Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 44

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Married (♂x♂) 44

Lin observed as the kids painted. So far, so good, he thought. Even so, he didn’t relax. Even if no one was causing chaos like last time—one of them was running, tripped and splattered paint all over their friends and the floor—he couldn’t afford to take his eyes off them even for a second. That was all one of the brats needed to create chaos. It’s also all they need to hurt themselves.

After exchanging glances with Igor and Louise, Lin was satisfied there was no problem. However, when Gabriela came into the room and looked at him with an awkward smile, he knew there was something wrong.

“Hey, Lin,” she said, not meeting his eyes.

“What’s up?” he asked, his suspicion rising.

“Eh… How can I say this…? This is so awkward…”

Gabriela scratched her cheek and watched the kids.  However, Lin could tell she wasn’t paying attention to them. At once he became nervous. Did I make a mistake? No way. I made sure I was paying attention to everything. Maybe I was tired at the end of the day and missed something? Oh, God… Did one of the kids get hurt because of me?

Despite his mind working at its fullest, he couldn’t remember anything he had done wrong.

“W-what’s wrong? D-did I do something?”

“I was just talking to a mom who brought her kid late…” Gabriela scratched her neck this time, pressing her lips.

“A-and what, did she complain about something to do with me?” he held his breath as he waited for the answer.

“No, no. Quite the opposite. She praised you. Her kid, and everyone else really likes you.”

Lin breathed out in relief. “That’s good to hear… Then what’s wrong? Why are you trying to strain your neck to avoid looking at me?”

Gabriela opened her mouth, but instead let out an awkward laugh and took her hand off her neck. “Sorry… How can I say this…? The mom did praise you… but she said it sends the wrong message for the kids if you don’t wear a bikini top just because you have no breasts…”

“Huh?” Lin was so relieved he had done nothing wrong he took longer than he should to understand. A moment later, he dropped his shoulders and sighed. “She thinks I’m a woman…”

“Yeah… Most of the kids think so even though you explained… Guess they thought you were lying because some of them saw you kissing Thomas goodbye the other day when he dropped you off.”

Lin let out another sigh. “It’s easier for them to think I’m a woman than a gay guy? That’s… I don’t even know how to feel…”

“It’s because you’re prettier than a lot of women. The moms find it hard to believe a guy looks better than them… I hear some of the dads have been checking you out.”

“I… I… don’t know what to say…”

“You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just like the two-thirds of the three stooges. They won’t believe until you show them actual proof.”

“Ah… Can’t believe this is happening again…”

He had noticed the boys giving him strange stares from time to time. Especially when he took off his shirt to join them in the pool. I thought it was because of that, but I told them I’m a guy… They really didn’t believe me even though I wear the male uniform…

The uniform was nothing more than a standard T-shirt and a simple unisex swimming trunks in the club’s color and with the emblem and the name of the vacation camp on it. The only difference between the male and female uniforms was the bikini top the women wore.

“D-don’t worry. We’ll explain to the kids and the parents once again… Even though I kinda wanna see you wearing the bikini top…”

“You wanna see me in a bikini?” Lin raised his eyebrow.

“No, I mean, kinda. Ever since you said you did cosplay and stuff, I wanted to see for real… B-but this isn’t the place…”

“Yeah…” Lin flashed a wry smile. I’m used to cross-dressing, but doing it here is a little… It’s my first job. I wanna be professional…

Before Gabriela could say something, a kid holding the paper he was painting raced to show his friend.

“George, don’t run,” Lin warned, walking towards the boy to stop him.

Everything happened in one instant. Another kid called George, who turned his head and tripped. Lin raced to hold him and the paper flew from his hands and went straight into Lin’s shirt.

There was a silence in the room as everyone turned to them.

“That’s why I told you that you can’t run,” Lin said as he pulled the sticky paper from his shirt.

“Sorry,” the boy said, lowering his eyes.

“It’s okay. Lucky you didn’t get hurt. Just promise you won’t do this again, okay?” He handed the ruined painting to the owner, who didn’t raise his head to accept it.


As the boy returned to his seat, Lin looked at his shirt. It was a complete mess with every color he could think of together in a big blur near his stomach. If I don’t wash it now it’s gonna be ruined… But I didn’t bring another shirt… And the spares we have here are all in the laundry because of yesterday…

“Did you bring another shirt?” Gabriela asked.

“No. Because of the rain, my other shirts didn’t dry in time…”

“So you have nothing else to wear today?”


When Gabriela looked at him, Lin already knew what she would suggest.

“It’s not gonna help with the misunderstanding,” he said in a defeated voice.

“I know… I’m sorry about this…”

“You don’t look sorry at all…”

“Ah, well…” Gabriela lowered her eyes and scratched her head. “I told you I kinda wanna see how you look dressed as a girl in real life…”

Lin flashed a wry smile and then let out a defeated sigh. Can’t believe this… Talk about bad luck…


“I’m home,” Lin said when he entered the apartment.

“Welcome back, honey,” Thomas answered in a strangely muffled voice.

Lin placed his backpack on the table and looked around, realizing his boyfriend was taking a shower. “Are you gonna take long?”

“I’m just finishing. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… I just had a long day… A really long day…”

“What happened?”

“A kid ran into me with paint and messed up my shirt…”

“You guys have no luck with paint,” Thomas said, chuckling. “Hey, wasn’t that your last shirt?”

“Yeah… Hope the others are dry now, or I’m screwed.” Lin looked outside the window. It was starting to rain again.

“They are. I already folded them.”

“Thanks, honey.” Thank goodness my boyfriend is reliable.

“Hey, what did you wear today? No way you were shirtless the entire day.”

Lin flashed an ironic smile. I knew he’d ask that… “Gabriela lent me some clothes…”

“What kind of clothes?” Thomas asked in a suspicious voice.

“The bikini top…”

 At once Thomas turned off the shower. The next second, he opened the door with a towel around his waist, still dripping.

He looked at his boyfriend from head to toe, but he was wearing a shirt smeared with paint. With a tiny smile, he took off the shirt and revealed the bikini top. Thomas showed no expression. Then he dropped the towel and whisked Lin off his feet, bringing him to their bedroom. He laughed and wrapped his arms around Thomas, his tiresome day completely forgotten with only that.

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Cris, actually, everyone warned the kids were a handful.
But Tom isn’t complaining at all. Not while he gets to see his guy wife being cute and embarrassed.

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