Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 17

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Married (♂x♂) 17

“Are you sure about this?” Thomas asked again. “You can still back out if you want.”

“I’m sure. How many times are you gonna ask me that?” Lin answered a tired voice. Though he tried to hide, his friend could tell he was nervous. “If I do this, I can have a professional blog for free. What’s wrong with cosplaying in exchange?”

“I know it sounds great, but still… Ericka’s cosplays are… a little too much for someone normal like you.”

The word is lewd, but I don’t wanna use the L word when speaking about my wife!

When Thomas realized what he had just thought, he blushed.

“I saw her photos. I’ll admit those cosplays… don’t cover much, but they’re all cute. And besides, she’s your friend, right? She wouldn’t do anything to make me uncomfortable.”

“I hope so. I mean, she tends to get too excited when it’s about cosplay. Once she rambled on for like twenty minutes because someone mentioned about buying a wig.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“And you know she wants to you cross-dress, right?”

“Yes, I do.”

“And you don’t mind?”

“Are you forgetting you invited me to go as your girlfriend to Raul’s wedding?”

Don’t remind me… for some reason, I get butterflies on my stomach when I think about it…


“This could be a good chance to get used to girl’s clothes. I haven’t worn those in a long time. Other than the swimsuit I wore for you.”

Thomas said nothing, his face even warmer. Lin had to remember that… He still had dreams about his friend wearing that. He looked so cute…

“Y-you’re forgetting your sports bra,” he said to mask his embarrassment.

“It’s not a sports bra. How many times will I have to explain to you?” Despite Lin’s tired sigh, he smiled.

Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle.

“If you don’t mind, then… just remember I warned you, okay?”

As they waited in silence, they heard the elevator moving. A couple of seconds later, the doorbell rang.

With a last look at Lin, Thomas opened the door.

Though he knew his friend was a cosplayer above anything else, he wasn’t prepared to see her already in cosplay.

Thomas looked the smiling woman from head to toe without a word.

Ericka was wearing a shirt with purple and white horizontal stripes that didn’t hide her belly button, a purple coat with bunny ears hoodie, a black mini-skirt with black pantyhose, and a pink wig with a long braid.

“Can’t believe you came here wearing that…” He let out a sigh and made no effort to hide his surprise.

Ericka pretended to be hurt by Thomas’ words.

“That’s so mean! We haven’t seen each other in months and that’s the first thing you say?” she said, entering the apartment with her wheeled traveling bag and backpack. After she placed them near the table, Ericka’s face lit with wonder as she saw Lin. “You’re way cuter than in the pics! Can’t believe it’s a real-life trap! You’re gonna be so popular at the anicon!”

She grabbed Lin’s hand with both hers and shook it with a lot of enthusiasm.

The blond man blinked and then smiled.


“Introduce yourself first, idiot,” Thomas muttered.

“Ah! My bad. Whenever cosplays are involved, I tend to get too excited,” the woman said, flashing an apologetic smile. “I’m Ericka Lily, a professional cosplayer and a freelancer programmer when I need to pay my bills. Thanks for helping me!”

“I’m the one who should be thanking. You’re gonna do the blog for free…” Lin flashed an awkward smile.

“It’s not for free. Trust me. With you displaying my cosplays, I’m gonna get a lot of attention. I bet you’re gonna be so popular. We can even do a photo shooting together. If you’re not uncomfortable with, we can do a little ecchi photos. They attract a lot of attention!”

“Hey, don’t go ahead and make wild plans with Lin,” Thomas said.

“Ah! Sorry. I did it again.”

Lin was taken aback but soon recovered.

“I-I’ll think about it,” he said in a polite way. “B-but let’s focus on this first. What’s the work exactly? Thomas didn’t explain…”

“It’s nothing to worry! I’m opening a booth to sell accessories for cosplaying and a few other things at the convention. Normally I just stand there, but with you wearing one of my cosplays, we can take turns walking around the place to attract more customers. But this time the organizers hired me to make a little workshop about my art. You’ll help with by parading them like a fashion show!”

Ericka said all that in one breath and a big smile.

