Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 5

Here’s the first chapter of the year. Best way to start the first week is with cutest not yet married couple ♥
They care too much about each other. I wished I had someone like that
Hope you enjoy the chapter

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Married (♂x♂) 5

The heavy traffic didn’t bother Thomas at all; he was too happy for that.

The only thing on his mind was Lin’s food.

Can’t wait to get home and have a delicious dinner made with love from my “guy-wife”, he thought, humming and singing along to the anime opening song playing through his speakers, ignoring all the cars honking around him.

Relax, everyone. It’s not like laying on the horn is gonna make the traffic better.

As he drove another couple meters and stopped, Thomas couldn’t help but wonder what was waiting for him at his home when he got to his home.

We had the most delicious lasagna yesterday… His mouth watered from the memory alone. We normally don’t have leftovers, but I wouldn’t mind… ah, wait… I had seconds and there was nothing left…

Then what will we have today? He hummed, having fun despite his growling stomach, as he imagined. I don’t like soup for dinner, but Lin’s soup is too delicious… last time I even had it for lunch the next day… ah… I can’t wait!

Thomas couldn’t stop smiling as arrived home and rode the elevator. C’mon… C’mon, hurry up… Even before he opened the front door, he could sense a delicious smell.

It’s escondidinho, he recognized right away, his stomach growling even hungrier. He was so excited he almost dropped the keys.

“Lin, I’m home!” he shouted in a voice full of joy.

“You’re home early, Tom.” The blonde man’s wonderful smile light their tiny apartment. “I just finished dinner. Let’s eat while still hot.”

“It smells wonderful. I’m already starving,” he said, putting his backpack on the couch.

Without wasting a second, he washed his hands and helped Lin set the table. Then the two childhood friends sat to have a wonderful meal together.

Even though they did that every day, Thomas would hate it if they skipped once.

“That was too good… you spoil me with this delicious food, Lin,” Thomas said, too stuffed and happy. “I don’t know if I could survive without you.”

Lin laughed and smiled. “I’m glad to hear it. But I didn’t think you’d eat the whole thing.” The cute smile became wry.

“I can’t help it. It should be a crime to leave any leftovers when you’re cooking.”

“I know you’re exaggerating, but thanks.”

That smile heals my soul, Thomas thought, sensing a warm spread inside him.

When he saw Lin take the plates to the sink, he forced himself to stand up. “Let me help.”

The blonde man beamed. “Thanks.”

As they washed the dishes and the pots, Lin kept sneaking glances at his childhood friend with a puzzled expression.

“W-what?” Thomas asked when they finished. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Did you gain weight?”

Thomas stopped for a moment. Then he touched his belly. “I don’t think so… I’m just stuffed from dinner…”

“No… that’s not it…” Lin kept staring so much Thomas blushed.

Without warning, he pulled his friend’s pants. “It’s too tight… I can’t put a finger… And you’re using the last hole on the belt…”

Thomas had nothing to say. He had noticed he had been gaining a little weight ever since he started eating Lin’s food every day. But I’d rather get a little fat than to stop eating his food. It’s that, isn’t it? Couples who are happy gain a little weight… even though we’re not a couple, our sort of married life still counts…right?

“I can’t help it… I eat a lot of your food…”

“But all my meals are healthy and balanced… what else are you eating?” Lin narrowed his eyes.

Ah, that’s bad. That look is too cute… Thomas averted his eyes and shrugged.

“There’s the occasional dessert after lunch… and dinner… and the snacks during the afternoon… and then there’s the ones I eat while I’m playing games…”

“As I suspected…”

The moment he saw Lin’s face lit with a smile, Thomas knew where the conversation was heading. Ah, crap…

“I can’t allow this. Starting next week, you’ll go jogging with me in the mornings!” Lin said with a cheerful voice and a smile that matched.

Despite the cuteness, Thomas didn’t share his childhood friend’s enthusiasm. “I’m okay with the extra pounds. People do say that when you’re in a good relationship, you tend to gain weight. I never had a better relationship than with you.”

“Don’t you try to talk me out of this.” Lin poked his friend on the belly a couple times. “See? You’re all pudgy here. And here. And here.”

Thomas pushed the finger away from him. “Stop that! You know I’m ticklish,” he said, his laugh stirring the blond man even more.

He tried to get away, but Lin went after him, poking him wherever he could.

As they struggled, they fell on the floor. Thomas was faced down while the other man was on top of him.

“You’re forgetting that your cousin said you need to lose some weight,” Lin said in a low voice. He stopped with the poking.

Despite his friend’s sudden seriousness, Thomas let out a dry laugh. “That coming from him has no effect. He’s the one who needs to lose a lot of weight. I don’t know why you’re listening to him. He said I was healthy, didn’t he?”

“Yes, but even so, he recommended. It won’t hurt you,” Lin insisted.

“Are you gonna listen to him?”

“He’s the doctor.”

“He’s fat! It’s like… like… like an ugly person giving you beauty tips. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Oh, c’mon… it’s for your health… I’d hate if something happened because of me.” Lin’s tone was too effective. But Thomas resisted. “It’ll be fun. And we can spend more time together. Can you imagine you and me running and working out every day?”

Despite his reluctance, he couldn’t help but imagine.

Wait, why’re we wearing matching clothes in my head? And why is Lin showing that much leg?

Thomas shook his head to dismiss the image.

But when he looked over his shoulder and saw Lin’s face, it was too hard to say no.

“Fine! But just until I lose the extra weight, okay? I’m not one of those exercise nuts like you, waking up at 5 in the morning… I have no idea who could be happy doing that…”

Lin beamed and hugged him. “No problem. Until you lose this.” He grabbed Thomas belly and squeezed a little, laughing at the same time, to his friend’s embarrassment. “Ah, but it’s not like you’re fat. You’re extra fluffy! It means there’s more of you to hug!”

Under that huge and cute smile, Thomas couldn’t stay mad. Damn it… my “guy-wife” is too irresistible…

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