Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 7

Monday means the cutest not yet married couple ♥
Even doing something normal, they’re too cute XD
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Married (♂x♂) 7

Thomas and Lin liked to spend time together. After dinner, they usually played games, watched some TV show or anime or simply talked about their day.

But on Friday night it was a little different. Instead of their usual routine, they sat together to watch a movie. Though it was nothing special, they both enjoyed it and started calling it their movie night.

They took turns picking the movie, and this time it was Lin’s turn.

“Did you pick the movie yet?” Thomas asked as he waited for the microwave to finish the popcorn.

“Not yet,” Lin said absentmindedly.

I have a bad feeling… When Thomas turned around, he saw his cute childhood friend flipping through the pages and recommendation on Netflix, his face tense with concentration. I knew it… He does this every time… takes forever to pick…

“C’mon, Lin. The popcorn is almost ready.”

“You took forever last time. Just give a minute.”

“In the end, it was worth it, wasn’t it?”

“Then let me do the same.”

Thomas said nothing, letting out a groan. However, the sudden glare he felt on his back told him his groan was loud enough.

For some reason, he felt like smiling.

As he prepared the drinks, he placed everything on a portable table and brought it to the couch. Since his roommate was still choosing, Thomas flipped through his phone.

“Ah, this one!” Lin suddenly shouted in joy.

“Finally. I was beginning to think that…” Thomas grew quiet when he saw the movie. He turned to his childhood friend and blinked a couple times. “Are you serious?”

“Of course. Oh, c’mon. I know you’re bad with scary movies ever since we sneaked to watch one with your brothers, but I’ve been dying to see this one for a long time. I didn’t get the chance when it was on the theaters and the sequel is coming this year! I need to watch this before it comes out!”

“Did you really have to pick The Summoning for our movie night? I heard it’s scary! In a bad way!”

“Is there a good scary? But that’s why I wanna see it… please?” Lin said in his cutesy voice that Thomas had trouble saying no.

Even so, he resisted and didn’t cave in. I can’t handle this kind of movie… not even if Lin asks me…

When the blond man saw it wouldn’t work, he pressed play. “It’s my turn to pick and we’re watching The Summoning.”

Thomas pressed his lips and said nothing. Damn it! Even though we’re not married, I feel like my wife is bullying me! Next time, he’s gonna suggest playing some scary games!

Even so, he sucked it up and watched the movie; his heart was already thumping wildly…


That was so fun! It was scary, but the good kind! Guess that’s what Tom was talking about, Lin thought as he lied on his bed. But he was so scared… Can’t believe he still has that trauma… When we watched it back then, he was scared to use the toilet afraid something would come out…

Ever since they had sneaked in the movie theater to watch a scary movie with his brothers, Thomas had been too afraid of anything scary.

He couldn’t even watch scary animes… I’ll make up to him on my next turn to pick on movie night. There was that anime movie about magical girls he wanted to see, but was too embarrassed to watch it with me… I’ll pick that. I bet he’ll be so surprised, Lin thought, smiling as his mind drifted into sleep.

But before he could fall asleep, the door of his bedroom burst opened.

He blinked in confusion as he turned to the door. Though all he could see was the silhouette of a man thanks to the light coming from the window, he knew it was Thomas.

“Make room for me,” he said in a dry voice, walking towards the bed, holding his pillow.

Lin remained still, staring at his childhood friend. Then he smiled. “Was the movie so scary you can’t sleep alone tonight?”

“Yes!” Thomas answered right away. Then he waved his hand. “Now make room for me.”

Lin couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m sorry I picked that movie. I just really wanted to see.”

“What’s done is done. And it was your turn anyway. Just scooch.”

The blond man stared at his best friend, his smile widening. “Then let’s sleep on your bed. It has more room.”

“No!” Thomas said in a somewhat childish voice. “There’s a scary tree outside my window and I can’t sleep without remembering the movie!”

Lin looked in his best friend’s eyes. Then, without a word, he raised the blanket and made room on his bed that was for only one person.

After Thomas got under the blanket, Lin felt something squeezing his hand. His smile couldn’t help but widen when he realized it was his friend holding his hand.

He’s so childish sometimes… but this side of him is cute, he thought, rubbing the back of Thomas’ head.

Lin knew it calmed his friend. It worked ever since they were kids.

Sure enough, Thomas had fallen asleep a few minutes later.

Though there was little space between his childhood friend and the wall, Lin didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

It’s so warm and safe here…

It was the last thing he thought as he fell asleep still holding Thomas’ hand.

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  1. I’ve absolutely loved this series so far! I keep coming back and I can’t wait every week for the next chapter. You’ve made two fantastic characters that I can’t wait to see how close they become. I think all of your works have been brilliant, wholesome or adult. Keep it up!


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