Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 9

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Married (♂x♂) 9

Milk… eggs… cheese… and what else…? Lin checked the mental list as he pushed the shopping cart. I think I got everything…

When he left aisle 3, he saw something he couldn’t let it pass.

Meat at half the price! I can’t believe they’re having a sale and I didn’t hear anything! And the meat looks good too!

As Lin picked the best he could find, he couldn’t stop smiling. Lucky… I’m gonna make something extra delicious for Tom tonight, he thought, so happy he was humming. I can’t believe he’s been waking up so early to go jogging with me… I honestly never thought he could do it… Guess I really can persuade him…

Maybe I should treat him something special

As Lin wondered what he could do to please his best friend, he went to get their beer. He pushed the cart through the corridor and put their usual drinks. Now that we’ve been exercising together, he’s drinking a little less… guess he can’t stay awake at night drinking and playing…

Just when he was about to exit the aisle, Lin saw something his best friend would love to drink; a Japanese imported beer.

It’s the one we saw on that anime the other night… Can’t believe they actually sell it… Tom would love to drink that… As he thought of his best friend when drunk, the blond man couldn’t help but smile. It’s so funny when he gets drunk and starts throwing random Japanese words… he really lets out his inner nerd… it’s too cute!

Lin picked a six-pack, but before he could put it in the cart, he winced at the price tag. Yikes… It’s a little expensive for a beer…  it’s out of our budget for booze… but Tom would love this… and he’s working hard… even though he complains all the time we’re jogging, he still does it…

And since the meat was on sale…

Yes! He deserves this treat!

With a huge smile, Lin put the imported Japanese beer in the shopping cart and pushed it to the register.


Can’t believe I got home so early Lin’s not back from the supermarket yet… is there anything I could do to surprise him…?

As he wondered, Thomas got out of the shower. While drying himself, he glanced at the mirror. He couldn’t help but frown at his own reflection.

I know it’s only been a few weeks but I imagined there would be some visible change by now… with all that waking up at an ungrateful hour and dying, I mean, jogging

He turned around and checked his entire body. But nothing changed… Only my sleep schedule, which is now totally ruined thanks to my loving wife

Thomas touched his belly with both hands, his fingers digging in a little on the skin. I have no idea why Lin likes to poke me… it’s not like my belly is pudgy like he says… I’m not fat… I just been eating a little too much lately

Ah, well… I can’t complain at this point… actually, I do it all the time… but Lin’s the only person in the world I’d ever wake up to go jogging… Can’t believe he puts up with me

With a sigh, Thomas kept staring at his reflection. But after all that jogging that could be used as a torture method, seeing nothing different is kinda of a letdown… If I had lost a little of the belly, maybe I could convince Lin to end this madness…

Wait a second!

Thomas put both hands on the wall and leaned closer to the mirror. He lowered his head to check this nose better. What the hell… a pimple? For real? At my age?

Am I a teenager to have a damn pimple? And what’s that…? Blackheads? What the hell…? Why is this happening? It’s not like my skin is oily

Ah, it must be all that torture Lin calls jogging! I’ve been sweating more than I ever sweated in my entire life! This has to be the cause! Ah, damn it!

Thomas checked his entire face, then what he could of his back, confirming there were more pimples and blackheads.

Shit… if it wasn’t for Lin, I’d never go jogging again

“I’m home, Tom.”

Thomas heard his wife’s voice coming from the living room.

“Hey, Lin, listen to this,” he said, coming out of the bathroom with only his towel. “I got pimples. Can you believe it? The last time I had one was around our prom.”

Lin laughed as he organized the groceries. “No way… You’ve practically never had one… Let me see.”

When the blond man saw the huge pimple ready to burst, his eyes shone with wonder, his hands twitching.

Ah, crap… I totally forgot about it, Thomas thought, taking a step back, raising the free hand.

“Let me pop them all,” Lin said, getting closer, his hands stretching towards his husband.

“No, Lin. Put those hands down… It’s not good to pop them… they’ll leave a mark!”

“You even have blackheads too! Let me take care of them all!” The blond man shouted, jumping on Thomas.


He struggled, but Lin was stronger than him.

A few moments later, Thomas was on the floor, with his wife on top of him, pinning him down and searching for every pimple and blackhead.

Dear diary. Today I learned that it doesn’t matter if your wife is a man. If he wants to take care of your blackheads and pimples, he will, even if you say no

“I feel like a human bubble wrap,” he said, sipping his beer.

“Agree! It’s so fun,” Lin said, entertained with his husband’s back.

“Ouch! Unlike a bubble wrap, I feel pain,” he complained.

But it was the same as nothing. Lin went on popping everything he could pop.

Thomas couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh.

“I’m only letting you do this because this Japanese beer is sugoi,” he said, taking another sip.

Lin let out a delightful laugh when he heard those words.

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