“S-sounds simple, I think… I hope…” Lin blushed and stuttered, “B-but about the c-cosplays… they’re not gonna be… too revealing… are they?”

The woman flashed a grin.

“Don’t worry about that. Trust me, it’s a little ecchi, but nothing that’s gonna prevent you from becoming a bride.”

Thomas widened his eyes and choked. Damn it… she had to mention anything related to marriage…

“Hey, Green, what’s wrong?”

“N-nothing…L-Lin watches anime with me, but he’s not a weeaboo. He doesn’t get the reference.”

“Is that so…?”

“J-just don’t put Lin in any perverted cosplay, okay?” Thomas tried to mask his embarrassment.

But it was too late. The cosplayer had already picked it up. With a mischievous grin, Ericka walked to her friend and whispered in his ear all the cosplays she had planned for the cute blond man.

Thomas widened his eyes, his face once again burning up as he imagined.

“What?” Lin asked, looking between the programmers.

“What do you think?” Ericka asked Thomas.

“I-I approve of those cosplays,” he mumbled, not looking at Lin directly.

“Hey, Tom. What did she say?”

“Nothing, nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Ericka waved her hand to dismiss the topic. Lin was about to insist when she walked around him, humming. “You’re about the same size as me, so I don’t think I’ll need to adjust anything… But since you’re a little taller, the skirt’s gonna show more skin… Hm. I’m okay with that!”

“Wait, what? Show more skin?” Lin blinked and looked at his friend.

Thomas’ face was still red and he didn’t meet his friend’s eyes. “Don’t worry. They’re gonna look good,” he said in a strained voice, trying to hide how much he wanted to see Lin wearing those cosplays.

Ericka opened her bag, took a few clothes and handed to the blond man.

“Try it now,” she said with a bright smile.

With his cheeks red, Lin took the clothes and walked to his bedroom.

“Ah, and those panties there are yours. Thomas paid for them. He insisted you had new and untainted ones,” the cosplayer added with the same mischievous smile.

Lin became an alarming shade of red. So did Thomas.

“I never said that much! And you promised you wouldn’t tell him!”

“He would ask eventually.” Ericka shrugged. “It’s best if he knows now.”

Thomas met Lin’s eyes for a moment. Both averted their gaze right away.

Damn it, Ericka. Don’t add gas to the fire!

The woman only watched, her grin widening. “Ah! Another thing, Lin. If you don’t know how to adjust your friend down there, don’t hesitate to ask for my help!”

As she hoped, her words only made the men more embarrassed.

But as the reaction faded, Ericka noticed Lin’s confusion.

“You didn’t tell her?” she asked Thomas.

He shrugged. “It doesn’t make any difference.”

“Tell me what?” Lin asked.

“I’m a transwoman. So if you have any question about how to set a cute bulge, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Without knowing what to say, Lin went to change into the cosplays, his face red again.

“Is it your life mission to make people embarrassed?” Thomas asked in a hushed voice when they were alone. “Cosplayer, programmer, and professional embarrasser?”

That only made Ericka’s grin wider. “That’s not even a word. And don’t get so nervous. I was just being honest.”

Thomas let out a heavy sigh. “Too honest…”

The woman’s grin faded a little. “You may treat me like anyone else, but that’s not true for most. I just rather this stuff is out in the open as soon as possible.”

“Lin wouldn’t treat you any differently. That’s why I said it made no difference.”

“Even so, I’d rather be honest about who I am,” Ericka said, sitting on her wheeled bag. “Besides, I don’t know him like you do.”

“Lin’s my best and oldest friend. He’s a wonderful person who can brighten my day with just a smile.”

“Hm… Sounds like he’s more than just a friend.”

“W-what’s that supposed to mean?”

His stutter only made the grin come back. “I saw how you reacted when I said the bride thing.”

“T-that was nothing…” Thomas’ face was getting warmer.

“Hm… okay. If you say so. But then again, you did blush when I said the cosplays I brought for your bride.”

Lin’s not my bride. We’re happily married… minus the actually being married part, he thought, averting his eyes.

Before Ericka could tease him, Lin’s voice came from behind the door. “I-I’m not sure if I put this right…”

“Let’s see!” the cosplayer said, not containing the excitement in her voice.

