Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 19

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What can a young couple do to have fun in a convention?
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Married (♂x♂) 19

“I’ll p-punish you in the name of the m-moon!” Lin shouted, his face red as he bent one arm and pointed with the other hand.

Despite stuttering a couple times, the guests applauded him.

Can’t believe Lin actually said that. Even I’m too embarrassed to say my line, Thomas thought. Even so, he couldn’t stop smiling as he looked at his friend.

The guest surrounded him, wishing to take more photos. But he wasn’t the only popular one. They also wanted to take a photo with Thomas.

However, the most popular photo was the one with both of them together.

“It’s better when Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are together,” one of the guys said.

“Yeah, they’re a cute couple,” another guest said.

Thomas couldn’t help but blush as he heard. And he didn’t dislike those comments at all.

“Hope we’re doing a good job cosplaying a couple,” Lin said with an embarrassed smile when they were alone for a moment.

“I-I think we can handle that without any problem,” Thomas muttered, scratching his pink cheek. “We’re just as close as any couple…”

Lin beamed and grabbed Thomas’ arms. “This is actually good practice for when we go to the wedding as lovers. No one will doubt us”

“A-a-as lovers…?” Why do you have to say it like that…? It’s true we do love each other… as friends, I mean, but still

“Don’t worry. I’ll be the best lover in the world for you!” Lin’s huge smile was too cute for Thomas to bear.

You already are the best wife I could ever dream of… If only we were married for real

“H-hey, we should g-get back to the booth, don’t you think?” he asked to change the subject and hide his embarrassment. “Ericka might want to take a walk around to advertise her stuff…”

“We just left there!” Lin pouted in a cute way. “And I wanna take a look around. There are so many things I haven’t seen yet.”

Thomas smiled as he showed his phone. “We’ve been walking around for almost two hours.”

“What? No way… I didn’t even notice…”

“Yeah… Taking photos with everyone is tiresome, but fun.”

Lin flashed a cute teasing smile. “You miss the days as the Green Power Ranger, don’t you? You sweated so much but couldn’t stop smiling.”

Thomas pressed his lips and looked away. “Can’t believe Ericka showed you those photos… When she wants, she can be an ass…”

Lin let out a weak chuckle. “Don’t say that. Those photos are good. It’s a side of you I don’t know much of. Besides, I loved seeing you beaming like that. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that.”

“You’re not looking enough. I’ve been smiling since you moved in,” he muttered.

When he realized what he had said, he looked away. But without any response from Lin, he risked a peek at his best friend.

The man dressed as Sailor Moon was blushing and smiling.

“Yeah, it’s true. You’ve been smiling a lot. And I love seeing you like that.”

Thomas gulped, his face even redder.

“L-let’s go see Ericka!” he said louder than he intended.

Without realizing, he was leading Lin by the hand and he had no intention of letting go.

“I love you guys!” The cosplayer shouted when she saw them. She stood from her chair and kissed both men on the cheek.

“Did something good happen?” Lin smiled under such enthusiasm.

“Thanks to you guys walking around advertising, my sales are through the roof! I’ve never sold this much in the morning of the first day!”

“R-really? B-but we’ve just been walking around and saying where we got the cosplays… no one seemed interested,” Thomas said.

“Ah, but they were. Enough to buy my stuff.” Ericka’s grin grew.

For a moment Thomas thought his friend would let out one of those maniac laughs.

“That’s… good…”

“Good? It’s great, Green!” Ericka stood between the men and linked arms with them. “And I had a lot of couples coming here! You have no idea how many girlfriends want to try cosplaying with their boyfriends. Making you guys as a couple was the greatest idea I had!”

“Careful, Ericka. If your ego grows any bigger, your head won’t be able to stand,” Thomas said, not skimping on his sarcasm.

“Say whatever you want! You’re just a character who shows up and does nothing but throw a rose before leaving!” Ericka’s grin only grew by the second. “Now go walk around again! With any luck, I’ll sell everything today!”

“You don’t want us to stay here?” Lin asked.

“No way! I need my walking propaganda, you know, walking. Now go!” The cosplayer pushed them until they moved on their own.

With an awkward smile, Lin turned to his friend. “What now?”

“Wait a sec.” Thomas pulled his phone, went to the convention’s page and showed to Lin. “This is what they have.”

The man dressed as sailor moon hummed as he looked at the list of attractions. Then his eyes shone.

“I know! Let’s go to this one!” he shouted suddenly, pulling Thomas by the hand this time.

“What is it?” Though he had no idea to where, he let Lin drag him.

“You’ll see.”

“I get the feeling I won’t like…”

Lin only smiled and said nothing.

