Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 39

Will Tom finally be able to tell his parents or will his boyfriend get int he way again?
Third time is the charm, right?
Hope you enjoy the chapter

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Married (♂x♂) 39

“Do you promise you’ll behave?” Thomas asked, eyeing the man he loved with suspicion.

“Yes, I promise. It’s not like I can move after all that. I can’t even walk straight,” Lin said, flashing a huge and satisfied smile. “Can’t believe you actually did that to me… I was just kidding when I suggested…”

“Yeah… well… it was your fault…” despite his words, Thomas couldn’t stop smiling.

“That’s my man. You’re so wild when I want you to be. I can’t believe we broke the bed…”

Thomas blushed as the memory came back. “We can buy a new one. One that can handle us.”

“Our love bed!”

“Y-yeah… N-now keep quiet for a while… Please…”

“Before you call your folks, let’s make a bet.”

“What kind of bet?” Thomas narrowed his eyes. “I honestly don’t have more energy to do that again… Not for a week.”

“That’s not it… But I’m glad to know we can do that next Sunday,” Lin’s teasing smile came back.

“W-what’s the bet?”

“I bet your mom will text my mom faster than I can call and tell my mom. Probably the instant you hang up, she’ll spread the word to both our families.”

“I… doubt that…” Despite his words, Thomas averted his eyes. Their mothers were known as the gossipers in both families combined.

“Do you remember my sister? I found out I was gonna be an uncle through your mom.”

“Yeah, but… yeah…” Thomas could only smile. He had nothing to say in his mother’s defense. “Look at it this way. You won’t have the awkward conversation I’m about to have…”

“I suppose…” Lin rested his head on the arm of the couch and put his feet on his boyfriend’s lap.

Thomas didn’t say anything. The feet weren’t showing up on the webcam, so he massaged them out of habit.

He took deep breaths before opening the program and calling his parents. Sooner than he wished, his father picked up.

“Hey, son. It’s been a while. What’s up?” The man smiled as he saw his youngest son’s face.

“N-nothing much, dad… How are you and mom?”

“Great! Well, almost…”

“What’s wrong?” If it’s something big, it might not be the time to tell them…

“It’s about our trip to Europe this September… Nah, never mind. It’s nothing much anyway,” his father said, waving his hand to dismiss the subject.

“T-that’s great then… Listen… C-can you call mom…? I have something to tell both of you…”

“Sure. Hang on a second.”

As his father carried the laptop around the house looking for his wife, Thomas’ heart thumped faster.

Ah, crap… I didn’t think I’d be this nervous… Ah, crap… I shouldn’t be like this… I’m just gonna tell them I found a new side of me… That I’ve never been this happy… That I’m with the love of my life… Ah, crap…

Once again, sooner than he wished, his father found his mother in the living room watching TV. As she turned it off, he placed the laptop on the coffee table and they sat together on the couch.

“Hi, son!” she said, smiling.

“H-hey mom,” Thomas said in a stiffed voice, flashing a nervous smile. “Listen, I’ve… eh… got something to tell you two…”

“What is it, Tom?”

“Eh… H-how can I say this…?”

Everything he had planned was completely gone from his mind. Damn it! It’s all Lin’s fault! Thanks for him seducing me, I forgot the whole thing! I should’ve written it down…

 “It’s okay, son. You can tell us anything. Anything,” his father said, his eyes wide as he nodded.

“Shut up, honey. It’s okay, son. You can take your time. There’s no reason to rush if it’s something important,” his mother said in a kind voice.

To make matters worse, at the same time, Lin kept poking Thomas on the belly with his foot. As he struggled to come out of the closet to his parents, his boyfriend was teasing him.

Damn it! Why is the guy I love like this!?

He grabbed the foot and held it with more strength than necessary without hurting Lin.

“Eh… I’m… I mean, Lin and I…”

“What?” his father urged on. “What about you and Lin?”

“We’re… dating…” Thomas’ voice was barely above a whisper.

There was a moment of silence. For a second he thought his voice had been so low the microphone hadn’t picked up.

Then his father stood up shaking both fists in the air. “YES!”

His mother was the opposite. She closed her eyes and covered her face. “NO!”

“That’s my son! I knew I could count on him!” His father joined his hands and shook it as if he had won something.

“Damn it… Just a couple more days…” His mother leaned back on the couch and shook her head.

Thomas had no reaction. His mind was completely blank as he watched his parents.

Even Lin, who had been teasing him stopped and came closer to take a better look at the screen.

