Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 29

Who’s this person who found out Lin’s secret so easily?
Is that even possible, given how cute the pretend girlfriend(♂) is right now?
Hope you enjoy the chapter.

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Married (♂x♂) 29

Thomas froze and Lin blinked a few times.

“E-excuse me?” the man in the dress asked in a high pitched voice.

“I said you’re a guy!” The short woman with black shoulder-length hair tied in an elegant knot said again.

“W-why do you think that?” Lin asked, pretending to be calm.

However, just like Thomas, he had no idea how to react.

How did this woman find out? There’s no way anyone can tell Lin’s a guy with one glance… But how? Was she listening to us during the ceremony or something?

“Of course I can tell when I see a kindred spirit!” she said with a bright smile.

“Wait, kindred spirit?” It took Thomas a while to understand. Then he asked before he could stop himself. “You’re a guy too?”

“Now you just confirmed this cutie here is a guy like me.” The woman’s smile grew. “And do I look like a guy?”

As Thomas realized what he had done, his pretend girlfriend turned to him with a pity smile, as if he expected something like that.

Before any of them could say anything else, a hand came out of nowhere and chopped down on the woman’s head lightly.

“Ouch! Why did you do that?” she said, bringing his hand to his head, pouting as if she was truly hurt. “You could’ve messed my hair! Do you know how many hours Mari took to make this?”

“I don’t care. You can’t just say that out of the blue to people you don’t even know,” the man who hit her said. Then, despite his words, he patted the woman on the head. “Not only it’s beyond offensive, you don’t know her situation.”

“Sorry… You’re right. But I can tell he’s not a transwoman. He’s just like me, a guy who’s cross-dressing.”

“Even so, you can’t just say that. At least introduce yourself first, Cris.”

The woman, or rather, the man flashed an embarrassed smile. “I love when you’re all strict with me. It’s so manly it makes me fall for you all over again.”

Those words made the other blush and say nothing, getting a laugh from the cross-dressing man. Then Cris turned to Thomas and Lin, who were watching the situation in silence.

“Hi there. My name is Cris, and even though it’s hard to believe, because I’m like super cute and sexy, I’m a guy,” he said with a smile. Then he grabbed the man’s arms and wrapped them around his waist. “And this is my boyfriend–”

“You’re Nelson!” Lin said suddenly, his face beaming with a smile. “The Olympic swimmer!”

The boyfriend blinked in surprise. Then he seemed embarrassed. “Y-yeah… You know me?”

“O-Of course! You’re representing Brazil in the Olympics this year!”

The swimmer flashed an embarrassed smile as he scratched his head. “I-It’s rare for someone to recognize me…”

Thomas leaned closer to Lin and asked in a low voice. “You know him?”

“Yeah! His life story is amazing! He was gonna represent Brazil in London, but he got into an accident and almost died. Against all odds, he managed to return to the pools and is now gonna represent our country! There’s a lot of expectation about him taking the gold home!”

The swimmer’s smile became wry. “If you say it like that, it puts a lot of pressure on me…”

“Oh, I’m so sorry! You don’t need that!” Lin looked down and fidgeted. When he turned to the cross-dressing man next to the swimmer, he couldn’t help but smile again. “If you’re his boyfriend, then it means you’re also his manager?”

Cris blinked a couple times in surprise. “Y-yeah… How do you know that? No one knows me… Except those swimming maniacs like my boyfriend.”

“I went to college with your cousin. In one class, he presented a paper about Nelson and how his manager integrated the medical staff and the coach to make his recovery speed up.”

“Wow… I had no idea people were studying me too,” Cris said. Then a smile appeared on his lips.

“Wait, does that mean you knew people who studied me?” Nelson asked.

“O-Of course,” Lin said, suddenly nervous. “I mean, not only is your story inspiring, you’re from our state. You’ve been in the sports journal for a while now. A lot of people from P.E and Physical Therapy study you. Especially with the Olympics happening in our country.”

“I wanna hear more about that!” Cris beamed and pulled Lin from the chair. Then he linked their arms and turned to his boyfriend and Thomas. “You boys talk. Us men need to redo our makeup.”

Before anyone could say anything, Cris dragged Lin to the girl’s bathroom, both talking happily as if they had been friends for years.

Thomas was still trying to understand what was happening and Nelson remained quiet until his boyfriend was gone.

“Sorry about that,” he said, chuckling as he sat down next to Thomas. “When Cris gets excited, he tends to go overboard.”

“N-no worries… Lin likes that kind of talk, and I’m not exactly the person for that.”

“That’s good then.”