When Thomas realized where he was being taken, he halted where he was.

“No.” That was all he said.

“Yes.” Lin grinned.





Thomas stared at him with a blank face.

“Do you really think I’m some kind of duck who’d fall for that trick?” he asked in a monotone voice.

“Oh, c’mon. Let’s sing karaoke a little. Please.”

“No way.”

“Why not? You’re good. And you love to sing. I know you do. Last week you sang that opening. And even danced with me… It was so fun…”

Thomas blushed. “That was… I got caught in the moment, that’s all… It had been a while since I heard that opening… It’s not like I like to sing… in public,” he added under Lin’s stare.

“Let’s change that now!”

The blonde man in skirt dragged Thomas.

“Damn it! I forgot you’re stronger than me!”

With no other option, he entered the karaoke room. The moment he did, he recognized the song the girl was singing and chuckled.

“As expected of a geek convention. An anime opening…”

“You say that like you’re not one.” Lin grinned and poked him on the cheek.

“I’m a nerd, not a geek. And yes, there’s a difference,” he added before his friend could ask. “What song do you wanna sing?”

“I want us to sing the opening of Sailor Moon!”

Thomas stared at his friend in silence for a moment. “You don’t even know the opening.”

“Actually, I do,” he said with a proud note in his voice. “After Ericka told me what cosplay I was doing it, I looked it up. I didn’t remember the song being this good.”

“I’ll admit, it’s good. Go ahead. I’ll be rooting for you.”

Lin stood where he was with a strange smile. “I said us.”

Thomas blinked a couple times. “No.”


“I’m not going through this again.”

“Then let’s go.”

Under that eager face, he faltered. “I… I… I don’t even know the lyrics!” he said the moment he thought of the excuse.

“Liar. I know it’s on your playlist.”

“How did you know? I never put it on when you’re in the car with me.”

“I didn’t. I just took a guess,” Lin said with a mischievous grin.

Despite his loss, Thomas wanted to smile. He pressed his lips to hide it, though. Can’t believe he got me… I don’t think it’s good for our marriage that I’m tricked so easily…

Under that cute grin, he caved.

“Fine. Just because you bested me this time,” he muttered, still trying to suppress his smile.

“This time? Don’t you mean always?” Lin’s smile only grew, making it harder for Thomas to suppress his.

They indicated what song they wanted and waited for their turn. After a few people sang, they were given the microphones.

Though the room was far from crowded, there were too many eyes for Thomas to be comfortable. His heart thumped louder, but when Lin grabbed his hand, he felt calmer and sang with the person he cared the most.

“That was so fun!” Lin said after they left the karaoke room.

“Yeah… I can’t deny that,” Thomas muttered.

“I knew it!” The man in skirt grabbed his arm and looked up at his friend with a huge grin. “I told you it’d be fun.”

“For how long are you gonna throw that on my head?”

“Until you refuse to do something I want!”

Thomas sighed and smiled. “And it wasn’t just fun. Look.”

He pulled his phone and showed to Lin.

“When did they took that?”

Neither of them noticed, but someone from the event had taken a picture and posted on the social medias. And it was getting a ton of likes.

“Guess we were enjoying ourselves too much to notice. We did sing a lot. And look at the hashtag! Ericka cosplays! She’ll love that.”

“Yeah, I bet she’s grinning right now, thinking more ways how she can use us…”

Lin laughed. “You make her sound like an evil genius.”

“You’re right about the evil part,” Thomas joked, getting another laugh from Lin. “Still, I can’t believe you know that many anime openings…”

“It’s not that surprising… I do watch a few of the anime you’re watching. Then one thing led to another,” he said with a wry smile.

“I had no idea… What are you watching? We should do it together!”

Lin nodded. “That’ll be way more fun!”

Thomas blushed and scratched his cheek to hide. Why am I getting so hyped for watching anime with my guy wife…?

“W-what else are you hiding from me?”

Lin stopped and flashed a strange smile. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

Thomas’ heart thumped louder. Why the hell did that seem so alluring?

“Hey, let’s go eat something. I’m starving. If we don’t get something now, we might not have anything until the couple’s cosplaying contest.”

“Wait, we’re doing that?” Thomas asked, his eyes widen. “I didn’t hear that!”

“Oh, c’mon. It’s gonna be fun. And it’ll help Ericka.”

“We did more than enough. Any more and she’ll get greedy.”

“Let’s do it anyway. It’s gonna be fun. Can you imagine if we win the couple’s cosplaying contest?”

“Fine,” Thomas murmured. But his mind could only focus on the couple’s part.

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