Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 27

The wedding is about to start, but before that, we have a few interesting revelations XD
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Married (♂x♂) 27

“It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” Lin asked Thomas in a low voice as he looked around.

“Yeah… I guess… I mean, it’s a church. Aren’t they pretty much the same?” he whispered, cleaning the sweat from his forehead. “I just wished it had an AC or something… Or they at least had more fans…”

Lin let out a low chuckle. “More fans would make it impossible to hear the priest. And an AC in church? It means you haven’t been in one for too long. When was the last time?”

“I have no idea.” Thomas shrugged and wiped the sweat from his brow again. “Probably at a wedding too. Maybe it was my cousin? Or your aunt?”

“Oh, yeah, my aunt’s wedding. I remember that. It was an amazing party… Too bad there was that huge fight at the end.”

“Yeah, that’s the one. There was a fight?” Thomas closed his eyes and enjoyed a little breeze which appeared when someone moved on their seat.

“You don’t know?”

“I remember something about it… The boyfriend of one of the bride guests slapped his girlfriend and everyone rushed in to stop him, right?”

“Yep. It was a complete mess. Almost like a movie. People flipping over tables and throwing chairs to stop him and all. All because the boyfriend got jealous because his girlfriend was talking to a guy. And the guy was her brother who lived in another state!”

“Sounds like the guy was too hammered to not recognize her brother. Hope the girl wasn’t hurt.”

“She was fine. I mean, he was drunk and the slap was weak, but everyone rushed to stop him before things escalated. Too bad it ruined the whole party. You really didn’t see all that? I know it was at the end of the party and all, but still…”

“I was too tired that weekend. After congratulating the bride and groom, I left the reception as soon as I could. I was on my bed before one o’clock. I wasn’t in the mood to go…I only went because my mom made me.”

“Oh, yeah. You were in your last semester at the time, weren’t you?”

Thomas nodded. And then groaned as some flashes of that time came back to him. “Please, don’t remind me. I thought I’d go crazy with so much work.”

Lin let out a weak and hollow chuckle and rested his head against Thomas’ shoulder and patted him at the same time. “Sorry, sorry. But I know what you mean. My teachers did the same with me too. In both graduations…”

Before Thomas could rest his head against Lin, a man on the same bench as them rose and they both moved their legs to make room so he could get out.

“Ah… We shouldn’t be here… We should be outside, where the wind is… It’s too hot in here… Do they want to melt their guests before the party?” Thomas complained, cleaning the sweat again. If I’d brought a towel, it’d be soaked by now…

“If we did that, we’d lose these seats. Do you wanna watch your friend getting married while you’re on your feet?”

“I’d rather not watch that… And it wouldn’t make any difference,” Thomas muttered through his teeth, loosening his tie a bit. “The ceremony is pretty much the same at every wedding. Unless you’re part of it.”

Lin’s face lit with a smile. “Speaking of that, do you remember the first time you were in a wedding ceremony?”

“Yeah… It was my brother’s wedding. He made me one of the best men… Even though no one was paying attention to me, it was embarrassing standing in front of so many people… And so tiresome… I just wanted to sit…”

“I get what you mean. But imagine that, plus heels.” Lin let out a hollow chuckle and Thomas winced just imagining. Then the pretend girlfriend shook his head. “But that wasn’t your first time in a wedding ceremony.”

“It wasn’t?” Thomas tried to remember, but nothing came to his mind. That only made the man in the dress smile even more.

“I knew it. You don’t remember,” he said, poking his pretend boyfriend on the cheek.

“W-what don’t I remember?”

“You don’t remember you were a ring bearer when you were like five or six.”

The moment Lin spoke, Thomas’ vague memories came back.

“Oh, yeah… It was my uncle’s second wedding… I didn’t want to, but my mom forced me to do that… I remember I hated that tuxedo… I just thought about that today… how could I forget so fast?”

“W-why were you thinking about that?”

Thomas’ cheeks went a shade of red as he looked away. There’s no way I can tell him I about how I was thinking I had all my firsts big moments with Lin except my first love because of that girl I walked down the aisle with…

“I… I was thinking about weddings and stuff… and about that girl who walked down the aisle with me…”

Lin played with his hair a little. “What about the girl? What do you remember about her?”

“It’s been years, but I remember the girl was cute and funny. She made the whole thing way more fun,” Thomas said, smiling as he recalled the vague memories from his first love.

“She did?”

 “Yeah… I think she wasn’t happy at the beginning though. She was forced to be part of the ceremony too… But after we started talking, we both had a lot of fun playing around… I think we even danced…”

“W-what else do you remember about her?”

“W-why do you wanna know?” Thomas asked. Are you jealous? No way… It can’t be… there’s no reason for that… right…?

“Not much… I don’t remember her name… I think she didn’t tell me… I remember she was dressed in a flowery sort of dress… She almost stumbled a couple times walking down the aisle with me. Our arms locked, so I held her… And… she smelled nice… and had a beautiful smile…” Almost like yours…

Lin blushed a little. As he played with one of the loose locks from his hair, he looked down. “S-sounds like you liked her or something…”

“Yeah… I think she was my first love,” Thomas admitted. The next moment, he realized what he had said and blushed.

However, he wasn’t the only one. Lin’s face was an alarming shade of red as well. The pretend girlfriend had stopped playing with his hair and was entwining with his fingers, making sure he didn’t look at Thomas.

