mom wanted me to be the flower girl at that wedding but I had grown too much and the dress wouldn’t fit me,” she said as if proud. “There’s no reason to thank me. I can tell you two were made for each other.”

Thomas met Lin’s eyes. Then they averted their gaze at the same time, too embarrassed to look at each other.

Why are we acting like this? We’re already together… It shouldn’t be so embarrassing

“This is so fun! Now it’s your turn, little brother. Tell us when you first realized you had feelings for him?”

“I think it was when we were twelve,” Lin mumbled, hiding half his face with the cushion. “I overheard a few girls talking about kissing. Then they talked about the boys in your class and they said they didn’t want to kiss Tom. I got mad at the time but I thought it was because they were bad-mouthing him. Now I realized it wasn’t just that. It was because of that I gave him his first kiss.”

And I was thinking he couldn’t get any cuter.

“Can’t believe you guys love each other ever since you were kids and only now realized,” Lisa said, letting out another high pitched squeal. “Considering you two were each other firsts time, it took too long.”

“Yeah, it did,” they both said at the same time, exchanging looks again. Though they were embarrassed, they didn’t look away this time, smiling at each other.

“Well, I can see when I’m a third wheel. Luckily this is dry,” Lisa said, tapping on Lin’s foot. All the nails from both feet were now pink. She stood up, yawned, and went to the guest bedroom. “Don’t worry about me. I brought noise-canceling headphones, so you two can be as loud as you want.”

When they were alone, despite the embarrassment, Lin smiled and walked to Thomas and kissed him.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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