Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 40

After an extremely embarrassing coming out, here’s a new chapter of Married.
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Married (♂x♂) 40

“Good morning, Lin!” two voices echoed together as he entered the room.

He blinked in surprise. He was focused on his phone and hadn’t noticed Igor and Gustavo were already inside. With a smile, he greeted his coworkers.

“Good morning.”

The twins, as usual, had a lot of energy in the morning, unlike most of the other employees, who needed coffee to function.

Even though they were twins, they didn’t look alike. He didn’t believe they were until they showed their driver’s license to confirm they shared birthday. According to them, they were fraternal twins. Despite that, they acted the same, as if they were identical.

“How was the lifeguard license exam? Did you get it?” one of the twins was faster and asked first, getting a jealous look from the other.

“You don’t need to answer, Lin. I already told the two-thirds of the three stooges,” a woman said as she entered the room. “They just want a reason to talk to you.”

“Hey, Gabi. Good morning,” Lin greeted her. Even though he had been there for less than a week, she had helped him a lot.

“Gabi! We… we just wanted to confirm!” Igor said. “We never know when you’re joking or not.”

“Yeah. Last time we believed in you, we came dressed as sea monsters!” Gustavo added, pointing at her.

Gabriela couldn’t help but smile and laugh. “Oh, yeah. I’d forgotten about that day. It was nice.”

“Not for us!” they said in unison.

“What are they talking about?” Lin asked.

“Last year, I told them we were planning to surprise the kids and show up dressed as sea monsters and pretend they were heroes who had to defeat us.”

“That sounds fun.” It’d be like cosplaying monsters instead of characters, Lin thought.

“Yeah, it does sound!” Igor muttered loudly enough for everyone to hear, his eyes narrow as he shook his head to the woman. “Except it wasn’t true!”

“Only us showed up in costumes that day. Can you imagine how embarrassing it was to come dressed like that on the bus?”

“We were that week’s meme on crapbook!”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that,” Gabriela laughed. Even Lin couldn’t help but smile.

“That really happened?”

As an answer, the woman pulled her phone and fiddled with it for a moment before showing the screen to Lin. “Here.”

Now Lin couldn’t help but chuckle. The twins were dressed with poorly made red octopuses’ fantasies. The extra limbs were red long sleeves with the end tied almost ripping due to the bad stitching.

 “I can’t believe you two came like this…”

“We thought everyone was doing it,” the brothers said in unison, their indignation the same.

“It was embarrassing to come dressed like that,” Igor said.

“But the kids were even worse. They didn’t leave us alone…”

“We could barely move after getting defeated by them all day long…”

They looked at the window as if reliving a traumatic experience.

Lin smiled but also pitied them. The way the twins liked to exaggerate everything was fun, but part of him wondered how much could be true.

“If we decided to actually do something like that, I’ll be a monster with you guys.”

Their faces lit with smiles as if they had heard words of salvation.

“A truly wonderful person has finally come here,” Igor said.

“Unlike someone who spouts lies,” Gustavo added.

“Yes. Because of that, we always doubt anything that comes from her mouth.” The twins turned to Gabriela, narrowing their eyes.

“And her lies are becoming even worse. She was saying you were a guy, Lin.”

“There’s no way someone so cute like would be a guy.”

“Eh?” Lin looked at them with his mouth slightly open. Then she turned to Gabriela, who sighed and smiled and shrugged.

“Yeah, they’re that idiot. The two of them together barely have a single working brain cell.”

“Hey!” the brothers shouted in unison again.

“Stop insulting us!”

“Yeah, we’re not stupid!”

“Just because we didn’t believe in your lie about Lin being a guy!”

“Eh…Guys, I am a man,” Lin said in a low voice, flashing an awkward smile. It’s been long since I’ve been mistaken for a girl… When I wasn’t cross-dressing that is.

The twins looked at him and then laughed at the same time.

“No way!”

“Can’t believe Lin thinks we’re stupid too!”

“Yeah, that hurts a bit.

“We ain’t falling for that.”

“But I’m a guy…”

“Yeah, right.” They both shook their indexes vigorously.

Gabriela sighed again and walked behind Lin. “Maybe they’ll believe if they see your chest.”

Lin thought for a moment. He could simply show his driver’s license. Lineu wasn’t a girl’s name.

However, as the twins seemed at the same time embarrassed and interested in Gabriela’s words, he decided to go with that.

“Good idea,” he said, grabbing the hem of his shirt.

“Great. Just show them your boobs. Or rather, the lack of it.”

Igor and Gustavo blushed at once. But instead of covering their faces or avert their eyes, they stared with goofy grins when Lin raised his shirt.

Gabriela, who had a mischievous smile, looked disappointed and lowered Lin’s hand. “He’s not a flat-chested girl, idiots. He’s a dude.”

“Y-yeah, right!” Igor said after he recovered. He was still blushing though. So was his brother.

Gabriela sighed and shook her head again. “How can we prove you’re a guy? Do you mind showing them your junk?”

“I’d rather not,” Lin said with a meager smile.

“Oh yeah, that’s only for your boyfriend,” she said, emphasizing the last word, her eyes fixed at the twins’ reaction.

They went from surprise to disappointment in seconds. “What? Lin has a boyfriend?” they asked together.

“That’s right, isn’t it Lin?”

Lin couldn’t help but blush. “Y-yeah… and he’s wonderful.”

“See? Even if you refused to accept the truth, and the evidence, that he’s a guy, Lin’s already taken.”

“Aahh,” the twins sighed as one.

“That’s expected,” Igor said, shaking his head.

“Yeah. A cute girl like her would have a boyfriend,” Gustavo added, dropping his shoulders.

Once again they exaggeration made Lin laugh.

“Correction. A cute guy like him,” Gabriela said.

The twins ignored her. “It’s always like this, isn’t it, brother?”


“I give up,” Gabriela said, pulling Lin away from them. “We don’t want their stupidity spreading on us.”


Lin couldn’t help but chuckle.

Despite the mean tongue, Gabriela was a good person. And the twins were too funny. Those three were hired three and two years ago respectively. Because of that, Gabriela was the only one who had to retake the lifeguard’s license-again, and gave Lin lots of tips.

The other employees were also interesting, and they all seemed nice. Lin had a feeling those three would make this part-time job great.

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