Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 14

Thomas can barely hide what’s in his mind anymore XD
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Married (♂x♂) 14

“Hone… Lin, I’m home,” Thomas said the moment he opened the door of his apartment.

With his cheeks a shade of red, he looked around. Seeing the living room was empty, he breathed out in relief.

Thank goodness my wife’s not here at the moment. I almost said ‘honey, I’m home’ without realizing… It’s bad enough that I’m taking him as my ‘girlfriend’ to Raul’s wedding. I don’t need to add any more fire to the fuel… more than I already have…

Once his face was back to normal, he looked around for the wonderful man he liked to call his wife.

Then he heard a laugh come from Lin’s room.

So he’s home, Thomas thought. But before he could call his best friend, he heard another voice coming from the bedroom. A girl’s voice.

Lin’s not alone…

It took a moment for him to process that idea. When it did, his mind went out of control.

No matter how much he tried, Thomas couldn’t stop the visions of the man he called his wife kissing a woman.

No… There’s no way Lin would do that to me… I mean, he’d tell me if he had something going on with a girl… We’re married, I mean, we’re together most of the time… he’d tell me if he had a… girl…

But what if she’s an old girlfriend who wanted to ‘catch up’? It could be… I have no idea how was that time of his life… We barely talked while we were in college… We both were too embarrassed after what happened in our prom night… wait, I shouldn’t think of that.

Thomas shook his head and took deep breaths to clear his mind.

It worked. The images were gone.

For a second.

Then the pictures of Lin kissing some random woman was back in his head. And each one felt like a tug on his heart.

No… he wouldn’t do that. He’s my wife, I mean, my best friend… he’d tell me…

He stood where he was, watching the door completely still.

Another laugh. From the girl and Lin.

The images became worse and Thomas couldn’t take it anymore.

He got closer to the door and pressed his ear against it, wanting to hear what they were doing, hoping it was the opposite of the pictures in his head.

Wait… what the hell am I doing…?

Lin is my wife, I mean, best friend. I shouldn’t act like an idiot and eavesdrop on him like this. I’m not a jealous husband, I mean, friend, he told himself.

Mustering all the dignity he could despite his red face and wild imagination, he knocked on the door.

Another laugh.

“It’s Tom! Come in, come in,” Lin said in an excited voice.

With his heart thumping too fast, Thomas gulped, cleared all the images of Lin kissing a random woman from his head again and opened the door.

When he saw the situation, he breathed out in relief and smiled.

The laughing woman was Karina, Lin’s friend from college whom Thomas had met briefly when he went to pick up Lin at the bar.

And, most importantly, despite lying on the bed with a laptop between them, they were both fully clothed.

“Hey, Tom. Join us!” Lin said in the same excited voice, offering the beer he was drinking.

The programmer looked between the drunk blond man and the smiling woman.

To stop the image of them kissing that was coming, he accepted the beer and drank it.

“What are you guys doing?”

“We’re looking through blogs,” Karina said.

“Blogs…?” Thomas repeated slowly. “What kind of blogs?”

“Every kind. It doesn’t matter. We’re looking the design.”

“Okay… Why…?”

“Because I’m gonna have a blog,” Lin announced with a huge smile.

Thomas took another sip of the beer. “You wanna create a blog?”

“Yep. A blog centered on giving health tips. You know, to help people get healthier and enjoy life more.”

“Okay… Sounds… interesting, I guess…”

“You don’t like the idea?” Lin’s smile faltered.

That sent a pang through Thomas’ heart.

“No, no, no. That’s not what I mean. It’s so sudden I haven’t had time to process,” he quickly added waving his hands nervously. “You never talked about a blog. Where did you get the idea?”

“Karina suggested it,” Lin said, pointing to the woman.

“Yeah. It’s a great idea. Since he’s not working right now, it’d be a shame to not put all his knowledge to use,” she said, messing Lin’s hair.

“Stop that.” The blond man smiled and pushed the hands away from his head. “It’s not that big of a deal as she says, but that’s the general idea. To share tips to get healthier. I think people will like that,” he said, running the fingers through his hair to straighten it.

Thomas pressed his lips. Then he sipped the rest of Lin’s beer. I can’t believe seeing someone else do that made me so jealous…

“W-what do you think…?” Though he hesitated, Lin asked Thomas with a huge smile.

He had a lot to say. Like blogging was popular last decade. That the decent money-making traffic went to huge blogs who could afford advertising nowadays. That maintaining a blog wasn’t something easy, both in terms of money and updating constantly with interesting content. Or that even if Lin did post interesting stuff that could help someone’s life, people could simply not be interested if it meant they actually had to do something other than reading on their phones.

But under that hopeful smile that helped him get through so many hard days, Thomas couldn’t say any of those things.

I can’t be negative to someone as wonderful as him.

Instead, he sat next to Lin and looked at the laptop. “It sounds interesting. But did you think of what are you gonna post?”

“Health and exercise tips. Small things that wouldn’t take more than five minutes, you know? That way people couldn’t find an excuse,” Lin said with the excitement back on his voice.

Thomas couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.  “Trust me. People can and will find excuses when they really want. Don’t underestimate us.”

“You say that, but you’ve been a good boy jogging with me.” Lin smiled and poked Thomas on the belly. “I know you wanna lose this.”

Thomas blushed and held the finger. I really, really don’t mind, he thought but didn’t say.

Karina flashed a strange smile as she watched them.

“Do you have any idea what our boy here should post?”

Thomas gulped and tried to recollect himself.

“M-maybe. I mean, that stuff sounds good but people might be more interested if you share personal things.”

“Like what?” Karina asked.

“I don’t know…” He thought for a moment. Then he snapped his fingers. “Ah! How about your daily workout, Lin? Like put what you did that day. Like a diary. Ah, you can also create a routine for beginners, so the readers can do it too if they want. If they’re involved, there’s a higher chance they’ll stick around.”

Lin’s face lit with a smile. “You’re right! That’s a great idea.”

Seeing that smile made Thomas’ heart lighter.

“Yeah, I never thought of that,” Karina added.

“You’re the best, Tom!”

Lin hugged the man.

Thomas blushed. His hugs are so good, he thought for a moment. But when he had another idea, his cheeks went back to its normal color. Can’t believe I’m actually gonna suggest this… but for Lin, I don’t mind…

“You… can also put a real case example so the readers can follow the progress…”

“What do you mean?” Lin and Karina asked at the same time.

“Put me,” Thomas said grudgingly. It was the last thing he wanted, but for that smile, he forced the words out of him. “We can even increase our workout… to show more results… and… and even put photos of me… you know… before and after…”

It took a moment, but when Lin understood, his face lit with a smile. “Oh! That’s a great idea!” But then he held back the smile. “But are you sure about this? You don’t even like putting your photos on social media…”

“If it’s to help you, I don’t mind at all,” Thomas mumbled, averting his eyes as his cheeks became red.

Karina’s strange smile was back. “Hey, Lin. You cook for Tom every day, don’t you? You could also share healthy recipes.”

“Oh! That’s a great idea! It’s an angle we didn’t think. And could make the people who came for the recipes interested in getting healthier!”

As they talked about what kind of content Lin could write, Thomas smiled in relief.

I hardly think a blog on this day would become big. But with Lin like this, it might just make it.

And I’ll help any way I can.

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