Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 10

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Married (♂x♂) 10

At least today wasn’t so bad, Thomas thought as he drove home. Despite that, his head was pounding.

When he stopped at a red light, he rubbed his temples.  I feel like my head’s about to explode… Thank God nothing went wrong like the other day… I’d hate to waste more time because of some idiot…

All I wanna do is get home, eat Lin’s delicious food, and play video game until I crash. With any luck, I’ll only wake up for dinner tomorrow.

Dinner… Wonder what Lin prepared for me today… As Thomas thought of food, his stomach groaned. Crap… now that I think about it, I only ate that power bar since lunch

When the traffic light turned green, he sped up, trying to get home as fast as he could, to eat the delicious food Lin had prepared just for him.

When he thought about it, he couldn’t help but smile. Until Lin moved in, all I cared was to get home and play. Now I wanna see him the most.

But when he turned around the corner, he stopped; there was a massive traffic jam ahead of him.

Oh great… just what I needed to make this day even better, Thomas thought, his head throbbing even more as he texted the man waiting for him at their home.

He arrived an hour and a half later than usual.

When he found out the reason, the programmer only got angrier. A damn bus break at god knows where and it jams the entire city. What the hell?

“Lin?” Thomas asked when he unlocked the door.

There was nothing he wanted to see more than that smile. It had the power to brighten his day. To his surprise, and dejection, there was no answer.

He pulled out his phoned and cursed it when he saw it was out of battery. Just greatThat’s why Lin didn’t answer my text…

After he put it to charge, he took a long cold shower to wash away the day he had. When he got out, he turned on his phone and saw Lin had left him a message.

I’m going out for a drink with a friend. Your dinner is in the microwave. Just heat up for a minute. Hope you like it.

Those words alone were enough to make him smile. I can always count on Lin.

When he saw the dinner, he couldn’t be happier; lasagna, one of his favorites. And there was a little handwritten note on top of the food.

You’ve been working hard so I made your favorite. But don’t worry, it’s healthy.

Thomas felt too satisfied as he heated the food and read the note again. I’m so lucky to have someone like Lin. Even if we’re not dating, he’s the best wife I could ever deserve. Hope I’m a good husband to him.

He ate generous portions, enjoying the meal filled with love to the last bite.

After he finished and washed the dish, he felt a new man, as if the crappy past days at work had never happened.

But when he sat on the couch to play, his phone rang.

Ah, crap… The annoyance crossed his face, but it vanished the moment he saw who was calling. It’s my guy wife.

“Hey, Lin,” Thomas said in a voice full of joy. “I just ate the lasagna. It was delicious.”

“Hello, is this Thomas, Lin’s roommate?” a stranger spoke.

“Yeah, I’m Thomas,” he said, suddenly sitting straight. I have a bad feeling…

“I’m Lin’s friend. I don’t know if you know, but we went out to drink tonight—”

“Yes. He texted me. Did something happened?”

“Yeah… we—”

“What? Is Lin okay?” His heart was thumping so fast it was hurting a little. He got up and looked for his car key and wallet.

“Yeah, he’s fine. It’s just that he drank too much and he’s… could you come pick him up?”

“I’m on my way. Send me the address.”

With his imagination running wild, Thomas put some clothes and raced to where Lin was.

“Lin!” he shouted when he entered the bar, attracting the stares of everyone. “I’m here!”

A woman came to him. “Thomas!”

“Where’s Lin?” he asked in a panicked voice. “What happened? How is he?”

“He’s fine… I mean, he drank too much and now he’s… just come,” she said, leading him to the back of the bar.

“Tom! I’m so happy you’re here! Come have a drink with me!” Lin said the moment he saw his best friend. He waved an empty bottle of beer around, almost falling off the stool.

“Hey, Lin. How are you?” Thomas raced to help in case Lin fell.

“I’m fine!” The blond man flashed a smile, his face red with booze. “I’m glad you’re here. You’re one of the few people who doesn’t judge me for being a loser.”

“What? A loser?” Those words took him aback. “What are you talking about? You’re not a loser.”

“Yes, I am. I got two diplomas and no job. Isn’t that funny?” He let out a short dry humorless laugh. Then he shouted at the top of his lungs, “What do you call people like that? A loser! A huge loser! Don’t you agree?”

“No, I don’t. You’re not a loser, Lin.”

“Liar. It’s so funny, isn’t it? I worked my ass off in college, managed to get two diplomas and now I can’t get even a job! Meanwhile, people who’ve studied with me are already happily employed. Even though they weren’t better than me than me! Isn’t that funny as hell?”

Lin laughed as loud as he could. But the laughs turned into sobs. Then into tears.

“I can’t believe I lost another job…” Lin began crying without any restraint. “I didn’t even remember applying to that clinic. Why did they call me after so long if they weren’t gonna hire me?”

The blond slender man grabbed Thomas and cried even more on his friend’s chest.

All Thomas did was hug and pat his wife, trying to comfortable Lin as much as the other man did for him, even without knowing.

As the cries become sobs, he turned to the woman.

“What happened?” Thomas asked in a low voice

“Lin had an interview today… He didn’t get the job…”

Thomas felt his heart sinking. I didn’t even know… shit… Lin’s been the bright light of my day and I can barely do anything for him…

“I’ll take him home,” he said to the woman, placing one arm under Lin’s leg.

With strength he had no idea where it had come from, he lifted the most precious friend he had in the world.

Lin’s light, and yet I’m struggling to carry him… I’m so pathetic… I can’t even act cool in front of my wife

“I’m really sorry for this… All I wanted was to catch up with him,” the woman said, the guilt stamped on her face. “I never expected a couple drinks would do this…”

“Lin’s… been through a lot lately… not finding a job is really hard on him… especially since all he wants is to do his part…”

“I should’ve noticed… whenever we talk about how’s work in the group chat, Lin never said anything,” she said looking at the blond who had calm down as he clung to Thomas’ shirt. “At least he has you.”

“What do you mean?” Thomas asked. “I can’t do anything to help him…”

“Lin told us about how you’ve been supportive of him. If not for you, he would be really depressed. Thanks for staying with him.”

“I’m the one who should be thankful to him.”

With the help of the woman, Thomas placed Lin on the passenger seat and fastened the seatbelt.

Thomas took some money out of his wallet and handed to the woman. “This should cover Lin’s.”

“Ah, you don’t have to…”

“Lin would feel even worse if he heard he didn’t pay.” Thomas insisted.

The woman flashed a wry smile. “You’re right,” she said, taking the money and putting on the back pocket of her jeans. “Please, take care of him. He’s too good for this world.”

Then she said goodbye and went back to the bar to pay.

Thomas got in the car and drove slowly.

“Lin, I know I can’t do much to help you, but I want you to remember that I’m always here for you.”

Despite his semi-sleeping state, Lin grabbed Thomas’ sleeve and never let go as they drove to their home.

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