Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 36

The first weekend after becoming boyfriends and Lin’s new job.
Wonder what this cute couple will do all day…
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Married (♂x♂) 36

Lin was tired. For many, that would be normal, especially on a Saturday morning. However, it wasn’t because he had gone past his limit during his morning jogging.

He was tired after his first week at work. Though Lin had been hired to take care of children during their vacation, that part hadn’t actually started yet; there would be a couple of weeks before the kids had no more school and the parents put them in the camp.

He wasn’t tired because he had trouble dealing with his new coworkers. In fact, they seemed like great people. He was tired because, though there were no children yet, there was a lot Lin had to learn before.

The first thing, and one of the most important, was to earn his certificate as a lifeguard. The camp would have lots of different activities, but since it was held by an aquatic club, one that excelled nationally and internationally in water sports, most were related to water.

So Lin, and a few of the new employees like him, had to become certified lifeguards. In order for that, there was a lot he had to study and many rescuing drills he had to do over and over until the instructor was satisfied with both the speed and the level.

Though he had passed with flying colors and had no trouble in the physical aspect, Lin was tired. He knew it was mostly because he wanted to make a good impression in his first real job. After he managed that, all the tension left his body. 

Despite that, he tried to keep his normal routine. That Saturday morning, he went jogging with his boyfriend and best friend, Thomas. Not that he wanted to brag, but even in those circumstances, he was still much faster than the man he loved.

After they came back, Lin made breakfast and they had a meal together. It had been pretty much as they began living together. He wasn’t as tired by that time though. Even after that, he still had energy to clean the apartment. After a restorative shower, Thomas wanted to take him out for lunch and he had no objections.

When they came back, Lin suddenly became tired. However, he refused to take a nap. He still had to take care of something. He could leave it for tomorrow, but he didn’t want to. Sunday was the only day he and his boyfriend didn’t go out to jog. Before they became a couple, they simply stayed home enjoying each other’s company.

After a week in his first job, Lin wanted to enjoy that lazy Sunday even more. However, it wasn’t the only reason. He also wanted to wake up next to his boyfriend and stay in bed for as long as they could. They didn’t even have to make love, although Lin wouldn’t say no if Thomas was up for it.

 But in order to stay home the entire Sunday, Lin had to do something first; grocery shopping. As he checked the pantry, he blinked a few times and let out a big yawn. Damn it… I’m so tired out of nowhere, he thought, rubbing his eyes to get rid of the drowsiness.

It worked just enough for him to write down what he had to buy for the next week. Eh? We need more tomatoes than I thought… And wheat flour… and cheese… I don’t remember using that much this week… I made sure to cook light lunches for both of us… That’s strange…

Under normal circumstances, Lin would try to figure out what had happened. But right now, he had no energy for that. He almost dozed off checking the pantry twice to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything.

“Tom.” He approached his boyfriend, who was on the sofa, playing a videogame. “I need your car keys.”

“Yeah, sure. They’re on the desk in our bedroom,” Thomas answered without taking his eyes from the TV. “What for?”

“Groceries. I doubt I’ll have time during the week so it’s best to do it today.” Lin went to get the keys, smiling by the simple fact that his boyfriend had called it their room. When he came back, Thomas had turned off the game and was putting on a shirt. “Why are you getting dressed?”

“I’m going with you,” Thomas said, putting his phone in the pocket of his baggy shorts.

Lin was about to ask why, but when he realized the reason, he couldn’t stop smiling. His wonderful and supportive boyfriend and best friend wanted to spend more time with him.

With his cheeks red, Lin got closer and kissed Thomas. “You’re the best.”

Blushing, his boyfriend headed to the door and mumbled, “It’s not a big deal.”

Smiling even more, Lin followed him.


Lin was too happy when they came back to their home. Just like always, even doing something boring like a chore was fun when he was with Thomas. Walking up and down the aisles with him questioning how they would ever need something like olive oil, was enough to make Lin smile and laugh.

However, after they arrived, he was once again feeling tired. The instant he let out three yawns in a row, his boyfriend realized the reason and told Lin to take a nap.

“I can’t right now. I need to put everything away. And then I have to start dinner,” he protested. At the same time, he tried to stifle another yawn.

