Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 20

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Married (♂x♂) 20

As they drove Ericka to her cousin’s apartment, the woman announced the smashing success the first day had been.

“I can’t believe I sold everything I brought before lunch! Thanks, you guys!” she said in an over excited voice, slapping Thomas on the shoulder. “If tomorrow’s the same, it’s gonna be my best convention yet! I’m counting on you guys!”

“Yeah, sure,” Thomas mumbled, fighting back a yawn.

“With Sailor Moon in a brand new cosplay!” Ericka shouted suddenly.

“What? Really?” Lin smiled on the back seat. But then he pressed his lips and his cheeks went red. “Wait… it’s not… one of those others I tried out the other day, is it…?”

Ericka grinned and reached out to pinch the man on the cheek. “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Green already lectured me about lewding you. And besides, you two were the most popular cosplayers today. I don’t wanna change the couple factor. I’m gonna make you wear this!”

She pulled her phone and showed a photo to Lin.

“A wedding dress?”

“It’s Princess Serenity’s outfit!” the cosplayer didn’t bother to contain her excitement. “With you and Green in the tuxedo, it’s gonna an even bigger hit!”

“Can you even make it…?” Thomas asked.

“I was already working on it. A few months ago, a bride ordered that dress to use it as her wedding dress. I was making another to market to more clients like her. If I pull an all-nighter to make the adjustments for Lin…”

“Can we enter the couples cosplay contest again with a new cosplay?” Lin asked as he looked at the dress.

“I don’t think so, since Green will be wearing the same. Besides, if the same couple won twice, it’ll seem suspicious. Especially since you’re working with me.”

“Ah, too bad…”

“Don’t worry, Lin. You don’t need to be disappointed. You can still enter the individual contest with the new cosplay. And you’ll definitely win this! If I can pull it off…”

“I see…”

Ericka was staring at her phone when she glanced at Lin. Then she slapped her forehead.

“I’m such an idiot! You’re not upset because of the contest. You wanted people to look at you with Green by your side!”

Thomas tried to keep his face empty as he drove. On the inside, however, his heart was thumping faster. It didn’t help that Lin was blushing on the back seat.


“I’m getting too old,” Thomas complained as he entered their home. “Can’t believe I’m so exhausted…”

“That’s not being old, it’s normal. I’m the same,” Lin said, closing the door.

“Yeah but back then, I could handle three days of convention and still have the energy to study for an exam the next day.”

“Did you get a good grade?”

Thomas averted his eyes.

“It wasn’t a very productive study,” he muttered, and Lin laughed.

“I imagined that. But you have to admit it was fun, even if you complain it’s different from back in your day. I never thought a convention would be like that. We should go next year.”

“If you really want to, there are others this year. Bigger conventions with more stuff to do… They’re not as fun as they used to be, but with you, I don’t mind…”

“Yes! Let’s go!”


“In cosplay!”

Thomas was in the middle of undressing the tuxedo when he turned to his friend. “You gotta be kidding…”

“No. It was too fun dressing up as a character and taking all those photos.”

Thomas smiled shook his head. “Don’t let Ericka hear you. She’ll probably come back for the next convention and put you on another embarrassing cosplay.”

Lin laughed. “I don’t mind. Besides, the cosplays weren’t embarrassing at all. Especially this one.” He twirled around once, the hem of the white dress trailing after him.

Thomas blushed. Even though he had been with Lin the entire day, his mind was still thinking one thing. No matter how I look at it, it’s a wedding dress… my guy wife is wearing a wedding dress… and he looks so cute… If one day he wears that for real…

“Can’t believe Ericka actually managed to finish another cosplay for you…”

“She’s amazing. To pull off all these adjustments in one night…”

“Yeah, because of that, she’s drinking red bull like water today. She’s gonna feel like that all week,” Thomas muttered, part of him happy for the pain his friend would suffer. “But I have to admit, her cosplays are amazing. People wanted to take pics with me…”

Lin let out a weak chuckle. “You make it sound like it never happened before.”

“Yeah, well… When I cosplayed the Green Power Ranger, people only wanted to take pics with me wearing the helmet. They didn’t want to see my face. But I guess with the top hat and those weird glasses people couldn’t see my face either.”

“Stop that. Or are you just saying that to make me say you’re handsome?” Lin poked Thomas on the cheek with a smile. “You’re cute, Tom. And the best Tuxedo Mask for me.”

Thomas tried to stop, but the smile just wanted to come out from his lips.

“I-I don’t need that,” he mumbled, looking away.

“Say all you want. You can’t deny it was fun… I had a blast, but the best part was pretending to be a couple with you,” Lin said in an embarrassed voice, looking at his friend through the corner of his eyes.

This time Thomas couldn’t stop his cheeks from reddening. Damn it… saying that is like a low blow, he thought, doing his best to keep staring forward.

There was a moment of silence as Lin smiled.

Thomas couldn’t look his friend in the eyes. But even so, he noticed when Lin winced.

“Lie down,” he said, dragging his friend to the couch.

Lin obeyed and lay on the couch. Thomas took the white heels off and stared at the foot.

“It’s really red… does it hurt?”

“Yeah, a little…” Lin averted his eyes.

“If you say a little, it means it’s hurting like hell. You always try to hide your pain… Why didn’t you say anything?”

“We were having fun… and I thought I could handle…”

Without a word, Thomas massaged Lin’s foot.

“This feels so good… you’re amazing at this… you always make me feel good with your fingers…” Lin’s voice became more and more drowsy.

In a few seconds, he was dozing off.

“Hey, you can’t sleep here. Go to your bedroom.”

“No… this is… too good… Don’t stop…”

“Aren’t we jogging tomorrow morning? You need a good sleep”

“We can skip once…”

Lin fell asleep.

With a sigh and a smile, Thomas leaned back and closed his eyes. Even so, he didn’t stop massaging Lin’s foot.

Then he too fell asleep.

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