Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 21

After the convention, what else do we have for Tom and Lin?
Hope you enjoy the chapter XD

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Married (♂x♂) 21

“Hurry up, hurry up!” Lin shook his childhood friend by the shoulder. He was so excited he was almost jumping. “I wanna see, I wanna see!”

“In a minute. Calm down.” Despite Thomas’ words, he was smiling. “I know you wanna see your blog, but I literally can’t make the internet go faster.”

“Do your computer magic thingy!”

Thomas chuckled, shook his head and turned to the screen.

“I’m not a hacker. And even if I was, there’s nothing I could do. And look, it’s almost up… 99%… There.”

Lin couldn’t wait for Thomas to get off the chair and sat on his lap.

Woah, dude! If you sit on my lap like this…!

Thomas did his best to keep his mind clear of any impure thought.

The moment he saw his blog, Lin’s smile grew. “It looks awesome! Ericka is amazing!”

“Or course. Especially after everything we did,” Thomas mumbled. The moment the image of his childhood friend in cosplay popped into his head, he forced it out. I can’t think of Lin in that skirt… Not with him sitting on my lap…

“You’re still pretending you didn’t have fun?” Lin turned with a mischievous smile. “Stop with the old man thing and just admit you enjoyed it.”

He averted his eyes. “I have the right to remain quiet.”

Lin laughed and leaned back on Thomas. “You had fun. Ericka had fun and also sold everything. I had fun and got this blog. It was a great weekend for all of us.”

“Yeah, yeah. Before you keep on rambling about things you have no proof of, you need to upload a few things now. Like a couple photos and a little bio about yourself.”

“Oh, yeah. You told me to write that…” Lin enthusiasm dialed down a bit.

“You forgot?”

“No, no, I wrote it… I still don’t get why I should put this though… I mean, the tips and exercises routines should speak by itself… It shouldn’t matter from who…”

Thomas patted him on the head.

“It should be like that. But people will be more likely to listen to you if they know how awesome you are with two diplomas. It’s impressive, especially for someone young.”

“Yeah, impressive. Two diplomas and no job…”

Those words were like a knife in Thomas’ heart. Though he couldn’t see Lin’s face, he knew all the joy from the blog had vanished from his friend.

“Stop that. I told you, things will happen in due time. Now let’s focus on getting the blog ready. Let’s see if you have a good photo on your crapbook.”

“I don’t think there are any good photos there…”

Thomas stared at his friend. “That only makes me curious. Speaking of which, I’ve never looked at your page… Let’s see what kind of photos you have here… This one of you holding your diplomas is nice… When you participated in the marathon… Wow, you look so red and sweaty…”

“I did just run a marathon,” Lin said with a wry smile. “I trained a lot for it but I couldn’t move for a whole day afterward… One of your massages would’ve been too good back then.”

Thomas tried, but he couldn’t stop his mind from imagining the scene.

Lin all red and sweaty, begging for his strong hands. As Thomas massaged and alleviated his pain, he moaned in pleasure, his face matching his voice.

Thomas shook his head, trying to dismiss the image. It was not enough to get rid of his red cheeks though. Glad he can’t see my face right now…

“L-let’s keep looking for a good photo…”

As he browsed his friend’s account, he found one photo that grabbed his attention. Lin with a red face and surrounded by women. They were sitting on the bed and clearly drunk.

“What’s this? Why do you look like this?”

Lin stared at the photo for a moment. Then the real one became as red as in the photo and tried to block the screen with his hands. “No! You can’t use that one! Next!”

“I know we can’t use that… Your reaction only makes me more curious. Tell me.”

“No way. It was too embarrassing and something I’d rather forget.” Lin tried to grab the mouse, but Thomas took it out of his reach.

“What happened here? C’mon, it’s me. You can tell me anything.”

“I know that. And I’ve never hidden anything from you. Except this. I just can’t.” Lin turned to him.

The moment he looked at that teary-eyed expression, Thomas was torn between teasing his childhood friend and stopping.

With his heart thumping faster, he decided to stop. He looks so cute like that, Thomas thought, part of him regretting the decision.

“Then you choose the photo,” he said, handing the mouse.

After browsing his old photos a bit more, Lin picked two. One of him working with a patient while he was on his internship as a physical therapy student. The other was Lin receiving a prize for participating in some sports event.

Thomas knew Lin wasn’t satisfied though.

“If you want, we can get up earlier and take a few photos before we go run,” he suggested

“Would you wake up even earlier for that?” Lin turned to look at him.

“For you,” Thomas mumbled, his cheeks red as he averted his eyes.

“Thanks!” Lin gave him a tight hug.

Don’t move so much while sitting on my lap! It’s gonna stir… something that shouldn’t be stirred!

Thomas never voiced what was on his mind and quickly looked for a distraction.

“W-we need a few more things… Like your first posts…”

“Already wrote those!”

“… and that daily workout you talked about. If you move the mouse over this little calendar, it’ll show what you have planned. If you click, there’ll a more detailed version. You need to put everything yourself though.”

“How do I do that?”

Thomas showed everything to Lin, who had a concentrated face as he listened.

“Seems complicated,” he said with a sour expression.

“It’s more intuitive than it seems. You’ll learn while you use it.”

“And if I can’t, I have you to help!” Lin said with a bright smile.

Thomas blushed. “O-of course…”

“Ah, we need one last thing before publishing the blog.”


“A photo of my test subject,” Lin emphasized the last words.

Thomas understood right away and averted his eyes. “There’s no need to put my face… It’s your blog…”

“Of course there is! Without you, this would’ve never happened. And I wanna show the before and after.” Lin grabbed the little extra fat Thomas had around his waist with both hands, smiling.

“S-stop that.” He tried to push the hands away, but it was hard while he laughed. It tickles…

“Showing how to get rid of this will help the blog. I bet women of all age will be interested.”

“Not if you show a guy.”

“That doesn’t matter at all. Good advice is good advice.”

Under that smile, Thomas had nothing to say.

After they made the last adjustments, the blog was ready.

“Okay… if I click here, the blog will be visible to everyone, right?” Lin asked, pressing his lips as he stared at the screen.


He took a deep breath and clicked the button.

The screen went blank for a second and then showed the blog with a message of congratulations.

Lin breathed out in relief. “Now to share on my social media.”

The instant he did, he got a like and a share from Karina.

Congrats on the blog, Lin. I’m definitely recommending to my patients, she wrote on the post.

Lin smiled as he read.

Thomas did the same as he watched his friend. Before he noticed, he was patting Lin on the head again.

“Congratulations, Lin.”


His smile is too cute, Thomas thought, blushing slightly.

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