“Eh… W-what’s going on…?”

“Son, we knew about you two,” his mother said, still looking disappointed. “But couldn’t you have waited, like, a few days to tell us this?”

“Eh?” Thomas blinked.

“No, he couldn’t. Because my boy is awesome!”

“Shut up, honey.” She playfully pushed her husband’s gloating face away from her.

My head hurts, Thomas thought, pressing his temples.

“Can either of you explain what’s going on?”

“I can!” his father almost shouted with a bright smile. “You know the thing with the trip to Europe? Well, we couldn’t decide where to spend the last week–”

“I wanted a romantic week in Paris,” the woman interrupted her husband with a sparkle in her eyes. Then it vanished. “But your father wanted to go to Germany…”

For Oktoberfest, Thomas realized at once.

“I see… But what does this have to do with me and Lin?”

“Well, we couldn’t decide no matter what, so we made a bet. If you came out before the end of May, we’d go to Germany. If not, we’d go to Paris,” his father explained. “I was almost losing hopes, but then you came through at 48 of the second half! Thanks, son!”

“Wait, you already knew about me and Lin? How?”

“Eh?” Both his mother and father seemed surprised by the question. They exchanged glances before turning back to their son, speaking in unison. “It’s pretty obvious.”

“Not for me! I took too long to realize,” he muttered, glancing at the man he loved who was laughing silently. “How was it obvious?”

“Well, you did kiss Lin when you were kids,” his father said.

Thomas became red at once. “How do you know that?”

“I saw you that night. I went to pick up a glass of water and saw you two kissing.”

“Oh, God…” Thomas had no idea where to look. He wanted to close the lid of the notebook right away. My parents knew about my first kiss? Can this get any more embarrassing?

“It wasn’t only that,” his mother added with an awkward smile.

“W-what do you mean?”

Though he asked, Thomas was afraid to know.

“Eh… Who do you think washed your sheets the night of your graduation party? I knew you and Lin had… you know… become adults that night…”

Now Thomas’ face became an alarming shade of red. I can’t believe this can get more embarrassing!

He wasn’t the only one; Lin’s face was just as red as his. Though he had stopped laughing, he had an embarrassed smile as he covered his face with both hands and shook his head.

“Yeah, son. After that, we knew it was just a matter of time for you two to get together. Even when you got a girlfriend, we could tell it wouldn’t last,” his father said.

I can’t believe my parents knew when I lost my virginity! And with who!

“Did… you tell anyone about… those things…?” The instant his mother flashed a wry smile, he knew. “Ah, mom! Why did you tell?”

“Because everyone sort of had hopes about you two! I couldn’t keep that to myself!”

Ah, damn it!

“Fine, fine! Forget about that. Lin and I are together now!” Thomas shouted. “That was all I had to say!”

Before he could end the video call, Lin moved from his place and appeared before the computer, waving his hand. “Hi!”

“Lin!” Thomas’ parents said together. “Please take care of our son.”

“I will!” he said with a huge smile as Thomas ended the call.

There was a moment of silence and then Lin turned to his boyfriend.

“That went well, don’t you think?”

“Where? Oh, God! I can’t believe our parents knew about… about everything! Oh, God! I bet my brothers know I lost my virginity to you…”

“Well… What’s done is done. There’s no reason to worry about the past,” Lin said. Despite his words, his cheeks were still red. But when his phone vibrated and he looked at the screen, his face became pale. “Speaking of bets…”

He turned the phone to his boyfriend so Thomas could read the message.

I heard the news, son! I’m so happy you and Tommy are finally together, Lin’s mom wrote.

Then came another text. I told you, little brother. You and Tom were meant to be together, his sister wrote.

Another text. And then another.

As Lin lowered the phone, Thomas’ smartphone rang. Though he hesitated, he looked anyway. Just like his boyfriend, he was getting text after text from his family.

They looked at each other and flashed a wry smile.

“Guess you won the bet,” Thomas said.

“Yeah… I guess…”

Lin moved around to lean against his boyfriend’s body.

Thomas wrapped his arms around the man he loved. Then, at the same time, they both turned off their phones and stayed like that for a while.

I can’t believe how much things can change… A week ago I was wondering if I had feelings for my best friend… Now I know I’m in love with him… And both our families know about this…

Despite how much his life had changed in one week, Thomas felt like the happiest man in the world.

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Hope you liked the chapter
So everyone already knew about them!
And they shipped Lin and Tom
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