Married to my childhood friend(♂)? 2

Posting the second chapter of Married to my Childhood Friend (♂)?
It doesn’t matter if you wife is a guy, you should always support him
Hope you enjoy the chapter

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Married (♂x♂)? 2

“It’s finally over,” Thomas said, pushing his chair so he could rest his forehead on his desk.

It was way past lunch hour. He and his friend were exhausted and starving.

“Yeah… The meeting was too long,” Carlos said on the station next to him. “They really wanted to know every detail…”

“You can say it was a complete waste of time… They knew we were sending the beta version to the client today, but no… they only cared about the main project, which we have nothing new to report…”

“At least we finish the beta in time. While they upload and send it to the client, I can go eat something. I’m starving.” Carlos tapped his belly a couple times, making it complain in the form of a loud rumble.

“I’ll go with you.”

Thomas looked for his phone on his desk. After a couple seconds, he found it. I should organize this… but I’m gonna make a mess out of it again anyway… He left the rest of his desk as it was

If Lin saw that mess, he’d be mad and complain, Thomas thought, smiling as he thought of his childhood friend.

“You didn’t bring one of those delicious looking packed lunch today?” Carlos almost sounded alarmed.

Thomas stared at his friend and colleague in disbelief. “You make it sound like I bring lunch every day…”

“You were bringing for the past month, dude,” Carlos reminded with a strange and meaningful grin. “What happened? Did you and the wife had a fight or something?”

Thomas stared at his friend since college. It was a mistake telling him…

“I told you again and again Lin’s a guy…” No matter how cute he is, he has a dick…

From the day he began working in the company, Thomas had been eating lunch with Carlos from the nearby deli or the restaurants within walking distance. But after Lin moved in with him and started cooking, the childhood friend made packed lunches for the programmer every day.

There was no way Carlos wouldn’t notice his friend not joining him for lunch.

I should just leave at my roommate is cooking for me… I shouldn’t have told him how living with Lin seemed like… now he keeps calling Lin my wife… actually, calling him my ‘trap waifu’… stupid weeaboo…

“You’re right. Sorry.” Carlos raised his hand apologetically. “Did you and the husbando had a fight?”

“I don’t remember getting married…”

“When you do, invite me. There’s no way I’m missing my friend marrying a cute onee-san attribute trap,” Carlos said with a strange expression.

He’s getting more and more weirdly excited when Lin’s name come up… He never showed me anything, but I saw a pic of Astolfo in bikini when he was flipping through the pics on his phone… I’m sure he’s a trap lover… I bet his PC is full of cute girls with dicks he uses to fap every night… damn weeaboo…

Thomas let out a heavy sigh. He was too starving to have such conversation. Again. “To answer the only non-stupid question you asked; Lin was busy this morning. And since he was nervous about the interview at a gym, I said he didn’t have to worry about me today.”

“So they called him? That’s great. Hope he gets the job,” Carlos said, smiling for real.

“Yeah, me too…”

Actually, he should’ve called me by now with the news… if he hasn’t, maybe he didn’t get the job and doesn’t want to call me…

After they had burgers, the programmers went back to work. In that one hour, the client had already reported a few bugs, which they began fixing right away.

When it was almost time to end the working day, Thomas thought of Lin and organized his desk as best he could. When he finished, he received a text.

Oh, speaking of the devil, he thought, smiling as he read the text.

I didn’t get the job.

Thomas’ smile faded right away. Along with it, he felt a pang in his heart. Damn it… he was so excited about it too…

What happened? He texted back.

The owner of the gym came in late, so the interview was pushed back by a couple hours. But once he got there, it went really well. He asked me, a woman and another guy to stay and see how we interacted with the clients.

The other guy was clearly more popular with everyone, even though he wasn’t that good… he almost got this scrawny kid hurt… he misread the program… But in the end, the owner decided to hire him…

What the hell… That sucks… it’s so unfair, Thomas thought. Losing a job he really wanted because the other guy was more popular…

I’m sorry, Lin, he wrote. Do you want me to pick you up?

No, it’s okay. I’m on the bus already. I’ll make dinner as soon as I get home. But I might be a little late…

Even only through texts, Thomas could tell his childhood and best friend was feeling too down. Is there anything I can other than saying I’m sorry? There must be something I can do to cheer him up…


“Sorry I’m late, Tom. The traffic was terrible,” Lin said as he unlocked the door. He was so distracted he didn’t notice the lights were off. “I’ll make dinner right now.”

“No need.” Thomas turned on the light. “I already made.”

Only after Lin put his backpack down he noticed the kitchen table. He had no reaction at first. Then he let out a chuckle as he flashed a tired smile. “Pizza and beer…”

“My specialty,” Thomas said with a grin. “And there’s more. I found the old video games we used to play. How about some Mario kart while we eat?”

Lin stood still. Then he let a few tears come down as he ran the hands over his face. “Thanks… After today, I really needed someone to support me.”

Thomas got close and hugged his best friend. “Hope you remember I’ll always be here for you.”

“I know. I can always rely on you.” Lin cleaned the tears and smile when they stopped hugging.

Thomas stopped smiling at once, his cheeks red, his heart thumping louder under that expression.

“L-let’s eat and play… Hope you don’t think I’m gonna let you win today because you’re feeling down.”

Lin let out a dry laugh. “So you’ve been letting me win ever since we were kids? Good to know.”

By the time they went to sleep, Thomas’ man wife was feeling a bit better.

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