Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 16

What? Two chapters of Married (♂x♂) in the same week?
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Married (♂x♂) 16

Hey, Ericka, Thomas wrote and sent the text to a friend he hadn’t spoke to in a while.

He put the phone down, turn off the car, and picked up his backpack. As he got out of the car, his phone rang.

Hey, Green. It’s been a while. What’s up?

Thomas was torn between sighing and smiling. It’s been years since I’ve cosplayed the most awesome power ranger, and yet she only calls me that.

Are you busy? He texted.

Nope! I’m completely free for the next few weeks! I’ve finished all of my freelancing work ‘cause of a convention. It’s in your town, by the way. I’m 100% focus on the convention, the programmer and cosplayer wrote back.

Great. I have something for you as soon as the convention is over.

What do you need?

A web design for a blog.

Sounds easy. I could always use some extra cash.

Yeah, but please give me a discount.

You’ve always been a cheapskate! That’s a bad Green ranger, Ericka typed, followed by many random letters that meant a laugh. But fine. I’ll be generous and make a good price for you. You’ve helped so many times already. Why a blog, anyway? You in the mood for that now? What are you gonna blog about?

It’s a blog about health. You know, exercise, eating good food. This kind of stuff, Thomas wrote. The moment he hit send, he already knew what would come next.

Just as he expected, his friend typed way more random letters now.

For real? A blog about health? You?

Despite his annoyance, he couldn’t help but agree with the cosplayer. It does sound weird coming from me.

The blog isn’t for me. It’s for a friend, Thomas replied.

Ahhhhh. That makes way more sense. But I know you’ve been jogging every day. I saw a few pics on your Trashbook account. You’ve changed, man. It’s like you’re trying to be a responsible member of society. I never expected that from you.

Sadly, I’m becoming one.

Haha. Thank goodness I’m safe from that, Ericka typed and then sent a smiling emoji. Wait, this friend you’re talking about, is this blond cutie?

The cosplayer sent a picture from his account. It was Lin and Thomas the first time they went jogging. While the blond smiled, he looked as if dying.

You could say I was dying at the time, Thomas thought, smiling now. Can’t believe she went to my profile to get his photo…

Yeah, it’s him. The blog is for him.

DUDE, Ericka typed. I’ll design the most awesome blog for free if he helps me at the anime convention.

Thomas had to read the text a few times to make sure he hadn’t misread. No way… she’s actually offering it for free just for that?

Guess she’s really more of a cosplayer than a programmer.

But even if the trans woman was his longtime friend, Thomas was still suspicious. I’m not about to offer Lin to a crazy cosplayer like that.

What kind of help are you talking about?  He typed.

Something simple. I need him to display a couple of cosplays and maintain the booth during my workshop.

Lin cosplaying…? Thomas’ heart thumped faster as his imagination went wild. W-what kind of cosplay?

When he asked, Ericka answered right away.

Cute and lewd ones! You’ll love it too! Knowing you, you wanna see that cute trap in a skirt, am I right?

Thomas blushed and pressed his eyes. Stupid woman… she knows exactly what I’m thinking… There are so many cosplays Lin would look too cute in…

I’ll ask him about it, he wrote back after he controlled his imagination.

Great! The convention is next Saturday. I’m in town this Wednesday. Give me a reply as fast as you can. I need to bring a few more cosplays and make some adjustments if he says yes.


Despite trying, Thomas couldn’t stop his imagination for long. Damn it… now I’m picturing Lin in a bunch of cosplays… with his long blond hair…

He sighed as he entered the elevator. I don’t know if he’ll accept, but if he does, it’s gonna save some good money… I wished I could do it in Ericka’s place, but my skills as a web designer suck…

“Hey, hone… Lin, I’m home,” Thomas said as he opened the door of their home. I gotta fix that… if he hears me calling him honey…

“Hm? Ah, hey, Tom,” a distracted voice answered him. “Dinner will be ready soon…”

“Excellent!” He flashed a huge smile, whilst his stomach groaned when the wonderful smell from the oven reached his nose. But then he saw his cute childhood friend staring the laptop, too concentrated. “What are you doing?”

“Hm? Oh, hey… I’m just looking at some blogs. I wanna see if there’s one with a good design.”

“Speaking of that, I just talked with a friend and she—” Before he finished speaking, Lin changed the tab and a loud song started. “Those blogs with those annoying web radio still exists?”

“S-sorry… I’ll turn it off… as soon as I can find where…” As Lin searched for the off button, the music went on.

“Mute the tab at least,” Thomas said. Before Lin could do that, the music ended. “Much better.”

“Sorry for that. This blog is old… the last post was from ten years ago… too bad. But the design is cute.”

“Don’t forget to mute the tab before the next—” Before he finished saying, the next song began. When the programmer recognized it, he held a hand to Lin. “Wait!”


With a huge smile, Thomas was moved his head in the rhythm of the song. “Don’t you recognize it?”

Lin only shook his head.

Looking at his confused best friend, Thomas sang the lyrics.

‘Bit by bit, I’m falling under your spell. Your smile’s all I need to see to know we’ll leave this endless darkness. Saying “come along with me!” hold my hand!’

Just like the lyrics, he offered the hand to his roommate.

Lin blinked in surprise. Though still confused, he smiled and took the hand.

“‘Back when you first came into my life, I recalled a place that I knew as a child. A special place, one that I held close to my heart’.” Thomas sang to his heart content. Then, following the lyrics, he danced with his best friend. “‘Won’t you lead me in a dance down this winding road where light and shadow entwine to take hold of the thoughts of the one left far behind? Know that sometimes, I want to turn around and see the things that I’ve passed on the journey. But know with love on my side, with courage and pride, I’ll fight; I will carry on!’ Come, Lin, sing with me!

“But the neighbors…” Lin smiled as blushed as they danced on the living room. Then he laughed.

Bit by bit, I’m falling under your charm. You’ll keep me and all the world far from harm.” Thomas beamed when they sang together, his voice even louder. “Bring hope to everyone; take in your hands eternity. Even when it seems that I don’t need you, just know that I am in love; can’t wait to leave this endless darkness. Won’t you come along with me? hold my hand!’”

When the song ended, they were both sweating and panting a little. They looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

“What was that?” Lin asked, his smile even bigger.

“I have no idea. When I heard the opening, I just…” Thomas blushed but didn’t stop smiling either. “I really loved that song when I was a kid.”

There was a little moment of embarrassed silence.

“I get what you mean,” Lin said. “The lyric is too beautiful. And it fits you.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I mean, ‘Your smile’s all I need to see to know we’ll leave this endless darkness.’ And ‘You’ll keep me and all the world far from harm.’” Lin sang again, his cheeks a shade of red, his smile shy and cute. “You’re like that to me.”

Thomas’ heart thumped frenetically under that expression. His face was an alarming shade of red. What the hell? How can my wife say that to me with a face like that? Does he want me to propose to him now?

The bell from the oven spared him from needing to come up with anything to say.

“Dinner’s ready. Let’s eat.” Lin was still smiling as he closed the tab with the web radio and put his laptop away.


As they set the table, Thomas couldn’t help but think about the lyrics. Lin’s wrong… those parts fit him way more… His smile is exactly like that too. And the rest… He couldn’t help but sing in his head.

Bit by bit, I’m falling under your charm… No matter what I’ll always love you… Even when you’re mad, even when you are blue… I have something I want to tell you but I cannot seem to find the time or the chance.’

Too bad that part isn’t in the TV opening…

Thomas’ heart was still thumping faster as he had a delicious meal with the person he cherished the most.

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