Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 47

Can’t believe this is the last chapter of the year.
It flew by as I wrote Tom and Lin’s love story.
Hope you enjoy the chapter

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Married (♂x♂) 47

“I’m so sorry about everything,” Gabriela apologized, wincing as Lin helped carry her.

“Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault,” he said.

“Yeah, don’t beat yourself up. It was those idiots’ fault,” Karina said.

“Can’t believe everything went wrong so fast…” Cris dropped his shoulders.

“Yeah… In one second, the whole night ruined,” Lin said.

“I can’t believe my secret weapon didn’t work…” Cris shook his head, still refusing to believe.

“Your secret weapon was telling them you were a guy?” Gabriela asked despite the pain. “Does that work?”

“Yes. And when it doesn’t, I pull my friend and show the proof.”

Lin couldn’t help but chuckle. Can’t believe this joke is the best thing about tonight. And it started so well

It was Friday night. Cris had invited Lin and Gabriela to go dancing. With Nelson focusing on the upcoming Olympics, they couldn’t spend a lot of time together. Since Lin hadn’t hung out with Karina in a while, he invited her so they could meet each other.

At the beginning, everything went well. They were dancing, drinking and having fun, even with the four of them having to reject guys who came to hit on them. The men were either too drunk or simply didn’t notice Cris and Lin were men, even though Lin wasn’t cross-dressing like Cris.

However, there were a couple of idiots who drink too much and didn’t take the hint nor a direct rejection from the four of them. They insisted so much Cris revealed his secret, hoping to get rid of them.

It didn’t work. They simply didn’t believe someone so cute could be a guy.

Then Cris lifted his skirt and showed what he was packing with a cute frilly underwear. One of them backed away at once. However, to Cris’ astonishment, it didn’t work on the other. The drunk idiot didn’t seem to mind and tried to force himself on Cris, who twisted his arm and dropped him on the ground almost crying in pain.

His friend didn’t like this and tried to punch Cris, but Lin intervened and stopped him. The security came and held them both. But in the confusion, someone pushed Gabriela and she twisted her ankle.

Since Lin’s apartment was closer, they went there to treat it.

“C’mon. Let’s put this on ice and see if there’s nothing else wrong,” Lin said as they reached his floor. As they got closer to the door, they heard something strange.

“I attack with a fireball!” Thomas was almost shouting in excitement.

“You idiot! We’re in the middle of a forest!” another voice said. “Why don’t you just burn us here and spare the trees?”

I know that voice, Lin thought, pulling his key.

When they opened the door, they saw Thomas, Carlos, and Erika sitting in front of the TV, hovering over something on the coffee table.

“If you keep attacking every single thing that moves, I’m shapeshifting out of here and leaving your sorry ass,” Erika shouted.

“You said the same thing last time, but it turned out to be an assassin hidden among the shrubs!” Thomas said defensively.

“And the time before that it was the forest spirit that was supposed to guide us to the quest. They got mad and refused to help!” Carlos said, rather angrily.

“They even turned the whole damn forest against us!” Erika added.

“Let’s see what it was this time,” a voice came from the TV. “It was… a goblin that was following you in order to kill you all when you sleep.”

“Ah-ha!” Thomas shouted in victory. “See? I was right!”

“Shut up!”

“You got lucky; your spell didn’t burn the forest. Again,” Erika muttered.

Only then they seemed to noticed Lin, Cris, Karina, and Gabriela standing at the door. They all became quiet and all the mood was gone in one instant.

“Lin,” Thomas said in a quiet voice unlike the one from seconds ago. “I wasn’t expecting you back so soon…”

“What’s going on?” Lin asked as he helped Gabriela sit on the chair.

“We were… ah… eh…” Thomas’ face reddened as he looked for words.

Both Erika and Carlos rolled their eyes. “Lin knows you’re a nerd, Green. There’s no reason to be embarrassed by that.”

“Yeah, that ship has sailed a long time ago.”

“There’s the nerd who likes anime and games and stuff. And there’s the nerd who plays TRPG.”

“So you think you’re better than us?” Erika asked, raising her voice.

“It was you who introduced the game to me!” Carlos said.

“Yeah, me too,” said the voice on the TV.

Lin couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched his boyfriend get accused by his friends.

“I think that’s enough teasing. Look at him,” he said.

Carlos and Erika laughed. “Fine, fine. But you can’t blame us. Teasing Green is too much fun.”

“Lin, I’m grabbing an ice pack,” Karina said.

“Sure. It’s right there,” he pointed. With the unexpected situation inside his apartment, he forgot for a second about his eventful night.

As Karina and Cris took care of Gabriela, Lin approached Thomas.

“So this was what you had planned for tonight?”

“Yeah…” Thomas blushed and averted his eyes.

“I already knew you were a nerd. There’s no need to be embarrassed.”

“Yeah, but this… This is like… I don’t know, a whole new level of nerd.”

Lin flashed a gentle smile and kissed him on the cheek. “A whole new level for me to love.”

That put a smile on his boyfriend’s face.

“So what happened to you and your night?” Thomas looked at Gabriela and her sprained ankle.

