Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 42

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Married (♂x♂) 42

As the elevator went up, Thomas swayed back and forth. He rubbed his eyes, but they were too heavy to keep open. Before he fell asleep, someone supported him.

“You’re really tired,” Lin said in a gentle voice, scratching the back of Thomas’ head.

“Yeah…” Thomas closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure, leaning towards his boyfriend. “This week was just awful… Trouble every single day…”

“You should’ve said something… If I knew, I would’ve let you sleep…”

Despite his exhaustion, Thomas smiled and let out a weak chuckle. “Liar. How many times I told you I was tired and you still dragged me out of bed to go suffer?”

“You make it sound like I force you,” Lin complained in a cute way. “And you mean jog, not suffer.

Thomas managed to open his eyes just to look at his boyfriend with disbelief.

“I don’t force you!” he said defensively, getting another smile from Thomas. “To answer your question, I know when you’re lying. If you’d said something, I would’ve believed today. Are you hungry or do you prefer sleeping?”

Thomas wondered for a moment. Before he could make his mind up, he let out a huge yawn, getting a chuckle from his boyfriend.

“Bed it is. I’ll make some food for when you wake up.”

“Thanks.” Thomas kissed and then leaned against Lin.

The instant they arrived at their apartment, Thomas took a quick shower to get rid of the sweat and headed to the bedroom, lying on the broken bed. The instant his head touched the pillow, he fell asleep.

When he woke, he had no idea what time it was. All he knew was that he felt great. It’s been too long since I felt this good after waking up, he thought, cleaning the drool on the corner of his mouth and blinking.

Thomas got out of the bed and stretched, feeling his muscles sore. Then his stomach growled. He left the bedroom rubbing his belly.

“Lin?” he asked.

“Hey,” someone answered.

“Hey,” Thomas said distractedly.

Instead of his boyfriend, there was a kid he had never seen in his life playing his video game Wonder who he is, he thought, looking around for Lin.

The next second, he blinked and became wide awake as he turned to the couch again.

“Eh… H-hello…?”

“Hi,” the kid said, too focused on the game to turn to Thomas.

“Eh… Who are you?” Did I sleep for so long I forgot me and Lin adopted a kid? He thought, his mind still half asleep.

Before the kid answered, the door of the apartment opened.

“Sorry, Filipe. Your mother forgot the… Hey, Tom.” Lin smiled when he saw his boyfriend looking completely confused. “You’re up.”

“I think so. But I might still be sleeping. I mean, I don’t remember adopting a kid… I think it’s too soon for us,” Thomas joked.

Lin laughed as he placed a small plastic bag on the table. “I think so too. And I can’t believe you don’t remember Filipe.”

“I’ve never met him.”

“You have. He’s your cousin’s son.”

“My cousin?” Thomas scratched the back of the head as he tried to remember. Oh, yeah… I remember the kid… He was the one with his head stuck on the 3DS the whole time during the Christmas party.

“Yes, she got a sudden job offer but she has to leave for the whole weekend and asked if we could look over him for the weekend.”

“I see… She’s a photographer or something, right?”

“Yeah, she is.” Lin let out a weak sigh and smiled. “Why do I have to tell you about your own family?”

Thomas only shrugged. “That will happen a lot more from now on.”

Lin flashed a huge smile. “With pleasure.”

“Damn it!” Filipe cursed and smashed his tiny fists against the couch. He hadn’t heard a word Lin and Thomas were talking; he was too busy focusing on the game to care.

Before anyone could say anything, Thomas’ stomach growled again.

Lin widened his eyes. “Ah! I’m sorry, Tom. With everything, I forgot to make food. I’ll cook something right now.”


As Lin moved to the kitchen, put on an apron and began cooking, Thomas approached the boy playing his video game.

Ah, that’s a hard boss, he thought as he sat on the couch and watched. I had a lot of trouble with him too.