Both men said nothing else for a while, staring at the empty glasses as the party went on around them. The moment a waiter passed nearby, Thomas grabbed two beers.

“Do you want one?” he asked, offering the can. “Wait, you’re an athlete…”

“I can have some… as long as I don’t exaggerate…” Nelson chuckled and accepted the beer. Then his eyes became empty. “In fact, this is probably the last time I can drink until after the Olympics…”

“Well, then, bottles up!”

Thomas filled his glass until it was almost overflowing and drank half in one gulp. Nelson took his time sipping his beer.

“H-hey, can I ask you something…?” Thomas said after he had finished. “I don’t wanna sound offensive and—”

“It’s about Cris, isn’t? Even though I’m famous, sort of, I think, he’s the one that gets all the attention,” Nelson interrupted and flashed a smile.

Thomas averted his eyes. “Y-yeah…”

“Everyone wonders if he really is a guy, looking like that and all. And yes, he is, by the way.”

“And you two are really dating…?”

“Is it strange? There are gay athletes, you know?”

Though Nelson didn’t sound offended or anything, Thomas hurried to add, “T-that’s not what I’m talking about!”

“Then what is it?” As the swimmer sipped his beer, which was about half now, he looked at Thomas.

“I… eh… I don’t know… I mean, were you always gay…? O-or did you feel something for Cris because he cross-dresses?” he asked in a low voice. Only then did he become aware he was asking something personal to someone he had literally just met. “Sorry! I don’t know what I’m saying… You don’t wanna talk about that to someone you just met, right? I’m being weird. Luckily I can blame the beer!”

As Thomas let out an awkward laugh, Nelson drank the rest of his drink.

“It’s strange. I never expected to talk about this here.” He laughed and placed the empty glass on the table. “But I don’t mind. I can tell you’re not just curious. But you need to answer me something first. You like Lin, right?”

Thomas became an alarming shade of red and he focused on his empty glass, swaying it with his fingers. “O-Of course I do… He’s my best friend…”

“But just as friends?”

“I… I… I don’t know,” Thomas admitted.

Nelson grew quiet for a while.

“I had never looked at a man the way I looked at Cris. Before I met him, I had fallen in love with girls. Then we became swimmer and manager and pretty much spent every day together. From morning to night. We became friends and then, before I knew, I had fallen in love with him. He had become too important to me, in more than one way.”

“I see…”

It’s like me and Lin… He probably felt the same things I’m feeling now…

“D-did he cross-dress all the time?”

Nelson snorted and laughed. “Oh, yeah. He knew he was cute and could pull off dressing as a girl. And he liked teasing straight guys. I think seeing him in a female swimsuit made me fall in love with him faster, but it’s not like I wished he was a girl. I knew he was a guy from the beginning. A cute guy that looked great in a one piece swimsuit,” he muttered, his cheeks a shade of red for a moment. “I never once thought it’d be better if he was a girl or anything. I just fell for him because he was a great friend and someone I wanted to be with.”

“Ah!” someone exclaimed behind them. The next moment, Cris hugged Nelson and rested his head on top of his boyfriend. “We’ve been together for almost four years and you still say sweet things like that? There’s no way my boyfriend can be this cute!”

“You got back too fast,” Nelson muttered, his face red again.

“I missed you, that’s why I came back.”

Lin stood a few paces behind, smiling and watching the couple. When his eyes met Thomas’, he blushed a little, but didn’t look away.

“Hey, the bride’s free. Let’s say hi to her before she has the first dance,” Cris said, dragging Nelson.

“Fine, fine. See you, Thomas. It was nice talking to you.”

“Yeah, see you later,” he said as the couple walked away.

 Lin sat and smiled at Thomas. “What were you two talking about?”

“N-nothing! H-how about you two?”

“We talked about swimming and the Olympics in general. Cris is so busy right now. He’s coordinating the trainings, photo shootings, interviews, and more. All so Nelson can focus only in swimming and taking the gold home.”

“Wow… That seems like a lot of work…”

“It is. He says he likes it because it’s for the man he loves. Though he said he gets jealous since everyone else can see his boyfriend shirtless.” Lin let out a chuckle.

From the little I heard from Nelson, it does sound like something Cris would say…

“T-they seemed to really love each other…”

“Yes. They’re two friends who love each other. They’re so lucky,” Lin said, looking at the couple, who had just talked to bride.

It’s just like us…

Thomas blushed and looked away. Then he noticed the bride and the groom had already started their first dance as husband and wife. The DJ said a few words and others joined in. He turned back to the man pretending to be his girlfriend and held his hand.

“L-let’s dance. I owe you one.”

Beaming, Lin stood up right away. “Yes.”

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