“S-she was your first l-love…?”

“Y-yeah… I don’t know… I think liked her… It was the first time I felt something like that…”

Why the hell am I saying this to my guy wife who went through a lot of trouble to come as my date to a wedding?

“N-no way… I can’t believe that…”

Only now Thomas turned to Lin. Holy… why are you so red? This is embarrassing to me, not you!

“W-what’s wrong…?”

Covering his face and with his eyes closed, Lin whispered, “I… was that girl…”

Thomas’ mind froze. Everything around him went mute. He could only hear the sound of his heart thumping. Lin is that girl…? Lin… is my first love…?

“What?” he said a bit too loud, attracting the eyes of the people around them. Then he lowered his voice. “What are you talking? You were that girl?”

“Yes…” The cross-dressing man was even redder.

“Why? How? Wasn’t she supposed to be uncle’s bride’s niece or something like that?”

“Yes… but she got an allergic reaction that afternoon… But there was no other girl who could be the ring bearer with you… and since we were the same size, my mom offered me. That’s how I ended up as the one walking down the aisle with you…”

Why did you have to say it like that…? Thomas’ cheeks burned as his memories became more and more vivid. We talked and danced and had a lot of fun… That girl was Lin?

 “Oh, God… I remember now… I had no idea it was you…”

“You didn’t recognize me because I was in a dress and makeup… I didn’t want to… but mom said I should do it because she thought if I was there, you wouldn’t throw the rings and walk away…”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Thomas mumbled, looking away. Though he didn’t remember, part of him felt it was something he might do.

Can’t believe my first love was him… Another first I had with Lin… It’s like I’m bound to this cute and wonderful man… I should just marry him for real…

“Because of you, I had to spend the entire afternoon putting makeup and hair extensions.” Despite his embarrassment, he poked Thomas on the cheek again. “Now I’m sort of used to it, but the first time was really embarrassing… A boy putting a dress and makeup and wearing heels…”

“S-sorry about that…”

“You better be… I wouldn’t put on a dress for anyone else, you hear me?”

Thomas’ cheek became even redder. “I already know that… and that’s why I don’t want anyone else by my side…”

The moment he realized what he said, he blushed. And once again he wasn’t the only one. The man pretending to be his girlfriend also blushed.

Me and my big mouth…

They both remained quiet, no one else in the church noticing their embarrassment.

“S-so I was your first l-love, huh?” Lin said after a moment.

Thomas’ heart thumped faster. “Y-yeah… It was only for a night, but I had too much fun with that girl… I wanted to meet her again, but mom said it was hard…”

“That’s because I made her promise she wouldn’t tell you…”

“If I knew that back then…”

“W-what would you’ve done?” Lin asked, once again not looking at his pretend boyfriend.

“I… I…” Thomas had no idea. If I knew Lin was my first love… “Maybe I’d have fallen for you…”

They both were too embarrassed to look at each other.

“S-speaking of weddings, do you want to…” Lin asked after the silence had gone for too long.

“W-what? G-get married?”

You mean other than marry you? Thomas kept his mouth shut. There was no reason to make things more awkward.

“You don’t think about it?”

“I do… and yeah, I guess… I mean, I’ve dreamed of waking up with… someone… on a Sunday morning… and then our three children came rushing to our bed… They’d argue about what we promised to do, like play video games, or watching a movie or going outside…” Thomas trailed off. There was no way he could say the wife on the bed with him would actually be the man by his side.

“That sounds nice… Hope it comes true one day… Just don’t forget about me in that scenario, okay?”

Thomas blushed. “There’s no way that’s happening…”

“You getting married?”

“Me forgetting about you…”

Once again they both became quiet. Why the hell can’t I control my mouth when I’m with Lin?

Wait, that sounded wrong…

 This time, they were spared of coming up with anything to say to break the silence. Music started playing and then the best men and bridesmaids entered the church. A moment later, the groom arrived. With his mother by his side, he walked down the aisle slowly, the photographer pressing the button of his camera nonstop, almost all the guests filming with their cellphones.

Raul smiled and nodded as he walked. His mother was smiling and crying at the same time. When he turned to Thomas’s direction, their eyes met. A second later, the groom looked at Lin and couldn’t hide the surprised expression. Then nodded in approval.

Lin noticed and with a smile, he leaned closer and kissed Thomas’ cheek, making the man blush.

Raul’s surprised expression followed him for a while before he looked at other guests and smiled.

“That was good, wasn’t it? His face was priceless,” Lin whispered.

“Y-yeah… It was great…” Despite his embarrassment, Thomas enjoyed the kiss much more than Raul’s expression.

The groom waited and everyone stood up. As the bride walked in with her father, she was smiling and holding back the tears.

“She looks beautiful, doesn’t she?” Lin whispered.

“Y-yeah…” You’d look much better in a wedding dress… Especially if you were marrying me…

As he became embarrassed by his own thoughts, Thomas noticed one thing. The back of his hand was bumping against Lin’s hand.

Without thinking, he grabbed that delicate, and strong, hand.

Without looking at him, Lin blushed and entwined their fingers.

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  1. Just spend a few hours binge reading, so now I’m all caught up, after having fallen behind. All i can say is: I like where this is going.


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