When he came out, Thomas had no reaction. He looks… he looks… amazing…

Lin wore what looked like a modified Japanese priestess outfit with removable long sleeves and white stockings. With the yellow skirts and details, it matched his hair.

“You look perfect!” The cosplayer smiled and showed the thumbs up as she walked around the man. “You’re gonna be so popular!”

“T-the skirt’s a little too short, don’t you think…?” Lin asked, embarrassed as he held the hem.

“No way, it’s perfect! As long as it doesn’t show your panties, you’re fine,” Ericka said. “Don’t you agree, Green?”

“Y-yeah… H-hey, Ericka. I don’t recognize the cosplay… where’s it from?” Thomas asked.

“It’s from an original light novel I’m reading. And by the way, that character is a trap, so Lin’s more than perfect to cosplay him,” Ericka said with a sly smile and a spark in her eyes.

“Just out of curiosity, w-what’s the name of the light novel?”

“The Magical Girl is a Boy,” she said right away. “The main character returned to his hometown a year after almost dying. The first thing he wants to do is meet his best friend and confess. But then he’s attacked by a monster. A magical girl saves him and to his surprise, the magical girl is actually the boy wants to confess his feelings to.”

“S-sounds interesting…” Thomas tried to keep his voice casual.

“It is. And it fits you two, don’t you think? Childhood friends. One looks too cute in a skirt.”

“I, ah…”

Ericka laughed and nudged her friend with the elbow. “Hey, Lin. Please try the next!”

When the blond man went back to his room to change, Thomas remembered what the second cosplay was.

Oh, god… I… I… I don’t think my heart is ready for that…

But he said nothing and only waited.

“T-this c-can’t be right… this skirt is too short,” Lin said before opening the door. “A-are you sure about this…?”

“Yep. 100%.”

Thomas felt his blood rushing somewhere it shouldn’t as he basked in that wonderful sight. Holy… That’s not what Ericka said!

Lin wore a sleeveless sailor outfit, red and white stockings, a blue micro-skirt and a black thong, strings exposed.

Ericka smiled and nodded in approval. “It looks great! You’ll be the most popular cosplayer in the event! I doubt even a girl would look this good wearing that!”

“I-I can’t wear this!” Lin said, covering himself as best he could with the arms. But it made no difference.

“Let’s ask Green’s opinion.”

Thomas had trouble speaking. All he could do was gawk at Lin’s figure in the Shimakaze cosplay

“I… I… I don’t wanna everyone seeing him like that!” he shouted when he recovered his voice. I’m the only one who can see Lin like that!

Ericka’s smile turned mischievous again. “I’m so, so sorry, Green. I never thought about it. Of course you don’t wanna share your waifu with others. Okay, Lin. The last cosplay.”

The blond man went back to his room one more time, more embarrassed than ever.

“What are you trying to do, woman? Why that cosplay? It was different than what you said!”

“My bad. Guess I made a mistake. Oops. But given your reaction, you didn’t dislike it,” she said, shrugging. “But I’ll admit I shouldn’t mess with people’s waifus.”

Thomas pressed his lips and said nothing. That’s right… don’t lewd my wife just because he’s a guy. He is a pure soul.

“H-hey, I think this one looks good,” Lin said as he opened the door.

Despite being a normal cosplay, Thomas could only smile as he saw his best friend wearing that nostalgic outfit. He looks beautiful…

Ericka placed a hand on her chin and hummed. “As expected of me. I knew this was the best cosplay for him.”

Lin was dressed as another magical girl. A white sailor uniform with an orange skirt and high heels, and white gloves that went up his elbows.

“With Lin wearing the complete cosplay, it’s gonna make my art way more famous! Don’t you agree, Green?”

“Y-yeah… I always thought Lin looked perfect as Sailor Venus,” Thomas said, still mesmerized.

Lin blushed and played with his fingers. “Thanks… I like the first one, but this is better. It reminds me when we watched the anime on TV.”

Ericka noticed the good mood and said nothing, only smiled as she watched the two men embarrassed and smiling to each other.

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