Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 8

Monday means the cutest not yet married couple ♥
There was no chapter last week because I had a little trouble with my proofreader. He got a job. Good for him but bad for me XD. But I found someone to help me.
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Married (♂x♂) 8

Just a little more, Lin thought, speeding up. But it made no difference; the traffic light turned red before he could cross the street. Shoot…

Instead of staying still and letting his body cool down, he kept moving up and down. Gotta keep the pace, he thought, controlling is breathing.

The moment the light turned green, Lin was jogging again. When he turned at the corner of his building, he checked his watch.

“Yes,” he said loud enough to attract a few stares, clenching his fist.

But it didn’t bother him at all; he was too happy because his time had gone down by two minutes.

Just because I don’t have a job, doesn’t mean I can let myself get down and lose my physical form, the blond man thought. I have to, at least, do that

As that crossed his head, he couldn’t help but feel down.

Lin shook his head to get rid of those feelings. I can’t let it take the best of me…

As he entered the elevator, his phone rang with an email. His heart almost leapt out of his chest when he read it. A clinic he had applied some time ago was calling him for an interview on Friday afternoon.

It’s been so long I had almost forgotten about it… Can’t wait to tell Tom about my interview. He’s been so supportive of me, he thought, smiling. With the feeling of relief overcoming him, Lin took a shower, changed clothes and put on his apron.

I can’t let myself get distracted by that. It’s almost time for dinner, and Tom will be home soon. What should I make for him today…?

Lin hummed as he went through the possibilities of what to make for his best friend, his phone rang again. When he saw the name who was calling him, his face lit with a smile.

“Hey, Tom. I was just thinking of you,” he said in a joyful voice. “Is there anything you want for dinner? I’ll make sure it’s extra delicious today!”

“Nothing,” the voice on the other side said in a defeated tone. “We had this huge trouble here and I can’t leave until it’s fixed.”

“What happened?” Lin asked, his smile and his enthusiasm gone.

“Someone managed to download a damn virus on a client’s network. It put the whole network down and the client lost almost all their data. We have to restore it before tomorrow.”

“Ah… okay… when will you be home…? Maybe I can wait so we can eat together,” he said, hopeful.

“Sorry… This is gonna take a while. I’m gonna order something and then go back to work…”

Lin could feel how tired Tom was. “Okay… Good luck… See ya later…”

He stared at the phone before putting away. It’s been a while since I’ve had dinner alone… Ever since I moved in, we’ve been eating together pretty much every day… Even when he came home late, I waited… It’s more fun with him

To avoid the loneliness taking over him, Lin took off his apron, grabbed a few leftovers from lunch and heated. It’s not good to eat something this heavy for dinner, but I’m not in the mood to cook for myself…

After he finished eating and cleaning the dishes, Lin prepared a couple sandwiches. I don’t know what time he’ll get home, but even if he’s tired, Tom’s gonna play that game instead of going to sleep, I’m sure. Now he’ll have a healthy snack, he thought, smiling.

After he finished, he sat at the kitchen table and looked around the apartment.

Tom and I have been watching that series on Netflix lately but… it doesn’t feel right if I watched ahead on my own

He could clean the apartment, but he had already done that in the morning. The only place that’s not organized is the video games…

As he glanced at the TV, Lin couldn’t help but picture his best friend sitting on the couch and playing games until late in the night. It’s like he’s a kid, the blond man thought, smiling again. Sometimes it feels like he hasn’t grown up at all.

With his friend on his head, Lin moved to the couch and turned on the TV. Let’s see the game he’s been playing so much lately. He found out right away; it was the only case that wasn’t on the precarious pile.

Wasteland 4… sounds lovely. Wait a sec… the name is familiar… Wasn’t this the game he played back when we were kids? That post-apocalyptic RPG… Lin couldn’t help but laugh. So nothing has changed. He’s still playing the same thing over a decade later, just bigger

Without thinking too much, the blond man turned on the game…


What a crappy day! Can’t believe some idiot downloaded a virus from a porn site using the client’s fucking network! I thought they had installed something to block that kind of crap!

Thomas was beyond enraged as he parked the car. As he went through all the trouble he and his colleagues had to fix everything, he couldn’t help but squeeze the steering wheel with both hands as hard as he could. Fucking idiot who wanted to see Marquezina’s sex tape with Neiymar! Who could possibly be stupid enough to think that wasn’t a virus, even for a second?

Because of some idiot, I couldn’t even have dinner with Lin!

The more he thought, the angrier he became as he got out of the car.

I have to let it go… it won’t do any good… ah, crap! I can’t! I’m gonna play until I crash, Thomas said to himself, pushing the button of his floor.

When he left the elevator and pulled his keys from the pocket, he dropped it, adding to his anger. With a deep sigh, he picked them up and opened his apartment.

Not even getting in his home improved his mood. I think Lin’s asleep by now… he usually wakes up at an ungrateful hour… and then there’s me, he thought, putting his backpack down.

But when Thomas saw the plate covered with a thin plastic film on the kitchen counter with a note, his mood improved vastly.

For all your hard work! Hope it replenishes your energy, Lin had written, finishing the note with a heart.

Can’t believe he made me a sandwich even though I said I wasn’t coming home to dinner… and this card… I feel better just by reading it… My wife is too awesome… even though I’m not married to the guy

As he ate, he couldn’t help but feel the warmth filling him. I can taste the love… Thank God I have Lin in my life, he thought as he washed the dishes. After taking a restorative shower, he turned to the TV.

Only then, he noticed Lin asleep on the couch, holding the controller. The blond cute man looked too at peace, with his head hanging on the side and his lips slightly open.

Thomas couldn’t help but smile at that sight. My wife complains about me, but he played so much he fell asleep right there, without letting go of the controller. But there’s something missing… He went to his bedroom and came back with a blanket.

After taking the controller, he put a pillow under Lin’s head and covered him with the blanket, making sure his best friend was comfortable.

Only then, he turned on the TV. Holy crap! Lin’s already ahead of me! How much did he play?

With his gamer instincts stirring, Thomas switched to his profile. I’m not letting my wife clear this game before me, he thought, putting on the headphones to not wake Lin.


It was the middle of the dawn when Lin woke. It took him a while to realize he wasn’t on his bed. I don’t know where I am, but it’s so comfortable, he thought sleepily. Wait a sec… since when did I have a pillow and a blanket?

With great effort, he opened his eyes. Only then, he noticed Thomas sleeping while sitting next to him on the couch. When did he get home?

Then Lin saw the controller threatening to fall from his hands. That put a smile on his face. He gets home after a long and exhausting day and he decides to play instead of sleep. He’s still a kid at heart. My big kid, he thought, taking the controller and putting it in a safe place.

Instead of going to bed, Lin shifted on the couch. After he made sure the blanket covered him and his best friend, he rested his head on Thomas’ lap. It was so much more comfortable and warmer than the pillow that he fell asleep right away.


Thomas woke with the sun on his face. He winced and blocked the light with a hand. Then he noticed the mass of blond hair on his lap.

Soon he’s gonna wake up and then wake me up so we can go jogging… but I wanna stay like this for a little longer

With a smile on his face and his heart thumping faster, he patted Lin’s head, feeling the happiest man in the world.

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