Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 46

Hoped you liked Lin’s job. But I prefer to show him and Tom being all lovey-dovey ♥

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Married (♂x♂) 46

“I can’t believe this,” Thomas said as he sat on the car and looked around. Even from the parking lot, he could see the water slides. He couldn’t hide his surprised expression even if he wanted to.

“Yeah, believe it,” Lin said with a smile.

“This is so cool.”

“Yeah, you can thank me later.”

“Don’t worry. I will.” Thomas pulled his boyfriend closer and kissed him. “So this is what happens when you’re dating a VIP.”

Lin wrapped his arms around him and kissed him back. “Yeah, that’s right. But don’t get used to it.”

“No way. If you keep showing me the good life, I’m gonna get spoiled.”

“Good life? Aren’t you exaggerating? This is just a free entrance to the Prado Maranhão water park.”

“You’re underestimating the water parks. Do you remember the last time we went to one?”

“I think so. It was for my cousin’s birthday when we were, like, twelve, right?”

“Yeah, and it was awesome. But today’s gonna be even better.”


“Because now I have an awesome boyfriend to enjoy this with.”

Lin smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “A boyfriend makes a difference?”

“A lot. But it’s not a boyfriend per se. I already told you everything is way more fun with you around,” Thomas said.

“Stop trying to seduce me… We’re not here for that…” Despite his words, Lin was blushing and kissed him on the lips now.

“We’re not?” Thomas could only flash a silly smile as he looked into his eyes.

“No, we’re not.”

“You don’t think kissing me is fun?” Thomas’ shocked expression was so fake Lin laughed and pushed him away in a friendly way.

“You know I love,” he said, his cheeks even redder. “I know it’s hard, but stop being so cute. You know I can’t resist.”

“I’m the one who can’t resist,” Thomas said, leaning in for another kiss.

Lin closed his eyes and leaned in too. But before they kissed, he blocked his boyfriend’s mouth with both hands, smiling. “Stop seducing me!”

Thomas took his hands and kissed them.

“You’re too tempting!”

With those words, Lin left the car. Smiling from ear to ear, Thomas went after him.

“Okay, this is cool. Really cool,” Thomas said as he looked at the free pass Lin had got from the employee at the ticket booth.

“I know. You can reward me later.” Lin’s smug only grew.

“And it’s for free?”

“Yes. I told you, the employees get a free pass at the Club’s water park once per month.”

“Awesome. I feel like I’m dating someone on the inside.”

“Stop saying nonsense and let’s enjoy.”

Lin grabbed Thomas’ hand and led him to the locker rooms.

Unlike his boyfriend, Thomas didn’t need to change; he was so excited he already came wearing the trunks under his clothes.

“C’mon,” he said impatiently.

Lin smiled and chuckled. “I will. Calm down. We got all day. You’re acting like a kid.”

“It’s your fault I’m like this.”

“I’ll change in a minute. You go on ahead.”

Thomas got out of the locker room. As he watched the guests enjoying the attractions, he paced before the door.

“Finally. Honey, I didn’t want to say but sometimes you take as long as a woman to–” he stopped talking when he saw what his boyfriend was wearing.

“To what?” Lin asked with an innocent smile.

“You… that…” Thomas had trouble to formulate a question.

“What’s wrong?” Lin asked with an expression his boyfriend knew was fake.

The cute blond man was wearing a girl’s swimsuit. It wasn’t the first time Thomas saw the man he loved wearing something like that. However, it wasn’t just any swimsuit. It was a Japanese school swimsuit. To anyone, it was a simple, kind of old fashion, and not at all lewd dark blue swimsuit.

But to a nerdy loving otaku like Thomas, that was one of his dreams come true.

My boyfriend is wearing a Japanese school swimsuit. My unbelievable cute Lin is wearing a sukumizu, he thought, unable to take his eyes off him.

“W-w-why are you wearing that? Why do you have a swimsuit like that?” Thomas finally managed to formulate a question.

“Hm? Oh, this? It’s cute isn’t it?” Lin flashed the same fake innocent smile as he put a finger between his butt and the swimsuit, pulling a little and releasing with a snap to adjust it.

“Yes, it’s extremely cute,” Thomas muttered. It’s not just cute. It’s hot for a nerd with that fetish like me!

“I’m so happy you like it. Glad I listened to Cris when he said you might.”

“I knew it had something to do with him…” Good, no, great job Cris. Thank you so much.

“He said Nelson likes it and when I said you liked anime, he said you’d like this, so I bought one online. Glad it arrived in time for today.”

“I’m glad too,” he said his face getting redder.

This time Lin couldn’t keep up the innocent smile anymore and laughed. “Your reaction was awesome! Even better than I hoped!”

Thomas chuckled. “Being a laughing stock for you is a small price to pay for seeing my boyfriend wearing a sukumizu. One of my fetishes has come true.”

“Don’t you think I knew that?” Lin wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him. “But you’re not a laughing stock. I’d never laugh at you.”

“Yeah, right. I thought we weren’t here for this…” Despite his words, Thomas was too happy.

“Just a little won’t hurt. Now let’s go!”

Smiling, he followed the man he loved.

“What first?”

Lin stopped to think for a while. Then his face lit. “The anaconda!”

“Appropriate for us.”

Lin grinned at the joke as they headed to the attraction. They asked for a couple’s floater and headed to the top. When it was their turn, they sat on the floater as the employee told them to wait.

“You’re too close,” Thomas whispered.

Lin was sitting on the front. However, he sat much closer than necessary. Instead of in his seat, he was sitting right between Thomas’ legs. He even moved his butt a little to get more conformable.

He turned around and flashed a sly smile. “I know. And I can feel how happy you are about this.”

Thomas’ face became an alarming shade of red. But before he could say anything, the employee said they could go and Lin gave a little push and they went down the anaconda, his laughs echoing all the way down.

The instant they came out, the water splashed and they became completely soaked.

They looked at each other and laughed again. Without wasting a second, they ditched the floater and went to another attraction.

They only stopped to eat. Other than that, they were enjoying everything the water park had to offer. Before they realized, the sun was starting to set and the park was announcing they would close in half an hour.

“What? Already?” Thomas said, looking at the speaker closest to them.

“Can’t believe I’m hearing that from you,” Lin said languidly. They were sharing a floater on the waved pool and he had his hand on the water.

“What do you mean?”

“I could swear you’d be exhausted. You know, like the old man you are,” Lin mocked.

“I’m not old. And I don’t act like one.”

“You’re older than me.”

“Just like two years! It doesn’t even count for age gap!”

“Yes, but I mean spiritually. You’re an old man on the inside.”

“That means you’re into old men!”

“Only into one.”

There was a moment of silence and then they laughed together. When they stopped, without indicating anything, Thomas pushed Lin out of the floater.

Lin’s head came out of the water and he cleared his face. “What was that for?”

“I’m old. Sometimes old people act weird.” He shrugged.

Lin stared at him and then flipped the floater, dropping his boyfriend.

They looked at each other and laughed at the same time again.

“I love you,” Lin said, kissing him.

“I love you too.”

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Hope you liked the chapter
I’m not gonna lie. I like that swimsuit. And even more when Lin is wearing it XD
By the way, I only noticed now, but I tend to end many chapters with them telling they love each other. Hope it doesn’t get old soon

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