Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 26

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Married (♂x♂) 26

“I…” Lin had no idea. He stopped to imagine for a moment.

They were, as always, enjoying each other’s company, when the Thomas in his head held Lin’s hands and looked him in the eyes. Blushing, he said he loved him and wanted to be more than just best friends. Then he leaned closer for a kiss.

Lin’s cheeks burned at once. However, a smile appeared on his lips and he made nothing to stop it.

“Don’t know,” he admitted to Karina in a low voice. “But I’d be happy to hear that…”

The woman remained quiet for a while. “Lin, I’m not gonna say you have to get together with him. In the end, being with another man is your decision. Yours and Thomas’. But I’ll tell you this: I think most people in the world look for something like what you two have. Really think about it. Promise me.”

Lin closed his eyes and played with his fingers, careful to not ruin his nails. Then he mumbled, “Yes…”

“Good.” Karina smiled, nodded and then resumed doing Lin’s makeup. “Now let’s put that aside. I’m gonna make you so gorgeous Thomas’ gonna fall head over heels for you and won’t be able to contain his lust. With any luck, you two will be doing the same thing you did during the graduation party. During the wedding, preferable. It’d be hot.”

Lin groaned, said nothing and flashed a reluctant smile, glad he had his eyes closed and didn’t have to look at his friend’s face.

Me and Tom… It wouldn’t be bad… I never imagined myself with a guy… but I’ve never imagined myself with a woman either…

“Speaking of which, you have amazing luck with blackouts,” Karina mentioned casually.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I mean, last week, you shared a passionate kiss with the man you love. And during that blackout a couple years ago, you learned to—”

“Uwah!” Lin shouted suddenly, waving his hands to shut his friend as fast as he could.

“Hey, don’t move like that!” Karina complained, pulling the brush away from the man’s face. “I almost ruined your makeup!”

“W-why are you b-bringing that night up…? I told you to forget about it and never mention it ever again…”

When Karina’s surprised ended, she laughed and waved her hand to dismiss the idea. “There’s no chance I’m ever forgetting about that. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. How come I never realized? You were fine with the rubber because you already had done it with a real one, right? I knew it was weird. Even if you were drunk, there’s not a single straight guy who’d cave into the girls and learn how to please another with their mouth with a rubber—”

“Shut up! Stop bringing that up!” Lin interrupted his friend, desperate. He glanced at the wall he shared with Thomas. “What if he hears you?”

“Eh? So what? I’m pretty sure he’d be happy to hear that. Especially if you show him how good you can pleasure your man with the skills you learned that night with us.”

With his face an alarming shade of red, Lin said nothing as Karina laughed and finished the makeup.

This night’s gonna be way longer than I imagined… and now I can’t stop picturing doing weird stuff with Tom… No matter how much he tried, Lin couldn’t stop imagining the continuation of the earlier scenario.

After Thomas confessed his feelings, Lin got down on his knees and was ready to do what he was half pressured into learning by the girls, except this time, with a real one instead of rubber for the first time.

“You look amazing, Lin! I don’t wanna brag, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m also awesome to make you like this. I know I should’ve followed my passion and become a cosmetologist instead of a physiotherapist.”

Lin turned to the mirror on the desk. Even he couldn’t believe what was looking back. I look… wow… It’s not the first time I wore makeup, but to think a bit of it could make me look so… Even he had trouble to describe himself.

“Thanks, Karina. Really. I don’t like to say it, because it’ll inflate your already huge ego, but you’re good. You’d be a great cosmetologist.”

“Thank you, my friend! And hey! I don’t have a huge ego!”

Lin couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m just being honest.”

“Oh yeah?” With a sly smile, Karina moved to her backpack and took something from inside. “Then be honest and put this on.”

When she showed the clothes, Lin stopped laughing. His face went red and he had trouble just looking at it. “Isn’t that underwear too… erotic?”

What Karina wanted him to wear was a silk black lingerie. “I think it’s perfect for someone like you. It’s elegant and sexy and the best choice for you to get your man tonight. If you get to show Tom this, he won’t be able to resist.”

Lin fidgeted and looked at his hands. “I think it’s too small… for my… you know,” he mumbled in a low and completely embarrassed voice.

Karina’s smile vanished and her face became blank as she turned to the lingerie. “Ah, crap… I was so focused on the dress I forgot about the underwear and grabbed one of my lucky panties… I didn’t even think about your friend down there…”

“That’s yours? You have something really amazing…”

“Yeah, I do. This baby got me a lot of great nights, that’s why I wanted you to wear them tonight…” Karina smile as she recalled some of those nights, but then she shook her head. “That doesn’t matter now. What are you gonna wear? You can’t go without panties… I mean, you can, but that’d be pretty bold of you. When Thomas kisses you, you’ll have trouble hiding any armed tent.”

“I can wear my underwear…”

“No way,” she said at once. “A dress with boxers? And if anyone happens to see, your disguise is ruined.”

“No one’s gonna see that…”

“Thomas would be disappointed if you didn’t wear panties…”

Lin gave up as Karina tried to come up with a solution. Then his face became red once again. “I have… something… I can wear…”

“Forget about boxers or tighty whities. I’m not allowing you to wear those tonight.”

“Not that… I have… p-panties…”

Karina blinked a few times. Then, with her eyes widen, she came closer to Lin’s face. “Could you please elaborate how come my “straight” guy friend acquired some female undergarments?”

