Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 6

Best way to start the first week is with cutest not yet married couple ♥
A dream is not only a dream, right?
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Married (♂x♂) 6

Thomas was having one of the best dreams of his life.

It was one of those perfect lazy Sunday mornings. Though it was almost lunchtime, he was still lying on the bed. And he wasn’t alone.

Though he only saw the back of his wife’s head, Thomas didn’t want to wake the blond beauty, so he yawned and stretched as discreetly as he could.

It was enough to stir the person sleeping next to him.

Ah, no, he thought, remaining still, his arms on the air.

His wife only grunted and stirred, but didn’t wake up, and Thomas breathed out in relief.

But as he watched that messed-up blond hair, he couldn’t resist the urge to spoon his wife. No; he didn’t even fight it.

So warm and comfy…

Thomas felt like the happiest man in the world as he got closer to that slender body.

Despite his efforts, his wife stirred and woke up.

“Hey… good morning,” a delightful and sleepy voice greeted him.

Still in the husband’s embrace, his wife turned around.

When he saw Lin’s sluggish smile, Thomas’ felt his heart thumping faster. I don’t just feel like the happiest guy on earth. I am.

“Morning,” he greeted his wife.

“You’re up early. I wonder what you have in mind, waking up so early on a Sunday.” The blond man wife flashed a mischievous smile. Then he whispered, “Do you wanna pick up from where we left off yesterday?”

Thomas couldn’t help but feel his blood gathering somewhere. He couldn’t help but smile as his cheeks burned. We’re married and I still blush when he says stuff like this.

“I-I’d love that. But just so you know, it’s almost eleven.”

Lin blinked a couple of times and turned his head to check the clock on their nightstand. “You’re right…”

When he looked back at Thomas, he let out a delightful laugh. “Guess we got carried away a bit last night. I still can’t feel my legs.”

Thomas embraced his wife. “You’re the one who makes me go crazy,” he mumbled.

“You’re blaming this on me?”

They both laughed at the same time.

“Hey, how about we stay in bed and watch a movie? I’m not in the mood to leave our room anytime soon.”

“Me either.” Lin snuggled closer, resting his face on his husband’s chest.

When Thomas looked his wife in the eyes, he placed a lock of that beautiful blond hair behind the ear and kissed the man he loved.

But before their kiss grew in passion, they heard a noise coming outside their bedroom.

The blond man parted their lips and flashed a wry smile.

“Guess we can’t…”

The moment he finished talking, the door burst opened.

Before the couple could do anything, three shadows jumped on top of them.

“Daddy! Let’s finish that game! I think I know how to solve that puzzle!” their daughter said, pulling Thomas sleeve.

“Dad, let’s play football!” one of their sons said, clinging to Lin.

“No, we’re watching that movie! They promised! Didn’t you, daddy?” Their other son pulled them both.

Thomas and Lin exchanged looks and smiled at the chaos that both of them loved.

I’m so lucky to have this family, Thomas thought.

But then he was taken away from that dream by a sudden light poke on his cheek.

“Wake up, you sleepy head.”

Though it was a delightful voice that he loved to hear, right now it was pulling him out of dreamland.

Thomas shooed the finger poking him away and turned around.

For a moment he thought he was could go back to his wonderful dream. But then the finger was back, poking him on his pudgy belly.

That was enough to make him open his eyes.

Though everything was blurred, Thomas could tell; it was still dark.

He blinked a couple of times until his vision grew accustomed and he could see who was poking him so early in the morning.

Thomas was granted on one of the best sights in the world; Lin’s cute smile. And it was just for him.

The blond man was wearing a simple white shirt and one of those shorts from his childhood days, which now looked like short-shorts that exposed too much of his legs.

Guess I’m still dreaming, Thomas thought, grabbing his wife’s wrist and pulling the man.

Lin was so surprised he did nothing as he fell on top of his friend. He became even more surprised when Thomas hugged him.

“Guess you’re still sleepy,” the blond maid said when his friend embraced him, smiling and shaking his head.

“Yes, am I. And you should be too. Why are you up so early? Come and stay with me here… No… come back to the bed,” Thomas added when Lin got up, trying to hold the man with a hug.

“As much as that sound tempting, I can’t. And neither can you. C’mon. Get up.”

Thomas grunted and rolled around on bed. But then he shouted; there was a blinding light right at his face. Even though he covered his face, it wasn’t enough.

The sudden light was enough to wake him.

Groggy, he didn’t fight back as Lin made him sit. With some disappointment, Thomas realized he wasn’t on the bed nor with the family of his dream; he was at his same old room.

The only thing that’s the same is my wife, he thought, looking at the blond smiling man. With the light behind him, Lin looks even more beautiful… a man shouldn’t be so beautiful… But since he’s my wife, I guess it’s okay…

“Why?” Thomas asked, too sleepy to feel angry. “Did I do something to make you mad…? Please, forgive me…”

“Did you forget?” Lin asked with a chirpy expression.

“Forget… what?” Thomas yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“We’re starting today!”

Thomas took a while to remember. Oh, yeah… that jogging thing… I completely forgot…

As he looked at that bright smile, he couldn’t bring himself to say no, even though every fiber of his being wanted.

With great effort, he got out of bed and looked for his workout clothes, to Lin’s delight.

Even though he would never admit, for that man, Thomas didn’t mind waking up over an hour before the usual time just to lose some weight he didn’t mind having.

This is the weight of a happy man, he thought, his head tilted to the side as he followed Lin.

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