“I can organize everything. And we can order takeout. But right now you need to sleep, okay?”

With Thomas being so insistent, Lin gave up and went to take a nap.

By the time he woke, he was feeling completely rested. He rolled on the king-size bed, stretching his arms. Normally he couldn’t do that without bumping into his boyfriend. Though he enjoyed that, he missed the man he loved.

Tom’s too good for me. I’m gonna reward him… I’ll cook him his favorite food tonight… And later I’ll give him a special reward, Lin thought, smiling and giggling by himself as he imagined what they could do. Speaking of dinner, what time is it?

When he reached out for his phone on the nightstand and checked the time, Lin almost fell from the bed. Eight? I sleep for almost four hours? That’s a damn long nap! It’s not even a nap anymore! I fell asleep! Why didn’t Tom wake me?

Lin raced out of the bedroom, but when saw what was happening at the kitchen, he stopped, blinking in confusion.

Thomas was standing before the table, putting something on it with a worried expression. Before Lin could see what it was, something caught his attention; the kitchen was a complete mess, just like his boyfriend’s face.

“What’s going on here…?” he asked.

Thomas turned around at once. “Lin?” he tried to stand before whatever was on the table to hide it. “W-why are you up so fast? Didn’t you promise you’d take a nap?”

“I took it… But you can’t call sleeping for four hours a nap.”

“Four hours?”

Thomas’ hand went to his pocket to check the hour on his phone, but then he stopped. Just like the kitchen and his face, his hands were covered with a thin layer of wheat flour and a few other things. Lin got closer and showed his own phone.

“You’re right… Guess I lost track of time…”

“What are you cooking? Actually, I’m more interested in asking if you know how to cook. I mean, I’ve known you for pretty much our whole lives and I’ve never seen you in the kitchen except for eating.”

“You make it sound like I’m a fatty who’s sneaking into the kitchen to get a snack all the time.” Thomas laughed at his own joke.

“Well, even if you become full of stuffing, I’ll still love you,” Lin said with a bright smile. But then it vanished. “I still wanna hear since when you started cooking.”

 Thomas struggled to find words. Then he dropped his shoulders. “Since this week… I’ve been trying to cook so I could make you something and surprise you,” he said, stepping aside to show what he was hiding. It was a handmade pizza.

“Eh? You learned how to make a pizza? For me?”


That’s why we were out of those ingredients… “Pizzas are simple if you can follow the recipe… But for someone who doesn’t know his way around the kitchen, it must’ve been hard…”

“Yeah, it was… I wasted a lot of food trying to make something edible all week…”

Lin couldn’t feel happier. Without saying a word, he picked up a slice of the pizza Thomas had made for him and brought to his mouth.

“Wait, don’t eat it yet… I haven’t tried it… I don’t know if it’s good or not,” he mumbled, not meeting Lin’s eyes.

With a gentle smile, Lin took a bite, savoring it. “It’s delicious!”

Thomas blushed and crossed his arms, scratching the elbow as he averted his eyes. “I know it’s not… Your food is delicious… Right now, I’m still struggling to make something edible.”

Lin took another bite and made Thomas look at him. “It’s filled with love. Of course it’s delicious.”

He brought the slice to Thomas’ mouth, who ate it reluctantly.

“See? It’s barely edible…”

Lin couldn’t help but want to tease the man he loved. “Ah, I get what this is. You’re on that time of the month when you want me to compliment you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Thomas mumbled, though he still took another bite of the pizza Lin offered.

“If it’s not that, then you’re insulting me,” Lin said jokingly. “If you say your pizza isn’t delicious, it means you’re doubting my tongue.”

Thomas blinked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, you do. But if you insist on this crazy idea that your food isn’t delicious, then I have a proposal for you.” Lin’s voice was just as cheerful as his mood. He picked up another slice and raised above his face, the cheese dripping into his mouth.

“What is it?”

“I’ll teach you how to cook. Then we can make something together,” he said, his smile matching his tone. “And you’re not allowed to say anything like you’re gonna bring the level of my food down or anything like that, okay?”

Thomas pressed his lips and then gave up. “Okay…”


Beaming, Lin fed the man he loved again.

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