“A lot…” Lin took a deep breath and told him what happened.

“That sounds awful.”

“Yeah, it was. Can’t believe the whole night was ruined because of two annoying drunk idiots who can’t take a no.”

Thomas patted him on the back. “Lucky nothing worse happened.”

“Yeah…” Lin sighed again. “So who was that voice on the TV?”

“He’s a friend from college. He lives in another state now, but we can still play like this. He’s developing a program to play like this. While playing, we call him the GM, game master.”

“I see,” Lin watched as Erika and Carlos talked to the TV, which was showing the laptop screen opened on a video call. “The game sounds interesting. Tell me more about it.”

Thomas couldn’t hide his surprise. “Do you really wanna know?”


“I torture him!” Erika was almost yelling in excitement.

The TV showed a tall hooded figure tied to a chair in a dark room lit only by one torch.  Two strangely shaped dice with many sides appeared on the screen and rolled by itself.

“It doesn’t work,” the GM said when the dices stopped.

“Damn it!”

“It’s not gonna work, Erika. It doesn’t matter how many times you try,” Carlos said in a tired voice. “He’s a trained assassin. He’s used to any pain someone your skill can think of.”

“I cast that spell… eh… Truth spell!” Cris said, his eyes shining.

A blue light filled the screen and hit the hooded figure but nothing else happened.

“It doesn’t work. He has high-level magic resistance,” the game master announced.

“Nothing works on this guy!” Cris shouted.

“There’s only one way then,” Gabriela said with a serious face. “Let’s kill him so I can use that necromancer magic. This way he’ll have to obey me.”

Despite the words, Lin laughed. “Aren’t you too violent today?”

“I need to take my anger out on something,” she said and everyone laughed.

“Will you kill him?” the GM asked, even he sounded interested.

“Don’t!” Thomas said in a hurry. “You’re not strong enough to resurrect him intact. We’ll just have a brainless cadaver that won’t be able to tell us anything!”

“Then what are we gonna do?” Carlos asked. “We need this information to save the kingdom!”

“Step aside, you brutes,” Karina said, shaking her head. “Erika, let’s show them how women can handle this.”

“Good idea. If torturing doesn’t work, we’ll try the other,” Erika said. “We seduce him.”

“He’s not showing any response,” the GM said.

“Damn it!” Ericka and Karina said at the same time.

“Nothing works on this guy!”

“I seduce him,” Lin said.

“The assassin shows interest,” the GM said.

“What? Damn it! He’s gay,” Erika shouted, shaking her head. “That’s why he showed no interest in us!”

 “I undo the knot of his pants and pull them down. Then I…” Lin began describing with great details how he seduced the assassin to get the information they needed.

As he did, Carlos, Erika, Karina, Gabriela, and Cris turned to Thomas. He was blushing and avoiding eye-contact.

“The assassin can’t resist and tells you everything about the plan to kill the king and destroy the kingdom for his client,” the GM said.

“Yes!” everyone shouted together.

“Now let’s save this sorry ass kingdom!”

After they got the information, they managed to complete their quest without much trouble.

“That was way more fun than I thought,” Gabriela said as they left. Though her foot still throbbed, it was much better than before.

“Yeah. The night turned out pretty well after everything,” Cris said. “Tell us about the next game.”

“Sure. We play about once a month,” Carlos said.

“What? You play when I’m not around?” Erika said. “I never heard of that!”

“You’re the one who’s traveling all the time.”

“For work!”

“The car is here.”

“Then let’s go. I don’t like to keep the driver waiting.”

“Do you need help?” Karina asked Gabriela.


“Bye, Lin, bye, Thomas,” they all said.


After a strange and fun night, the apartment was in silence once again.

“That was fun,” Lin said, stretching. “That table RPG was way more fun than I imagined.”

“Yeah, it’s awesome with a lot of people,” Thomas said, grinning. But then it grew thin.

“You don’t need to hold back. It’s nerdy and I love it. Please call me for the next game.”

 “Y-yeah! O-of course!” Thomas was grinning again. “Can’t believe I was playing TRPG with my boyfriend… It’s like a dream…”

“You got a lot of dreams like that.”

“Ah, yeah, well… I never thought I’d get a girlfriend, let alone a boyfriend… Sharing my nerdy side with the one I love… It’s the best…” Thomas blushed and scratched his cheek.

“I feel the same.” Lin kissed him.

“Hey… Speaking about the game…” Thomas’ cheeks were flushed. “All those things you said while seducing the assassin…”


“C-can you… do all that…?”

Lin flashed a sly smile. “There’s only one way to find out.”

The next moment, Lin whisked him off his feet and they went to their bedroom.

Thomas laughed and wrapped his arms around his neck, grinning.

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Hope you liked the chapter
I know it wasn’t everybody, but this was the chapter with most characters at once.
I’m not used to it, but hopefully I did a good job.
As I said in the beginning, this was the last chapter of the year.
Hope you’ll still support Tom and Lin next year.
Happy Holidays.
Ah, keep around because I’ll be releasing a new book soon

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