Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 34

Lin’s the one with the interview, but Tom is just as nervous as he waits for the news
Hope you enjoy the chapter

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Married (♂x♂) 34

Thomas sat on the couch with his arms crossed, his leg moving restlessly, his foot tapping the floor non-stop. When he grew tired of sitting, he walked around the living room, breathing hard through his nose. When he grew tired of that, he sat on the couch again, doing the same thing after a few moments.

Whenever he heard the elevator stopping, he turned to the door, expecting his boyfriend to come in at any second. When he realized it wasn’t, he was back at pacing around the living room, feeling his stomach tightening by the second. Despite that, his belly still growled; he felt hungry even after all the sandwiches he had brought as afternoon snacks. Stupid rabbit food that can’t satisfy my hunger…

Ah, damn it! Thomas let out a frustrated sigh and messed his hair with both hands. It didn’t help his anxiety at all. This is all Lin’s fault! Why didn’t he just tell me how his interview went? Why keep it a secret? I don’t like that kind of suspense!

When he left work, he texted Lin saying he was getting a cab and going home.

Okay. I’ll meet you at home then, his boyfriend answered. But when Thomas asked how the interview went, Lin didn’t reply.

He didn’t even read the text, but I know he saw through the notification panel… I’m sure… Then it means he’s hiding the outcome of the interview… Because it went well and he wants to surprise and tell me in person or because he failed and doesn’t want to say anything?

Ah, damn it, Lin! Why didn’t you tell me?

Thomas took deep breaths to calm himself. If he didn’t get the job, then I’ll do anything I can to cheer him up. Anything he wants, I’ll do it, even if it’s switching positions.

But if everything went well, then we’ll celebrate. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Knowing him, he’s gonna say it’s not a big deal and that we shouldn’t do anything fancy. Thomas stopped to think about it and immediately pictured the face of the man he loved. Lin was flashing a restrained smile, just saying he was happy for finally getting a job.

I refuse to accept that. If he got the job, then we’ll at least go out to dinner. Yeah, that’s a good idea… A nice place… and it’ll be out first dinner date… Then I need to look nice… Even if he says it’s not a big deal…

Wait a minute! What the hell am I thinking? This isn’t about us! It’s about Lin! It doesn’t matter if he got the job or not. Right now, as his boyfriend and best friend, I’m gonna be by his side!

With that in mind, and also because he was tired to either sit or walk around waiting, Thomas went to the bathroom to take a cold shower to cool his head. He was almost finishing it by the time he finally heard the door opening and closing.

“I’m home,” Lin said.

Thomas turned off the water and wrapped himself around the towel at once. I can’t tell if it went well or not by his voice, he thought as he left the bathroom without drying himself completely.

“Lin! How did it go?” he asked in a rattled voice.

“H-hey, Tom.” Lin blinked and smiled as he eyed his boyfriend from head to toe. “I like the view, but don’t you wanna dry yourself first?”

“No. Tell me.” Thomas looked him in the eyes, waiting.

Though it had only been a few seconds, it felt like an eternity as Lin put his bag on the table and turned to him.

“I got the job,” he said with a tiny smile.

“Yes! I knew it!” Thomas shouted. Still wet, he held the towel around his waist with one hand, wrapped the free arm around his boyfriend and jumped up and down and in circles. “I knew it! I knew you’d get the job!”

“You’re making me all wet.” Despite his words, Lin let out a laugh.

“Why aren’t you jumping with me? C’mon.” Thomas jumped faster, but his boyfriend’s feet didn’t leave the floor.

“Thanks for the enthusiasm, but it’s not a big—”

Before he could finish the sentence, Thomas stopped jumping and grabbed Lin’s lips. I knew he’d say that. “I’m gonna stop you right there. It is a big deal.”

“It’s only a temporary job… Until the beginning of August, when school starts again. It’s not like it’s a real—”

Thomas grabbed Lin’s lips to shut him up again. “It’s a big deal and it is a real job. I’m not gonna let you say otherwise, got it?”

He only let go of his boyfriend’s lips when Lin nodded. Thomas hugged him and jumped around again. This time Lin did the same, laughing and smiling.

As they jumped, Thomas’ towel fell. He tried to cover, but Lin grabbed his hand and didn’t let him, giving his boyfriend a sly look.

That stare was more than alluring and full of meaning.

“I was planning to celebrate by going out,” Thomas muttered.

“We can. Later. Right now I wanna celebrate in the best way.”

Lin kissed Thomas and led his naked boyfriend to the bedroom.


When Lin got out of the bathroom and dried his hair, he could only smile. He picked up a slice of pizza they had ordered, sat on the chair and ate, humming in joy. However, the man next to him didn’t share the feeling.

“Why are you sulking?”

“I’m not…” Thomas picked a slice of pizza and nibbled on it, not looking at his boyfriend.

“Don’t tell me you’re not satisfied? We’ve been in the bedroom for almost two hours,” Lin said with a sly smile. “Even you need a break…”

“No… That was great… I’m still out of breath…” Thomas couldn’t help but blush and smile grudgingly.

“Then why are you sulking?”

“I’m not…and it’s nothing…”

Lin finished the slice and looked at his boyfriend. “Then let me take a wild guess. You’re upset because you wanted to go out and have this huge dinner to celebrate my new job?”

Thomas averted his eyes and focused on his food. Even without looking, he could tell Lin had a smug expression. Then his boyfriend sat on his lap, took the slice of pizza from his hand and ate it himself.

“I’m way happier doing this. Eating pizza and drinking beer with you after celebrating in the bedroom. Much better, and way more fun than some expensive dinner at a random restaurant. Believe me.”

Thomas sighed and turned to Lin.

“I know, I know. It’s just… I don’t know. I thought I was gonna take you out to dinner… Have a date… or something like that…”

Lin poked him on the cheek with the clean finger. “You’re so romantic. Thinking of taking me out on a date,” he mocked in a cute way. “Don’t worry. We’ll go on plenty of dates. I have lots of fun places to take you.”

“Like what?”

“A surprise. But until then, we don’t have to go out to celebrate.” Lin grabbed Thomas’ chin, forced him to look at him and stole a kiss.

The kiss tasted like pizza and it was one of the strangest, though delicious, kiss Thomas had. Before they could move back to the bedroom, Lin’s phone rang. With an apologetic smile, he picked up.

“Hello? Mom!” He widened his eyes and got off Thomas’ lap. There was a moment of silence as he heard her. “Yeah… How did you find out? Thomas did, huh?”

Lin eyed his boyfriend, who raised his hands defensively. Then he turned around and focused on the conversation, humming and answering occasionally. “Yes… Two months… He told that too? Yeah… Thanks… I love you too…”

He hung up and looked at Thomas. “You told my mom?”

“Of course.”


“Why? Because she’s been worried about this just like me. And she was just as happy when I told her.”

And I wanted to get some points with my future mother-in-law. She likes me as Lin’s childhood friend, but as his boyfriend, things might change… Better get on her good side now. Thomas kept that part to himself.

Lin showed no expression. Then his shoulders relaxed and he flashed a gentle smile and hugged his boyfriend. “Thanks for always thinking of me. I bet it’s tiresome doing that.”

“Wrong. It’s more like I can’t stop thinking of you.”

They hugged each other for a while, enjoying each other’s arms. Then Thomas put a hand under his boyfriend’s legs and swept him off his feet.

Lin smiled and wrapped his arms around Thomas’ neck, laughing as he was carried to the bedroom.

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Hope you liked the chapter
Lin’s age has begun!
And Tom is already trying to get on his future mother-in-law’s good side XD
That’s thinking ahead

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