Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 4

Here’s the latest chapter of the cutest not yet married couple ♥
If the husband feels something strange, the wife will take him to the doctor. Even if the wife is also a man.
Hope you enjoy the chapter

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Married (♂x♂) 4

“This is too much… it’s not really necessary,” Thomas said in a low voice that didn’t hide how much he didn’t want to be there.

“Yes, it is,” Lin said in a firm voice, grabbing his childhood friend’s arm so he wouldn’t halt in the middle of the parking lot.

“Why are we here, anyway? I’m fine,” Thomas insisted.

“I’m sure you are, but you felt a pang in your heart the other day, didn’t you?” Lin stopped and looked at the ground. “And it wasn’t the first time… can’t believe you hid something that important from me…”

Thomas averted his eyes, the guilt filling him. “That was nothing, Lin… that only happened because I slept like four hour in the past week… stupid project… Once it’s over, I’ll sleep properly and I’ll never feel that again.”

“That’s why we’re here… to check if it’s only lack of sleep…”

“It is. Trust me. I know my body. I got that six-hour sleep everyone keeps talking about in the last couple of nights in a row and I feel fine.” Thomas flashed a confident smile, tapping his chest a couple times with a closed fist. “No need to waste this beautiful afternoon going to the doctor’s office… So how about if we go to the movies? You wanted to see that comedy movie, didn’t you?”

“The recommended is eight hours of sleep. Stop being a baby and let’s go!”

Despite his petite figure and slender members, Lin was stronger than Thomas. Despite trying to resist, the blond cute man managed to drag his childhood friend.

“Damn it, Lin! Why are you so strong?” Thomas mumbled after he gave up and was walking on his own, though at a much slower pace than usual.

Lin smiled, puffed his chest, pulled the sleeve and showed his arm. “Don’t underestimate a P.E. graduated!”

Thomas had no reaction. Then he blushed and pressed his lips to hide his smile. Crap… that was so cute! It’s not fair a guy is so cute…

 After they left the parking lot, they soon arrived at the clinic. Thomas couldn’t help but frown as he stared at the huge house that was converted in many doctor’s office.

That’s why I recognized the street… “My cousin? For real? Why couldn’t we go to your brother’s?”

“My brother’s out of town for a seminar right now,” Lin said distractedly. Then he noticed his childhood friend’s expression. “Why are you making that face? What’s wrong with your cousin?”

“You know why… this is the cousin my mom keeps comparing me to,” he said in a listless voice, his eyes going empty. “Tom, your cousin is making a billion reais per week. Why don’t you go back to college and do medicine this time?  Your cousin can speak all the language in the word. Don’t you wanna learn ancient Greek too?”

“I doubt your mom says that… in that way at least… ” Despite his words, Lin didn’t meet his best friend’s eyes. Thomas got so close the blond man couldn’t avoid looking at him now. “E-either way, he was the relative who could fit us in a such short time. We can’t be picky now. It’s only this time, I promise.”

Thomas had a lot to say. But he kept quiet. From the start, he didn’t want to go to a doctor. Let alone a relative who his mother kept reminding that was doing much better than him.

But when he saw Lin’s worried expression, he swallowed all his feelings. “Fine… just this once, okay? Next time we’ll go to your brother,” Thomas said in a low voice and headed to the door with Lin by his side.

After giving his documents and the insurance card, they sat at the back row, waiting.

Thomas couldn’t stay still. He tried to imitate Lin and check his phone, but he couldn’t look at a post without putting the device back in his pocket and looking at the reception desk. Only to pull the device again and browse at any social media for about twenty seconds before putting the phone away again.

When he grew tired of staring at his screen, he crossed his restless legs.

“You’re really nervous,” Lin said in a concerned voice, placing a hand his friend’s knee.

“Yeah, well… I don’t like this,” Thomas admitted, crossing his arms. “Those who look for trouble, find it… isn’t that the saying?”

“Yeah. But in the case of heath, those who look for, find in time to treat.”

Thomas gulped under that worried expression. “Yeah, well… I still think you’re exaggerating…”

“I’m not. Remember my great grandpa? He thought it was just the flu… but that bad coughing was actually lung cancer…”

Thomas’ legs stopped. There was no way he could forget. They were both kids when Lin’s favorite relative had died. It was so sudden… one day he was fine, the other he had a bad cough… the next thing we got the news he had terminal lung cancerLin was devastated…

“So, please. Let’s just make sure everything is alright with you, okay?” Lin asked in a low voice, his eyes watering. “It’s gonna make me feel a lot better…”

Thomas forgot all his anxiety caused by the doctor’s appointment with his cousin. Though awkward, he placed an arm around Lin. “Okay… but I’m fine… you’ll see…”

“I hope so…”

They stayed like that until the receptionist called Thomas’ name. Taking a deep breath a couple times, he forced himself to stand up.

Lin squeezed his hand. “It’s gonna be okay,” he said in a reassuring voice.

Thomas did a stiff nod a couple times before walking towards the door behind the reception desk. But he didn’t let go of Lin’s hand.

When the cute blond man showed a puzzled expression, Thomas blushed and averted his eyes. “Can you come with me?”

Lin flashed a smile and stood up. “I was afraid you wouldn’t gonna ask.”

Holding hands all the way, both men entered the doctor’s room.

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Hope you liked the chapter
It’s the last chapter of the year. I wrote up to chapter 13, but the translator only handed me today and I won’t have time to proofread it.
But it’s for a good reason. I’ll focusing 100% on the shounen ai cross-dressing magical boy story.
I’ll release the first two volumes on the beginning of the year, but until then, you can check out my other BL collections. They’re full of sexy and cute men enjoying the pleasures of other men.


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