Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 12

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Married (♂x♂) 12

Everything is gonna be okay, Thomas said to himself after he finished changing. And in case it’s not, I’ll be there for Lin.

For the first time in weeks, they didn’t go jogging on a Monday morning. After everything that happened over the weekend, they decided it wasn’t a bad idea to give themselves a one day break.

Though I don’t like waking up that early, it’s kinda become a habit by now… I mean, Lin waking me up with a smile was a great way to start my day, he thought, letting out a sigh.

But tomorrow, our married routine will be back to normal, even though I’m not married to the guy.

“Hey, Lin. Good morning,” Thomas said in a chirpy voice as he left his bedroom.

The blond beauty was cooking breakfast, as usual. When he heard his friend, he turned around and flashed a huge smile. “Good morning!”

Thomas’ heart thumped faster under that smile. Even so, he knew he couldn’t let his guard down. Lin’s forcing that smile, but it’s not like he’s trying to hide his feelings

“How you doing?” he asked in a low voice as he sat at the table.

“I’m better,” Lin said, turning back to face the food. “I am, really. If not for you, I’d still be a mess. But after two days, I can’t stay like that. I need to keep walking, right? Because things will happen in the right time. I believe in you.”

He turned and smiled at Thomas again. Though this smile wasn’t as big as the first one, it filled the childhood friend with relief.

“You better. Because it will. I can feel it.”

As Thomas waited for his food, he couldn’t stifle a yawn. I’m so tired… Wait… is it because I didn’t go jogging? Ah, crap… But if Lin hears this, he’ll certainly be happy… I mean, he’s making his husband a functional member of society

As he thought of that, he yawned again. I get the feeling my day will be like this… at least there’s no meeting today

They had spent the rest of the weekend on the couch, either binge-watching a TV show or playing video games. They only got up to use the bathroom or to answer the door when the deliverymen brought their food.

Lin was much better when he went to his bedroom yesterday night… hope he doesn’t feel down while I’m at work… Wish I could skip today to stay with him

Despite his relief, Thomas couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty; even though he shouldn’t feel that, the weekend was one of the best he had. Playing games and watching TV with Lin all day… That’s how I imagined living with my best friend would be, minus the acting like my wife, though I don’t dislike that… I don’t wanna say, but this entire weekend with him was awesome… Hope we can do it again, though not because of the same reason

“Hey, Lin… if you want, I can call in sick today and we can spend the day together…”

The blond beauty flashed a wry smile. “Thanks. I appreciate, but you shouldn’t call in sick when you’re not… even if it’s for me…” Lin’s cheek went a shade of pink.

“W-what if I work from home today?” Thomas added to hide his embarrassment. Ah, damn… my wife blushing is too cute… “It’s a hassle, but I don’t mind doing it for you.”

Lin flashed a warm smile as he placed the food on the plates. “You really spoil me, Tom. Thanks. But I know you wouldn’t get any work done if you stay home keeping me company. So go to work. I’ll be fine. I’ll be waiting for you with a delicious and healthy dinner.”

“Okay… if you say so…”

Despite the programmer’s concern, Lin did seemed better by the time they said goodbye.

I just wish there was something more I could do… something definitive

After a long day, even with his head heavy from work, Thomas forced his mind to think.

Should I do it…? It’s like opening Pandora’s Box to our past, he thought as he drove home. But for Lin… Ah, damn it! Why did that fat bastard had to suggest such a great idea? Now I can’t stop thinking about it!

As he pondered the idea, Thomas opened the door to his home. The lights out surprised him a little, but he was way more surprised when he turned them on.

Lin was waiting at the back of the living room. But when Thomas turned on the light, the blond cutie came to great him wearing nothing but an apron and a girl’s swimsuit.

“Welcome home, dear,” the beautiful blond man said in a joyful voice, his smile matching, his face red. “Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps…”

Thomas’ heart thumped even faster, his face an alarming shade of red. Holy shit! This is one of my top fantasies! My wife greeting me like this! Are you trying to make me fall for you, Lin?

Holy shit! Look how cute he is! How could any guy say no to this?

Yes, I want your naked body right now!

“…me… to give you a massage?” Lin finished the sentence, fidgeting his fingers out of embarrassment.

Thomas blinked many times, his mind not working properly yet.

“T-t-the massage…” he said, gulping.

For a moment I wanted him, he thought, blushing even more. But it’s okay, right…? I mean, even though we’re not married, he’s my wife… right?

“W-why are you doing this?”

Thomas had trouble meeting Lin’s face as he lied on the couch. I can’t look at him without having strangely alluring images…

“After I called Karina to apologize for my behavior Friday night, we talked and she said I should do something to thank you for everything you did,” Lin explained as he massaged his friend’s shoulders.

“N-not that I’m complaining…” God, I’m really not! I’m the luckiest guy on earth right now! “B-but how did you think of the… anime wife greeting…?”

The blond man wearing nothing but an apron over a girl’s swimsuit snorted as he climbed on top of Thomas and applied more force. “Please. I know you like this kind of stuff. We’ve watched anime together too many times.”

Thomas grunted in pain, but his mind could only feel bliss. It’s like I’m in heaven

“So you noticed… I like this kind of stuff…”

“I’m not blind. Sorry I’m a man instead of a cute anime girl, but I hope this bikini I got from Karina is good enough to fool you once.”

Oh, please! Fool me? You’re a trap I’d step on with a smile! You’re way hotter than any girl. 2D or 3D! And you’re my wife! I already know you’re a guy! If we keep on living like this, I’m not gonna care anymore!

“Y-you really don’t have to worry about that, Lin,” he said instead, his heart beating so fast it felt like exploding with joy. You’re my best friend and the perfect wife! It doesn’t matter that you have something extra between your legs!

After the massage, the relaxing bath, and the delicious dinner, Thomas felt like he was in heaven.

I don’t know what lottery ticket I won, but Lin’s too good for me…

And I can’t even make a phone call just because I don’t wanna talk to that idiot

With a deep breath, Thomas had made his mind. I’m gonna listen to Carlos and ask Lin to be my date to my old roommate’s wedding. Hope that fat bastard doesn’t gloat about me taking a man instead of a woman

What am I thinking…? I’m sure that bastard won’t let me forget this for the rest of his life…

But whether I like it or not, this wedding an opportunity to take Lin somewhere different… it’s gonna be good for him

Thomas let out a sigh. All I need now is to invite my guy wife to a wedding

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