Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 45

Lin is plotting his… revenge?
Hope you enjoy the new chapter of Married (♂x♂?

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Married (♂x♂) 45

“I’m so sorry about yesterday,” Carol apologized again.

“Don’t worry about it.” He smiled and waved his hand to show he wasn’t mad or anything. “It was an accident and there was nothing else we could do.”

“Even so, what happened yesterday was unacceptable and won’t ever happen again.”

“Carol, I understand, but I’m not mad,” he said, looking her in the eyes.

“Well, if you say so…” She still looked troubled, but when someone called her, she had to go.

Despite the awkward conversation, Lin smiled. She’s so worried because I had to cross-dress yesterday. I mean, in my case, I don’t mind, but a gay man cross-dressing because of that situation could end badly. Glad she took the time to worry about that.

“Hey, Igor,” Lin called when he saw his coworker.

“Hey.” The twin scratched his cheek and blushed as he did his best to not look at him directly.

He’s embarrassed because of yesterday… And I just had convinced the twins I’m a guy.

“What’s up?”

“About yesterday…”

“Oh, yeah.” Lin chuckled. “That was embarrassing to say the least.”

“Yeah, about that… George did it on purpose…”

“What?” Lin looked around the room. Because of the offseason rains, the pool was off limits and the kids were playing indoor. Most of them were playing video games, including George, the boy who had smeared his shirt with paint. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I overheard them yesterday. They were talking about how George was amazing for getting you to wear the bikini…”

“Why would they want that?”

“I think… they wanted to see how you’d look…” Igor rubbed his neck and averted his eyes.

Just like you? Lin thought but didn’t say.

“Can’t believe he did that on purpose…”

“Yeah…  It’s not the first time that he’s pulled a stunt like that…”


“He dropped paint on Gabi last year too. She had to stay the entire day without a shirt too.”

“That little brat. No wonder everyone says these kids are a handful…”

“Yeah… Especially George. He’s sort of their leader. Look.”

The boy was playing a football game with the others. As Lin watched, he noticed a few things. George sat right in front of the TV and he didn’t give player 1 to anyone.

“He’s hogging the game,” Lin said.

“Yeah. It’s always like this. They have a rule. Whoever loses, gives the controller, George is the best among them. He rarely loses. And he’s a sore loser, by the way.”

“A sore loser, huh?” As Lin heard those words, he couldn’t help but smile. “Excellent.”

As the kids played, he approached them. “You’re really good, aren’t you, George?”

“A little,” the boy said with a cocky smile.

“He’s the best. It’s too hard to beat him,” one of the boys said. The others murmured in agreement, making George’s smug face even bigger.

“Is that so… Can I play?” Lin asked, trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice.

“Sure. Let me just finish this,” George said. Almost at the same time, he scored the fourth goal.

As the game ended, Lin got the controller and sat on the floor next to the boy.

George was smiling with confidence the whole time while Lin did his best to suppress his. I’m about to end this boy’s whole career.

After they chose the teams, the game began and Lin didn’t hold back. From the start, he was attacking, scoring goal after goal. By the end of the first half, the score was 5×0 for him.

While the kids were amazed, George was completely pissed off. He was half expecting him to throw the controller on the floor and walk away. But the boy didn’t. Not even when Lin began toying with him in the second half.

The angrier he got, the more violent the game became. He tried to tackle Lin’s player, but he couldn’t hit any.

Sorry, George, but I’m used to those tactics. My boyfriend does the same thing when he gets pissed. I know how to avoid tackles like that, Lin thought, on the verge of laughing.

The game ended with Lin’s resounding 7×1 victory.

“Hey, not bad, George. You managed to score one goal,” he said, flashing a sympathetic smile at the boy.

It was too much and he snapped. “How come you’re so good at this?”

Lin only laughed. “I’ve been playing videogames before you were born.”

“Shut up. I don’t wanna play this stupid game anymore.” He shoved the controller to someone and walked away.

“Can you teach us how to play like that?” one of the kids asked.

“No problem!”


“You’re stupid! How can you say that?” George was shouting.

“No, you’re stupid!” the other boy replied.

Before the situation turned into a fight, Lin came running and stopped between them, ready to hold them both. “What’s going on?”

“This idiot’s saying Captain America was right!” George yelled.

“He was! Iron man was stupid and didn’t realize! Just like most of the time!” Paulo shouted.

“He betrayed Tony when he didn’t say Bucky killed his parents!”

“It was the winter soldier who killed his parents!”

The kids were about to shove each other when Lin held them by the arms.

“Don’t fight because of a movie.”

“Who is right?” Both George and Paulo asked at the same time.

“Me?” Lin stopped to think about it for a moment. “I think Cap was—!”

Before Lin could finish speaking, he something kicked him behind the knees. As he bend backwards, he felt someone grabbing him by the neck and pulling him. At the same time, both George and Paulo pushed him towards the pool.

Lin tried to resist, but then he bumped into something behind his legs and lost his balance, falling in the water. As he cleared the water from his face, he looked at the kids.

The tense conversation from seconds ago was completely gone. Instead of almost fighting, they were laughing and pointing at him.

Can’t believe they pulled the same thing they did on the twins on me, Lin thought, and burst out laughing.

Igor came walking and laughing at him. “It’s not so fun when it happens to you, is it?”

“Actually, it is,” Lin said, swimming to the edge. “But you can’t compare one skinny guy with you two who live at the gym.”

Lin raised a hand for help. At the same time, he gave the kids meaningful looks. The instant Igor grabbed it, he pulled him into the water. Even though the twin was stronger, with the kids pushing him, there was nothing he could do.

They all joined in laughter at Igor.

“Can’t believe you fell for that,” Gustavo said, shaking his head. He had been watching the whole thing and didn’t say anything.

“Shut up and give me a hand.” Igor moved to the edge and raised his hand.

“No way,” Gustavo shook his head. “We weren’t born yesterday.”

The kids were still laughing but when Junior showed up, they all stopped.

There was a strange silence as the huge man looked around. After he understood the situation, he looked at George and Paulo. The next moment, he grabbed and threw them in the air.

As the kids laughed, they flew then fell into the water. The others begged and Junior did the same until everyone but he and Gustavo were in the pool. Then he turned to the twin with a serious expression. “Wait… I just ate… I can’t go in the water so fast,” he said, taking a step back.

There was nothing he could do when the man grabbed him and jumped into the water with him, getting more laughs from everyone.

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