Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 22

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Married (♂x♂) 22

“C’mon, Tom. Give me one of your cute smiles,” Lin said, holding his phone before his face.

“It’s too early to smile,” Thomas complained in a drowsy voice.

“Didn’t you say you’d help me?” Lin reminded him. Then he flashed a smile. “Just do it like this.”

Though Thomas was too sleepy, under his friend’s smile, he couldn’t help but do the same.

“Good. You look much better like that.”

Despite his battle against sleep, Thomas’ smile wanted to grow even more.

“I-It’s enough, right? You only need one photo of me…”

“Yes, but I want the best of you. And yes, I’ll blur your face, so don’t worry.”

“So why am I smiling?” he muttered. “And it’s great to hear my face is something that needs to be blurred… It’s like a kick between the legs to my self-esteem.”

Lin laughed and came closer to poke him on the cheek a few times. “Is it already that time of the month you need me to say you’re cute?”

“I don’t know that you’re talking about…”

“Oh, you’re so cute Tom. You’re the cutest friend I have.” Lin didn’t skimp on the teasing as he hugged his friend.

“You have the nerve of lying right to my face?”

Lin laughed again.

“Just hope you have that much energy after we jog.”

Thomas let out an audible groan. “Don’t remind me… We’ve been here for so long that I tricked myself into thinking we already jogged…”

“You can say how many times you want, I know you’re already used to it. And I know you enjoy it.”

“More lies. I can’t believe you can’t stop spouting lies right. Shame on you. Shame.” Thomas did his best disappointed face and shook his head. “Wish I had a bell right now so everyone could know.”

Lin laughed and slapped him on the back a few times. “I also know you wake up early on Sunday because your body craves the rush you feel after jogging. You can’t stop jogging even if you wanted.”

Thomas showed no expression. “It’s true that sometimes I wake up at an ungodly hour on a precious Sunday for no reason. And it’s all your fault,” he emphasized the last words. “You reprogrammed me, or better yet, you trained me like a pet.”

Lin beamed and reached out to pet him on the head. “You’re a good boy, Tom. You deserve a treat.”

Thomas blushed and looked away. Though he would never admit, he liked when Lin patted him on the head.

“Whenever I see you two, you’re always having fun,” a voice said, bringing the two of them out of their world.

When they turned, they saw an elderly couple walking to them.

Lin flashed a huge smile as he waved. “Maria, João! It’s been a while!”

“Yes, yes. This one here hurt his lower back and took some time to heal,” the woman said, tapping her husband’s shoulder.

The elderly couple was one of the regular joggers Lin and Thomas saw every day at the park. After seeing them so many times, they began talking and had a sort of friendship.

“That’s bad. How are you feeling?” Lin asked the man.

“Better, better. But I should be resting instead of here,” the old man mumbled, giving a hard glance at his wife.

Thomas let out a bitter laugh. “I know that feeling very well…”

“Oh, stop that,” Lin said, slapping him in a friendly way.

The woman laughed and waved her hand. “Wish my husband was like that. Mine mostly complains all the way, hoping I’ll give up.”

Both Lin and Thomas blushed.

“They’re not married, Mari,” João said in a somewhat awkward voice. “How many times have they said that?”

“Oh, yeah… I always forget. They look so good together…”

“They’re both guys.”

“Oh, shush. That doesn’t matter nowadays.”

“S-so you hurt you back, João?” Thomas asked to change the subject.

I don’t need someone else reminding that Lin is like my guy wife… I already have mixed feelings about that…

“I was working out like the doctor recommended but I pushed a little too much,” he said, though he didn’t look Thomas in the eyes.

“Oh, please. I suggested we tried yoga, you know, for his heart. He was so bad for a first timer. But there was one position he couldn’t do… He got mad, forced himself and ended up hurting his back.”

“You didn’t need to tell them every little detail,” João complained.

Thomas, Lin, and Maria laughed.

“So your… Maria makes you do these different things too, huh?” Thomas managed to correct himself in the middle of the sentence. I almost said your wife too…

“Yeah… Thanks to that, I hurt my lower back… I’m an old man… I should be resting and enjoying the TV…”

“Let me try something,” Lin said, walking behind the old man.

He pressed the joints of his fingers on João’s back.

“Ouch! Ouch! That hurts! You’re stronger than you look, son… Wait… The pain’s going away…”

The old man’s expression relaxed as Lin pressed his lower back even harder.

“The muscles can get too tensed around here. You need to take care of it.”

“Oh, you know so much, Lin,” Maria said. “Can you write it down for us?”

“Sure. But you can get all this on my blog.”

“Your blog?”

“Yes. I started a blog recently. I put this kind of stuff there. You can find a lot of tips and recommendations for a healthy life.”

“Oh! That sounds interesting. We’ll definitely check out. This one definitely needs to.” Maria smiled as she tapped her husband’s beer belly. “Was that why you two were taking photos?”

“Yes. We needed some to show Tom’s progress.” Lin looked between the elderly couple and pressed his lips. “Can… can I get a picture of you two?”

“What for?”

“I’d like to make a post saying it doesn’t matter your age. All you need is the will. You know. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

The woman beamed. “Of course, honey. It’s a pleasure.”

They asked one of the guards to take a photo of the four of them.

“It looks good. I can’t wait to see it on your blog,” Maria said before they said goodbye.

After stretching, Lin and Thomas finally began their morning jog in the park.

“Do you think we’ll be like them?” Lin asked suddenly

“What…? W-we’re not… married…” Though Thomas was out of air, his face red had nothing to do with the exercise.

Lin laughed and waved his hand. “No, silly. I mean still be friends when we grow old. And doing stuff together like this.”

Thomas couldn’t help but imagine his future with Lin by his side. “Yeah… probably… I hope so…”

Lin flashed a huge smile. “We’ll be together forever.”

Thomas blushed, then his face grew pale. “Oh, god. You’re gonna make me go jogging so early for the rest of my life, aren’t you?”

“If we’re lucky!”

Lin’s smile as he sped up was too cute for Thomas.

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