The kid died once again, though this time he didn’t smash his fist on the couch.

“Try staying behind him. Though he turns fast, the right behind him is the safe place. He can’t reach you,” Thomas said.

Breathing through his nose, Filipe raced to the boss when he respawned. He skipped the first enemies and rushed to the boss area. As the fight began, he stood behind the huge monster, hitting whenever he could. Though he managed to take over half the boss’ life, he died when the monster turned into the second form.

“Let me see your weapons,” Thomas said, leaning closer to the TV. Though Filipe still looked mad for dying again, he showed his inventory. “Try using the mace. I know it’s weaker than your ax, but it’ll give more damage. Trust me,” he added when the kid turned to him with disbelief.

Still with the annoyed expression, Filipe did as told and rushed to the boss once again. Pressing the buttons as hard as he could as if it made his attack stronger, he finally managed to beat the boss.

“Yeah!” Thomas celebrated more than the kid.

Filipe couldn’t stop smiling as the lit the bonfire which was the save point. He teleported to the main room and went to the old woman to use the souls to gain two levels.

“It’s best to add strength. Your other attributes are balanced enough.”

Filipe listened to Thomas, fixed his weapon and went to the new area. He died with the first enemies.

“Yeah… They’re weak but fast. You need to kill the first right away so you’re not surrounded like that. Try again. Ah, change the weapon. A sword is better with them.”

The second time the kid managed to kill every enemy in the room and moved down the tower. But he died when a stronger priest like enemy grabbed and smashed his character on the ground, thrusting the scepter through him.

“When she tries to catch you, don’t dodge backward. Her reach is longer than it seems.”

“Lunch’s ready,” Lin said a while after.

Neither Thomas nor Felipe listened.

“Run past them! Just run!” Thomas was almost shouting as he pointed. “It’s best if you get the next fire before fighting them.”

“Where’s the bonfire?” Filipe asked, almost standing from the couch as he tried to dodge the enemies.

“Under the bridge! Jump!”

“I’m gonna die!”

“Jump there! Now!”

Filipe’s character rolled and fell from the bridge, smashing against the ground with a heavy and metallic thud. His health bar almost vanished but it wasn’t completely gone. Still recovering from the drop, he raced under the bridge and lit the bonfire, enabling him to rest and recover his life.

“See? I told you,” Thomas said with a smug.

“You also said that enemy wouldn’t give me trouble,” Felipe muttered.

“If you didn’t try to fight it. But you tried killing it for the XP.”

“I was almost leveling up!”

“If you’d died, you’d have to get all the way there again. Now you have a new bonfire.”

“Boys.” Lin came and stopped behind the TV.

“What?” Both Thomas and Felipe asked.

“Food’s ready,” he said with a smile.

In response, both their stomach growled. Filipe saved and exited the game and they both raced to the table to eat. They ate and talked about the game all the time.

Though he wasn’t part of the conversation, Lin only smiled as he watched them. The instant they finished, they raced back to the couch to continue the game.

“I’m gonna buy groceries. Can you keep an eye on him for a couple of hours?” Lin asked Thomas after he organized everything.

“Sure, sure, honey,” Thomas said distractedly. Without taking his eyes off the screen, he turned his head as much as he could to kiss his boyfriend. “Don’t bother with those enemies. Go around them and talk to the troll. He’ll stop shooting you with those huge arrows.”


“I’m home,” Lin said as he came back. Instead of the usual greeting from the man he loved, all he heard was a strange noise. Is someone crying…?

After he placed the groceries on the table, he turned to the couch. Thomas and Filipe were both crying as they watched something.

When Lin moved closer, he realized his boyfriend and the kid he was taking care of over the weekend were crying while watching the first Pokemon movie.

Lin couldn’t help but smile. He had seen this exact scene when they were kids.

My boyfriend is a kid at heart. And he’s gonna be a wonderful father, he thought as he got closer to kiss and hug Thomas.

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