Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 41

Lin’s first real day of work is here.
How will he handle the kids?
Are those brats as bad as everyone says?
Hope you enjoy the chapter

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Married (♂x♂) 41

“Are you nervous?” Gabriela asked Lin with a smile.

“A little,” he admitted

“There’s no reason to be. You’ll see once the kids get here. People say it’s a handful, but they’re wonderful,” she said, nodding as if she knew better.

“Liar. Don’t try to trick Lin,” Igor said.

“Yeah. The brats can be terrible if they want. The first day is the worst. I think it’s all the hype of the first day of vacation,” Gustavo added. Then he shivered.

“Shut up, you two. It’s true they’re… too happy they won’t have school, but you’ll like them, Lin. I promise.”

“A-are you sure?” Lin asked, turning to the woman. On the corner of his eyes, he saw the twins shaking their heads with a serious expression.

“Yeah…” Regardless of what she was saying, Gabriela looked away with an awkward smile.

“Ah-ha! See? She looked away, Lin!” Igor pointed out, exaggerating like usual. “You need to be on your guard with these brats. Don’t show them any weakness. They’ll destroy you!”

Despite his heart thumping fast and his stomach tightening, Lin couldn’t help but chuckle. It’s like they’re just as hyped for this as the kids, he thought. But Cris did say the kids were… how was it? Possessed by Satan…?

Lin, Gabriela, Igor, and Gustavo were in the main hall room waiting for the others to arrive. After two weeks of studying and completing the license tests, it was finally the first real day of work. The kids and the parents were with the medical staff for a quick exam and also make sure they provided any extra information, like the kids having lactose intolerance or something else.

At any minute they’ll be here… Hundreds of kids… Lin’s stomach tightened a little more.

When the back door opened, they all turned. It wasn’t any of the kids. It was a smiling couple.

“Ah, I missed this,” said Carol Prado Maranhão, the person in charge of the camp and the one who did Lin’s interview, was walking to them.

“You mean this pre-slaughter tension?” Igor muttered.

The woman laughed. “It’s been a year since the last time.”

“Stop talking like we’re going on a picnic. We’re here to work,” said her husband. His name was Junior and it didn’t fit him at all. With almost two meters, he easily towered the rest of them. According to the twins, in spite of his height and serious expression, he was quite popular with the kids, who kept bugging him to throw them in the water.

“Yes, honey. Work, work, work. But it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we’re at it.”

“You say that because the kids don’t tease you,” said Louise who came in after the couple.

“Ah!” Igor shouted when he saw her. “You took out the nose ring this time!”

“There’s no way I’d wear it in front of them again… I don’t like hearing I look like a cow because of that,” she said in a low voice, touching under her nose as if something was missing.

“A cow? Kids are really stupid. Your nose ring is awesome,” Gustavo said with a bright smile.

“Thanks…” Louise smiled and played with a lock of her wild red hair.

Lin couldn’t help but smile while Gabriela and Carol let out silent sighs. Apparently, Louise’s crush was obvious to everyone but the twins.

It’d be nice if they got together, Lin thought. From what he heard, Louise had a cramp while saving a kid from drowning and almost drowned herself. Gustavo saved her.

Even with the seven of them reunited, the huge room seemed empty. Igor looked around and started pacing, his footsteps echoing.

“Ah, I don’t like this feeling,” he said, crossing his fingers at the back of his head. “It’s like the calm before a huge storm.”

“That’s exactly what this is. And we should appreciate it,” Junior said. “After Lisa comes with the kids through those doors, we won’t be able to rest until their parents or guardians come to pick them up in the afternoon.”

He turned to the side door of the hall room. The medical department was right next to it.

“Lin, you’re in it for a rough time,” Gustavo said. Igor nodded in agreement.

He was the only one who did it openly. The others either looked away or flashed something akin to a pity smile.

“W-why me?” he asked. “Because I’m the new guy?”

“Yeah… Every time someone new joins us, the kids are all over them,” Gabriela explained.

“When we were hired, the boys kept bugging us to do the fusion,” Igor said. “They even had the audacity to teach us!”

“Yeah. How dared they? We watch Dragon ball Z before they were even born!”

“And when we wouldn’t do it, they pushed us into the pool!”

Everyone except Lin laughed.

“How did they manage that?” he asked.

“A few of them sneaked and knelt behind us…”

“While some of them grabbed our necks…”

“And a few more pushed us…”

“The two-thirds of the three stooges got overpowered by ten years old,” Gabriela mocked.

“A bunch of ten years old!” the twins said in unison, making everyone laugh again, including Lin.

When Carol’s walkie-talkie buzzed in, everyone grew quiet.

“Heads-up, sis. The exams are over. I’m coming with the brats,” Lisa said. “I repeat. I’m coming with the brats.”


Carol turned to the others smiling. Her smile was both nervous and excited. “It’s showtime.”


Getting home was the best part of Thomas’ day. I wanna see Lin. I haven’t had enough of my boyfriend today… Oh, yeah, it was his first day with the kids. I bet he can’t wait to tell me how everything went, he thought, smiling from ear to ear as he parked the car in his garage. Just remembering the man he loved was enough to make him forget about his tiresome day.

He couldn’t help but hum as the elevator went up. When he realized the lights of his apartment were on, he became even happier and raced to the door with his smile widening. “Honey, I’m home.”

When there was no answer, he looked around for his boyfriend. Thomas immediately understood why there was no reply.

Lin was belly up on the couch with his arm over his eyes. With the other hand, he listlessly waved at the door without looking. “Hey, honey…” He barely seemed to have the energy to speak.

Ah… He’s exhausted thanks to the kids…

“How was work?” Thomas asked as he placed his backpack on the table and moved to the couch.


Thomas couldn’t help but smile. He raised Lin’s leg to make room for him. Then he grabbed one foot and massaged. “I can see that.”

“Ah… that feels great,” Lin muttered, his breathing relaxing.

“Did the kids give too much trouble like Cris warned?”

“More than that… You have no idea… I thought he was joking… Remember the thing about the kids being possessed by Satan? I get that now. It’s like they injected sugar directly into their veins.” As he complained, Lin found energies. “And there were so many of them… I thought eight people were more than enough to watch two hundred kids, but I was wrong. So wrong…”

Thomas’ smile widened. “What happened?”

“It’s not like something happened… They’re not bad, you know? But they were running around, screaming and playing nonstop… And what’s worse, they thought I was a girl, but when I said I was a guy, one of them touched my chest to confirm. After that, they dragged me around to play… I can’t say Marco anymore… That name is banned in this apartment… If we ever decide to have kids, that’s a name we can cross off the list…”

Thomas couldn’t help but laugh. “We loved playing Marco Polo when we were kids… Especially you…”

“I apologize for making anyone play with me. I think this is my punishment.”

“I’ve never seen you exaggerating this much.” Thomas moved to the other foot.

“It was more exhausting than I thought.” Lin winced and moaned lightly as his boyfriend’s fingers pressed his foot and alleviated the tension.

“And yet you loved it.”

“Why would you say that?” For the first time, Lin pulled his arm from over his eyes and looked at Thomas.

“Because even though you’ve been complaining from the moment I got home, you can’t stop smiling.”

Lin blushed and let out a weak chuckle. “Let me complain.”

Thomas smiled and leaned closer to kiss the man he loved. “I’ll listen to you whenever you want.”

“Thanks,” Lin kissed him back. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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