“Don’t make it sound weird… Remember me cosplaying Sailor Moon a few weeks ago? I had to wear one…”

“Ah, yes. That nerd convention for your blog… So you bought panties for yourself?”


Karina narrowed her eyes and got even closer. “What was that pause just now…?” A moment later, she widened them and flashed a huge smile. “It was Tom! He bought them for you!”

Lin averted his eyes. It was too embarrassing to confirm that.

“No way! So the guy you love, who also loves you back, romantically or not, bought you special panties. If you’re not meant to be together, I don’t know anything about love.”

“Shut up…”

“I try, my friend, I really try. But you’re not letting. I’ll be honest, even if I wanted, there’s no way I could come up with a story better than this.”

Without saying another word, Lin went behind the wardrobe’s door and changed into the underwear and the dress.

“Wow… you look stunning! You already looked girly, but now, you’re the most stunning man in a dress I’ve ever seen! Thomas won’t be able to keep his hands off you!” Karina said, nodding and humming in approval.

“Thanks… I guess… But it feels weird to pretend to be his girlfriend again… Actually, this might be the first time… I know we didn’t fool anyone back in those parties… Everyone knew who I was and that I was just cross-dressing…”

“So everyone thought you were just a gay couple where one was in a dress?” Karina laughed at his friend’s reaction. “Being serious. Neither of you has to worry about pretending to be anything. Just do what you guys normally do. You’re pretty much like a couple. Wait, since you live together, maybe you guys are more like a married couple. A really lovey-dovey one at that.”

Lin said nothing. The idea his current life with Thomas felt like a marriage had popped in his head once or twice, though he ignored it. To him, he just enjoyed doing things for his best friend. But above all, he loved having Thomas there to support him whenever he needed.

Karina fixed a few loose strands of hair on Lin’s forehead, which was tied in an elegant knot with a pin. Then the man was ready to pretend to be a girlfriend for a night.

“Lin, I’m ready,” came Tom’s voice from the other side of the door.

He couldn’t help but hold his breath for a moment. “… Me too…”

Without waiting for an okay, Karina opened the door, smiling from ear to ear. “Hey, Tom. You’re gonna love this! I made sure you’d have the best and cutest partner ever!”

Lin walked out of the room slowly. He was so focused on the heels it took a moment for him to notice Thomas’ blatant surprise expression. Does that face mean he likes how I look? Or am too old to cross-dress?

“H-how do I look…?” he asked, putting a lock of his hair behind the ear, his face red.

As he waited, his heart thumped faster. I know I’m just pretending to be his girlfriend, but I shouldn’t be this nervous… It’s all Karina’s fault for saying those weird things…

“You look… you look… amazing…” Thomas said after a while.

“T-thanks.” Lin blushed and smiled, his heart beating louder. Those few words were enough to make all the effort worthwhile. He thinks I look amazing!

“I know, right! Being modest, I know I’m awesome, but even I’m amazed by my boy here. You have no idea how much work Lin went through. I spent the whole day fixing his eyebrows, making his nails, doing makeup, shaving his legs and the bikini zone,” Karina murmured the last part.

“The what?” Thomas asked.

Lin turned to Karina at once. Why the hell are you telling him that?

“You better appreciate this, Tom!” she said, her tone half joking, half serious.

“I-I do… Believe me…”

“S-stop staring at me like that,” Lin said, blushing a bit more. “It’s embarrassing…”

“Sorry… It’s just… You look amazing…”

“It’s just like the night of your graduation party, right,” Karina said, raising the eyebrows.

At once both Thomas and Lin became an alarming shade of red.

“W-what are you talking about?” Thomas asked, trying to keep his voice casual.

“I know what happened. Lin went as your date back then too, right? He showed me the photos.”

“Y-yeah… A-actually, he looks even more beautiful than that night,” Thomas said. “He’s more mature… more… amazing…”

“You can find more words in your vocabulary, Tom,” the woman said, laughing.

“B-better not. Let’s stop talking about this and get going. We don’t wanna be late,” Lin said.

If she keeps talking, Tom will find out all the weird things we talked about… He doesn’t need to know what I’m thinking…

Not now…

“Yeah. You two should save all the love-dovey stuff for the wedding,” Karina joked, her smile a bit too mischievous for her friend.

Ignoring the woman, Lin headed to the door. Then he noticed Thomas’ tie’s crooked knot and flashed a gentle smile as he approached the man he loved. “You never learn.”

“W-what?” Thomas asked.

Without a word, Lin undid the tie and then redid the knot. “I don’t know what you’d do without me.”

“I’d be lost,” Thomas admitted, his cheeks reddening.

Lin widened his eyes, and his heart thumped a bit faster. Stop that reaction… It’s too cute I’m gonna blush too…

“That’s my cue to leave first. Have fun you two. All kind of fun. But remember to be safe,” Karina said before leaving the apartment, giving Lin a meaningful look.

There was a strange silence as the pretend couple exchanged looks. Then they both laughed at the same time.

“Karina is always joking and saying weird stuff…” So much I need to protect you from her…

“Yeah… But we need to thank her… You look ama—” Thomas interrupted himself and smiled.

“Thanks… B-but we should get going too…”


With his face red, Thomas grabbed Lin’s hand gently and led him out of their apartment.

Lin squeezed the fingers, and then something crossed his mind. Just holding hands with him was enough to make him happy.

I never want to let this hand go, he thought, his cheeks also reddening.

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