Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 15

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Married (♂x♂) 15

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was high in the sky, but thanks to the AC, the room was cool. The birds chirped happily on the tree next to the window.

Thomas was half awake. Though he knew he was in a dream, he managed to keep sleeping.

Suddenly he was pulled from the dream world into the harsh reality.

“Hey Tom, it’s time to wake up!” Lin said in his joyful voice.

Although Thomas still had his eyes closed, he knew the blond man had the smile that could brighten even the darkest day.

But even his wife’s beautiful smile wasn’t enough to put him in a good mood.

“It’s not… it’s time to sleep… It’s so cool here…”

Still without opening his eyes, Thomas turned and tried to pull Lin by the wrist.

His plan was to make the man he called his wife lie beside him experience the gravitational pull of pillow, and give up jogging just today.

However, Lin was already used to that tactic and raised his arms out of his husband’s reach.

“I’m not falling for that. Not again.” His voice was still in the same cheerful level.

Thomas grunted and still refused to open his eyes. “Why are you in such a good mood today? I get it when it’s a weekday, but today is Saturday, for God’s sake. Saturday!”

“You can repeat all you want. Get up.” When he made no motion of getting up, Lin pulled the sheet. “C’mon. I’m excited ‘cause I found something interesting.”

“What?” Thomas asked, pulling the sheets to cover his head again.

“If you look at me, you’ll know.”

His desire to keep lying on the bed was strong. But his curiosity to see what made Lin so hyped was bigger.

Grudgingly, he took the sheet from his face and looked at the man he liked to call his wife.

Thomas blinked a couple times, not believing.

“W-w-why are you wearing a sports bra?”

Ah, crap! With that, the short shorts and the hair tied in a ponytail, he looks too cute! Why is my guy wife is so damn cute?

He’s making it harder and harder to ignore how cute he is!

I don’t want people looking at my wife with lewd eyes! That’s for my eyes only! I mean, he’s too pure to be lewd up!

Lin smiled and shook the index finger while making a buzzing sound. “You’re wrong. It’s not a sports bra. It’s a wearable gadget?”

“A what…?”

“A wearable gadget. It’s a performance tracker.” He turned around and pointed to the space between his back bones. “Do you see that? It tracks my movements, speed, and other vital statistics and sends me a lot of interesting information directly to my phone.”


Thomas couldn’t help but stare at the black wearable gadget that looked more like a sports bra. Then his slow mind finally remembered.

“Ah… it’s that thing football players wears…”

“Yes!” Lin’s smile widened. Then he shook his mind. “Why would I wear a sports bra?”

“Eh… W-where did you get it?” Thomas quickly changed the subject when his face became hotter.

“Back at college. It was during a seminar by this company. At the end, they did a raffle and I won this gadget. I tried a couple times, but then forgot I even had it until my mom send it to me.”

“That’s why you’re extra happy?”

“Yep! I’ve been wanting to track my speed, average time, and a few other stuff for a while. With this, I can!”

Thomas couldn’t help but smile and blush. No matter how I look at it, it’s a sports bra. And with his girly looks, it’s gonna make me even more confused…

God, look at it! I can see his nipples!

But if he’s happy… that’s all that matters.

“Now c’mon. I can’t wait to test this!”

Under that enthusiasm, Thomas didn’t resist when Lin pulled him out of bed.

Can’t believe I’m gonna jog with my guy wife wearing a sports bra…


By the time he got home, Thomas was too tired. So tired he didn’t want to play video game.

Instead of going to his room to take a nap, he lay down right there on the couch.

My room and my bed seem too far away, Thomas thought, resting his head on the pillow.

Lin will wake me up when he gets home… can’t believe he actually kept going just to test his sports bra…

As Thomas pictured the man he called his wife with the black wearable gadget, he couldn’t help but blush.

He looks so cute in that, it’s not fair…

When he realized what he was thinking, he couldn’t help but laugh. I must be the only guy in the world who complains his wife is too cute…

Then he let out a sigh.

Lin said he wanted to test the sports bra a little more, but I know it’s because I’m dragging him. I bet he could do ten more laps if he wasn’t slowing down his pace for me…

I’ll make it up when he gets home… somehow…

Maybe we can go out… have lunch at the mall… ah, I could buy him a new pair of sneakers… His old ones are all battered… Then we could go to the movie theater. We watch a movie every week, but it’s different going out…

Yeah, it sounds nice… a nice day for us…

Wait… why am I planning a date with Lin?


We’re not married, but it’s not like I can take him for granted… I wanna do something nice for him too… now and for the rest of my life…

That was the last thing Thomas thought before his mind drifted into sleep…

But once again he was pulled from the dreamland too suddenly.

Something heavy, hot and sweaty was on top him.

What the…?

It took a moment for his mind to work properly.

With great effort, Thomas opened his eyes and turned his head.

Lin was the heavy, hot and sweaty thing on top of him.

He’s not that heavy though… Wait, it doesn’t matter.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m tired,” Lin answered in a sleepy voice, his breathing slowing down.

“Then go to your room. You’re all sweaty!”

“It’s too far… You’re so comfy… And I just put clean sheets yesterday.”

“Then you’re okay with sweating all over me?”

“You make it sound dirty… Like I’m gonna take off my shirt and rub my sweaty body against yours until we have the same smell,” Lin said in the same sleepy voice but he was smiling.

Thomas couldn’t help but picture it. Then he shook his head to dismiss the idea that made his heart thump faster.

“Don’t put words in my mouth!”

“Then let me lie here for a bit.”

“No! Besides sweaty, you’re hot!”

“And you’re cool and fresh… I can’t help it.” Lin hugged Thomas and rested his head on his friend’s back. “So good…”

“Don’t fall asleep!”

“Don’t worry… You haven’t showered… you’re wearing the same clothes…  If you want, we can take a shower together like we did when we were kids.”

Despite not having any second intentions, Lin’s words made Thomas’ face go a wild shade of red. Damn it! Now I can’t stop picturing you and me taking a shower now!

“Why are you bringing that up? Just get off!” Thomas shook his body as best he could without getting off the couch.

It made no difference; Lin hugged him tighter and didn’t let go.

“Just a little bit… until I recover my energy… I pushed myself more than I should today… Now that I think about it, I did the same thing back then… Hey, can you give me a massage later…? Your massages are so good… Your fingers know how to please me…”

Don’t say it like that! You’re making on purpose, aren’t you?

“If you get off me, I’ll give you a massage right now!”

“No… this is too… comfortable…”

The next moment, the blond man’s breathing became slow and steady.

“Lin? Lin?”

No matter how much Thomas called, his friend didn’t respond. Can’t believe he actually fell asleep on top of me!

He pressed his face against the pillow and exhaled slowly. When he was calmer, he turned his head again.

When he saw Lin’s sleeping face, Thomas couldn’t be mad at all.

Just this once, he thought, blushing. Besides, it’s not like my wife is heavy… He’s small and cute… and I don’t mind his sweat…

What the hell am I thinking?

With his face an alarming shade of red, Thomas buried his face on the pillow and tried to sleep again.

But as he felt Lin’s heart thumping, he couldn’t sleep at all.

This isn’t so bad…

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